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226 S. Main - The Old Blacksmith Shop  

on the lot just north this - Bud had a car wash during the 1980's

    Vacant lot:
      Emil Jr. 'Bud' Runhow

      JED AIR


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    TR N1/3 NW: 165' E NW COR E ETC

1898- 1901, Oct - J. K. Mawhorter Tin Shop
    Mr. J. K. Mawhorter, Culver Citv's celebrated tinner is about to erect a building just south of the Herald office, which will be used as a tin shop. - 4 sep 1896

    J. K. Mawhorter, the tinner, will move his shop upon the grounds between Vanschoiacks store and H. J. Meredith’s grocery, where he can be found Hereafter ready for business, it is useless for us to extol his merits as a workman, as he is known to be first-class, in every particular, in all kinds of tin work. 19 Aug 1898 J. K. Mawhorter has moved his tin shop to the east side of Main street. The building is on the lot between Meredith and Vanschoiack AUg. 26 1898.
1901, Oct - M. A. Mawhorter tin shop
    M. A. Mawhorter has purchased the tin shop owned by J . K. Mawhorter, and bas already taken possession of the business. The new proprietor will expect the patrouage of the public, and in return, will give them value received, by the way of good work at reasonable prices.

    J . K. Mawhorter, the former owner will remain in the shop for an indefinite period.

    If you want good stove pipe, hand made, rivet in both ends, call on M. A. Mawhorter’s tin shop. - Oct. 4, 1901 Culver Herald

John Gast sold his residence at, Plymouth and purchased the tin; shop here, which belonged to Harry Armstrong but was operated by Mr. Gast - Oct 12 - 1905

1906 - The first location of the fire department was down on South Main Street by the Sanborn map of 1906 - Lot 36 - This is 232 S. Main today and what was 226 S. Main

Cement Block Building - [Bm Sm [Blacksmith] 1914

    A blacksmith in Culver. Art Fishburn built this shop on S Main Street which had a horseshoe-shaped doorway and horseshoe-shaped 1st floor window.

John Zechiel - Blacksmith & Waggonmaker

William H. Wilson Blacksmith

Cook's Blacksmith Shop -  

1904 - Jan 28 - William Wilson sold his blacksmith shop and residence to Ezra Hakwins who receives possession Feburary 1, The shop has already been rented to a blacksmith from Mentione. Mr. WIlson is not fully deteermined as to where he will locate, but had decided to look up a new situation. We wish him and his family well and may the ever be prosperour.

> 1904 Feb 11 - Adam Himes has leased the WIlson blacksmith shop recently purchased by Ezra Hawkins and is prepared to do all kinds of blacksmithing and horsehoeing. Mr. Hines comes from Mentione and is recommeded as a reliable businessman and a first class workman.

1905 - Mar 30 - A. Hines bought the blacksmith tools of Fred Cook and will continue the business at the old stand. - - Fred Cook sold his residence property to James Shugrue and moved to Cary Station, Ill. Tuesday (Fred Cook has returned from Cary Station, Ill., and will look up a location somewhere else Apr 6 1906)

this shows the area from the Sanborn maps

An 1918 add for Henry Percher Tin Shop successor to Ottos Rick

1919 - Sep 3, Henry Percher has sold his tin shop to E. Sipeman of Chicao, who has moved into the rooms over the shop

1919 Sep 10 - Emil Siepman Tin Shop

1922 S E M Samuel E Medbourn?

Also was listed as 262 S. Main in the mid 1920's

Sheet Metal Works - 1919-1926 - Emil Sipeman

    In a 1938 feature in the Culver Citizen on Art Fishburn, he stated that John Milton Milner, in partnership with Emil Siepman, operated a sheet metal shop there until 1926, after which Milner operated it alone until his death in 1946.

1926-1946 - John "Jack" Milton Milner

1946 - March 20 - Emil W. Ruhnow has purchased purchased the Culver Sheet Metal Works from the John Milner Estate.
    One sources has him affiliated with this busines as of 1937.
An early 1950's telephone directory ad giving the address.

Culver Sheet Metal Works - 1946-1988 - Emil Jr. 'Bud' Runhow; your can see the corner of the Pura house that sat at 232 S. Main Street

He went into business with his father in Ruhnow's Plumbing and Heating. Bud bought the business from his father and continued in the plumbing, heating, sheet metal business until his retirement

Ruhnow LP Gas Co, 1972-?
    In 1972 he bought out Spencers Plumbing and heating which was located at 110 S. Main St. and moved it to this location. He never operated out of the other building which was owned by Paul Snyder but used it for storage.

Culver Sheet Metal Inc. (1989) 1. John J Deery 2. Charles Edgington

JED AIR Empty Lot  
    He had the building tore down the summer of 1990 - it was rumored that he was going to have the blocks taken to possible New Bremen, Ohio and re-constructed - whether that occured or not is not known.



CULVER RE INVESTMENTS LLC 2006, nov, Oct - 2007, Mar.



the Address of 232 s. Main st. and 226 S. Main St. which were the sheet metal shop and an empty lot became extinct numbers all combined into this address. The 'Collins Buillng' or rather 'Main Street Centre' building sits on these two lots and the former Pura residence is their parking lot.

Today is