Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

232 S. Main Street  

1904 - Aug 4 - S. E. Medbourn is having ground removed for the cellar of his new residences south of the tin shop.

19__ dwelling - Julius Pura - Junk Dealer  <

    1916 - Oct 19 - Howard has sold his Main street hous to Julius Pura for $2025

    1920 - Nov. 10 - A. L. Porter has sold the residence and property south of the blacksmith shop occupied by S. D. Wiser, south of the Blacksmith shop to Julius Pura, the adjance property owner. And now Steve is trying to solve the problem, "Where do we go from here?"

    1924 - Apr 24 - Julius Pura purchased from Irias Menser, Lot 39 of the original plat of Vulver consoideration was $200

    1926 - Julius Pura purchased Lot 38 from Philip Sickman last week. This it next to Mr. Pura's barn near rhe water pumping station.

    1948 - Jul 14 - Harry E. and Faye Medbourn to Julius Pura, Lot 37, Houghton addition, Culver.

?19_-1991, May - Mabel D Pura  

    Bess and Mabel were living there alone when we (Alvin RObert McKee family) moved down into the house on South Plymouth Street and continured to do so until they entered the niursing home

    Bess went into Miller's Nusing home first and then at a later date Mable. I can remember the large dumpster stilling out on the side street which was used to clean out the house and the garage.

    The enormous amount of items; some still that could of been useful was just tossed out.
1991, May -1997, Jun. - Norcen Bank, Mabel D. Pura,

Empty mid 1990's for while

1997, Jun-1997, Jun - Elmer & Maybelle Puckett

1997, Jun-1006, Oct - Elmer & Clara Maybelle Puckett

2006, Oct - 2007, Mar. - CULVER RE INVESTMENTS LLC 2007, Oct-2003 - Abcs Properties LLC - tore house down - building a store/apartment complex

    DESC: 10RD E 27.5' S NW COR S ETC  

232 S. Main - Julius Pura Property<
    The house sat on the corner on Main and Madison on the northeast corner and was razed in 2006 and a part of the Collins building and became a parking lot.

    Julius Pura ran a Junk Yard and had a back lot that intersected with South Plymouth Street across the alley from the house and which from Marmont Street to Madison Street the barn/sheds existed for years till the Culver Cve project bought them from Mabel and Bess Pura and tore themdown - they were literally packed with items and lots of and lots of old newspapers both Mabel and Bess were unmarried and hoarders - and much of the stuff was left from their father's junk business. The lot then was sold as financial problems set in with the Cove project.

the Address of 232 s. Main st. and 226 S. Main St. which were the sheet metal shop and an empty lot became extinct numbers all combined into this address. The 'Collins Buillng' or rather 'Main Street Centre' building sits on these two lots and the former Pura residence is their parking lot.

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