Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

2738 East Shore Drive / 2738 East Shore Drive Lane - Woodbank  

Years past it bore 2738 East Shore Drive and 2738 East Shore Drive Lane by the Lake Directories

1837 June 30 - James F. D. Lanier obtained a land patent for the Fractional Section Twenty seven. Acreage is undeterminable by the certificate for this piece of land. This patent also contained land in sections Twenty, Twenty one and Twenty eight for a total of 793 32/100 acres total.

    With other land patents James F. D. Lanier owned approximately 1129 10/100 acres of land around the lake. Land Patents map

1876     not stated

1880     J. Bozarth, part of Farm [Joesph Bozarth/Joseph Bozart/Joesph Busart]

1880     S. Edwards Farm [Stephen Edwards]

1894 Woodbank was built; 2738 East Shore Lane Memories

    Built in 1894 by William Jacob Wood, an Indianapolis businessman; grandfather of James W. Rasmussen. Jacob Wood was a fire insurance investigator for Fidelity Phoenix Fire Insurance Company located in Indianapolis. from Indianapolis. He bought some property from a local farmer and built a simple cottage in 1894. Within a short time, a guest cottage, laundry, and other outbuildings were added. The original grape arbor, which connects to the cottage, is extant.

1896 - May 22 - H. J. Woods, of Terre Haute, an insurance agent, is building a fine cottage near the southeast inlet.
    1896 - Jun 26 - J. W. Woods and family, of Terre Haute, are occupants of their new cottage near the Norris landing upon the east side

1898     W. J. Wood

1908     W. J. Wood - Woodbank Cottage

1922     Wm. J. & Anna L. Wood

1908     W. J. Wood

1922     Wm. J. & Anna L. Wood

1953     A. C. Rassmusen

1956-61     Wm. M. Rassmussen

1968 - July - 7 - Notice is hereby given that William M. Rasmussen has filled with the Culver Board of Zoning Appeals a petition to place a permanent dwelling of only 600 square feet on his property at 2738 East Shore Lane, Culver, Indiana. Interested parties will be heard on said petition at a public hearing to be held by the Culver Board of Zoning Appeals at the Town Hall of Culver, Indiana, at 7:30 p.m. on July 16, 1968. Virginia Bair Secretary, Culver Board of Zoning Appeals

1982     Placed on the national Historic Register 2 Dec. 1982
    Woodbank (added 1982 - - #82000022)
    Also known as Rasmussen Cottage
    2738 East Shore Lane, Lake Maxinkuckee , Culver
    Historic Significance: Architecture/Engineering
    Architectural Style: Late Victorian
    Area of Significance: Architecture
    Period of Significance: 1875-1899
    Owner: Private
    Historic Function: Domestic
    Historic Sub-function: Single Dwelling
    Current Function: Domestic
    Current Sub-function: Single Dwelling

1985-1987     James Wood Rasmussen

1989     Catherine G. Rassmusen [Catherine Matilda Glossbrenner]

1991     Woodbank Cottage - Catherine G. Rassmusen [Catherine Matilda Glossbrenner]

Oct. 1994     Catherine G. Rassmussen

Jul. 1996     Catherine G. Rassmussen

Jul. 1996     Jul. 1997 William Marcus Rasumssen

Jul. 1997 - Feb. 2004    Peter Rasmussen etal.

    1993, 2005     Stephen Cale/Peter J. Rasmussen

2006     Stephen Cale , ? photographer

Mar 2004 - Catherine G Rasmussen Trust, Catherine G Rasmussen trustee

2010- jul 26 Plat of Rasmussen Subdivision, A Minor Subdivision

Plat of Rasmussen Subdivision, A Minor Subdivision. Jul 26, 2010

A part of section 27, Township 32 North Range 1 East, union Township, Marshall County, indiana, described as follows: Beginning at a railroad spike at the Southeast corner of Lot No. 2 in the replat of Parker Subdivision, located in said Section 27; thence South 1 Degrees 30'59" East (record bearing) along the West line of an easement for ingress and egress (15 feet in width) a distance of 154.81 feet to a P.K. nail on the North line of the Fehsenfeld and Suuzanne M. Fehsenfeld parcel as recorded in instrument No. 200508027, Office of the Marshall County Recorder; thence South 88 Degrees 12'41" West along said Northerly line of the Fehsenfled parcel a distance of 68.70 feet to a capped 5/8" iron reinforcing rod; thence South 62 Degrees 02'41" west along said Northerly line a distance of 113.30 feet to a capped 5/8" iron reinforcing rod; thence South 88 degrees 13'41" West along said northerly line a distance of 109.79 feet to the shoreline of Lake Maxinkuckee; thence for the following 12 (twelve) courses along said shoreline:
  • 1) north 50 Degrees 14'11" west 3.75 feet;
  • 2) thence North 12 Degrees 5" 37" West 44.59 feet;
  • 3) North 79 Degrees 01'08" East 2.21 feet;
  • 4) North 15 Degrees 28.' 52" West, 18.68 feet;
  • 5) North 34 Degrees 46'52" West 28.17 feet;
  • 6) North 47 Degrees 49'02" West 30.00 feet'
  • 7) North 38 Degrees 06'50" Wst 19.57 feet;
  • 8) North 9 Degrees 13'08' West 8.35 feet;
  • 9) North 44 Degrees 59'27" West 17.79 feet;
  • 10) North 68 Degrees 38'59" West, 17.40 feet;
  • 11) North 18 Degrees 54'34" West 12.53 feet;
  • 12) north 44 Degrees 03'29" West 12.44 feet
to the Southwest Corner of said Lot No 2 in the replat of Parker Subdivision; thenc North 88 Degrees 12'08" East along the Southerly line of said lot a distance of 283.83 feet to a 3/4 iron pipe; thence North 1 Degrees 36'21" West along said Southerly lot line a distance of 30.13 feet to a railroad spike; thence North 88 Degrees 05'32" East 99.99 feet to the point of beginning, containing 1.21 acres, subject to all easements, rights of way and restrictions of record.

buildings on this lot were razed in 2011 - an old historic house if gone!.

LOT 1 Rasmussen Subdivision - Acres 0.780

2012, Dec - Catherine G Rasmussen, trustee

LOT 2 Rasmussen Subdivision - Acres 0.430

2010, Aug - Catherine G Rasmussen, trustee

2010, Aug -2012, Jun - Fred M. Fehsenfeld Jr.

It was razed - 2013

Built 1894
Architectural style Late Victorian
Governing body Private
NRHP Reference # 82000022
Significant dates
Added to NRHP December 2, 1982
Removed from NRHP September 5, 2014
The new the address is 2710 East Shore Drive at present is a vacant lot

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