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Dr. Benjamin W. S. Wiseman  

DR. B. W. S. WISEMAN, postmaster at Culver , Marshall County, is well known throughout this section as a physician of long and substantial standing. The six years of his government service have also proven his executive and administrative capacity and established his reputation as a citizen of broad caliber and continuous progress. He is an Ohio man, born in Hancock county on the 24th of June, 1852, a son of Lorenzo D. and Agnes (Hufford) Wiseman, both natives of the Buckeye state.

Tradition makes Sir Richard Wiseman, sergeant surgeon to Charles II, one of the great figures in the early history of English medicine and surgery, .as also one of the founders of the family in that country. Rev. John Wiseman, a great uncle, was a soldier of the Revolutionary war and a participant of that memorable campaign at Valley Forge. This fact entitles the doctor and his descendants to honorable membership in the Sons and Daughters of the Revolution. Samuel Wiseman, his paternal. Grandfather, was a native of Pennsylvania, whence (after the Revolution and when but a boy) he removed with his father's family into Virginia, and from the Old Dominion migrated into the wilds of Ohio about the year 1806. The father, L. D. Wiseman, was born in Fairfield County, that state, in 1812; followed the carpenter's trade in his younger years, and in his early manhood removed to Hancock county, Ohio, where he resided until 1867. In that year he located at Marmont (Culver ), Marshall county, Indiana, where his death occurred January 23, 1890. The deceased was a man of the highest social standing and of deep religious character, faithfully serving the Methodist church for a period of sixty years. He was twice married, first to Frances Hooper, a daughter of Rev. James Hooper, who bore him seven children, and, secondly, to Agnes Hufford, who also became the mother of seven.

The fourth child and second son of the second family, the doctor resided in his native county until he was fifteen years of age, when he accompanied his parents to Indiana, locating at Culver in 1867. The education which was preliminary to his professional course he received in the schools of Ohio and Indiana, this including a training in the common schools of these states and in the high schools of Napoleon, Ohio, and Plymouth, Indiana, as well as courses at the Northern Indiana Normal School at Valparaiso. While thus engaged, he also taught school and read medicine under the preceptorship of Drs. Edmunds and Durr, of his hometown. In the winter of 1876-7 he attended lectures in the medical department of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and entered practice during the following spring at Mannont. He attended the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Keokuk, Iowa, in the winter of 1879-80, receiving his degree of M. D. in March of the latter year, and in 1884 took a post graduate course at the institution of the same name in Chicago. During the spring and summer of 1881 he was engaged in the practice of his profession at Hanna, Indiana, but returned to Culver . In 1885 he removed to Chicago, where, in addition to his private practice, he became interested in the work of the Convalescent Women's Home of that city. Ill health in his family compelled him to leave a promising professional field there and relocate at Culver in 1887, and there he has since resided and prospered. He continued to devote himself to his profession with undivided energy and uninterrupted success until 1902, when he was honored with the appointment of post- master at the hands of President Roosevelt, and was reappointed to the position in January 1906. The doctor is a member of the Indiana State Medical Society and of the Marshall County Medical Society, having served for one term as president of the latter, and is also one of the surgeons of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Fraternally he is identified with the Knights of Pythias at Culver , being a member of Indiana Castle Hall No.231.

Dr. Wiseman's marriage to Miss Roseline M. Buswell occurred in 1877, and they have become the parents of the following: Charles S., M. D., a graduate of the Fort Wayne College of Medicine and an alumnus of Purdue University, located in active practice at Lakeville, Indiana, and married to Miss Irma Garver, who has borne him one child, Richard Scott; Gertrude A., wife of Clarence Behmer, assistant postmaster at Culver , and who is the mother of Glenn, Ruth and Donald; Donald H. and James S., both deceased; Clara B., who is a graduate of the Culver High School and taught one term in the county; Allie E., in the last year of her high school course and a talented musician, being a performer both on the piano and the violin; Ethel H., also living at home. The parents have f ulfilled the duty of good Americans in that they have given their children not only a thorough mental training, but have not neglected to furnish them with that c ulture whose nature is indicated by their natural tastes.

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B W S Wiseman MD is a native of Hancock county Ohio and the son of LD and Agnes Hufford Wiseman both parents born in the same state

Samuel Wiseman the doctor's grandfather was a native of Virginia and an early settler of Ohio having located in Fairfield county a great many years ago

L D Wiseman followed the carpenter's trade in his younger days but later engaged in farming in Hancock county Ohio where he lived until 1867 at which time he came to Marshall county Ind locating in Union township near Marmont where his death occurred on the 23d of January 1890 He was a man of high standing in the community where he resided and for sixty years was an active member in the Methodist church in which he held various official positions including that of class leader and Sunday school superintendent He assisted in the organization of a number of congregations superintended the construction of several church edifices and in addition to his other religious work rendered valuable assistance in public worship by his superior gift of song He was twice married first time in June 1834 to Frances Hooper who bore him seven children of whom the following are living William T a practicing physician of Coffey county Kas, Elsie widow of A S Stadley of Dunkirk Ohio and Charlotte wife of T Rose of Henry county Ohio By his second marriage with Agnes Hufford Mr Wiseman had seven children viz Mrs Samuel Allen of Pulaski county Ind ,Lorenzo D who died in the spring of 1873 leaving a widow Frances Wilhelm Wiseman and one child, Rosa E , Mary C wife of H Hill of Kansas, B W S, Hannah M wife of Rev M H Wood, Samuel J of Marmont druggist and Livingstone C who also resides at Marmont

Dr Wiseman was born June 24 1852 He remained in his native state until fifteen years of age during a part of which time attended the common schools and later pursued his studies the high schools of Napoleon Ohio and Plymouth Ind He school for some time and while they are engaged read medicine under the instruction of Doctors Edmonds and Durr

In the winter of 1876 77 have entered the medical department of the university of Michigan at Ann Arbor and after his studies there for some time became a student in college of physicians and surgeons at Keokuk Iowa from institution he graduated in March 1880

He went on to take a course in the college of Physicians and Surgeons at Chicago and after completing his studies began the practice of his at Marmont After continuing here for a short time moved to La Porte county where he remained for a limited He soon returned to Marshall county In 1885 he removed to Chicago Ill where in addition to other professional he became interested in the Convalescent Women's Home of that city

Ill health in his family compelled him to the city and he was located at Marmont in 1887 where he since resided and where he has a large and lucrative practice which is constantly increasing The doctor has spared in in preparing himself for his life work and is now one well known and successful medical men in this part of the state

He is a member of the Marshall County Medical society in which he holds an important official position and was a member of a state medical organization in the deliberations which he took an active part Politically he is a republican in religion a Methodist

In the year 1877 he was married Miss Rose M Buswell of Marmont who has borne him children viz Charles S, Gertrude A, Donald H deceased, James S and Clara B

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1907 - Apr 18 - Dr. Wiseman has rented the three from rooms over the Citzen for offices. He was sold his office building to I. G. FIsher who will remove it to the kreuzberger park this week.

Benjamin and Roseline Wiseman

The following excerpts were taken from the obituary of Dr. Benjamin Winfield Scott Wiseman, published in the Culver Citizen on November 8, 1933:
    Dr. Wismean, friend, philosopher and author passed away at the age of 81 on November 4, 1933. He was the dean of Marshall county physicians and for many years a leade in the activities of Culver .

    Although a skilled physician, his remarkable personality, wit, and philosophy often did as much for his patients as the art of medicine. He started his practice in Culver in 1880 and retired in 1924, going through the stages of horse-back, carriage and automobile transportation. Part of this time he was the only physician in this community and he served the people daya nd night withouth thought of his own health.

    Dr. Wiseman had an unsual memory and was a voracious reader, which coupled with his love for his fellow men, made him the outstandingt figure wherever he went.

    For many years he conducted a singing school in Culver , as he possessed a thorough knowledge and love of music as well as a fine voice. Much of the musical talent in Culver today was developed by Dr. Wiseman.

    Dr. Wiseman, who was postsamter here for eight years, was an active figure in politics for many years and reveled in a hot campaign when he wo uld write and sing campaign songs he had composed to fit the occasion.

    For several years Dr. Wiseman wrote a feature for the Culver Citizen under the head, "Doc Wiseman Says", which each week was a paragraph of humor or everyday philosophy, at which he was a master.

Dr. Wiseman and Roseline Mary Buswell were married in July, 1877, Roseline was born Jamuary 4, 1859 to John David and Clara Wilford Buswell near Mount Blanchard, Ohio. At the time of Roseline's marriage another name, Mary, was added. To her husband, everyone should have at least to names. From then on she used the two names, "Roseline Mary". Friends knew her as Rose Wiseman and the family called her "Aunt Rose".

In 1869 the Buswell family settled in Jerusalem, a section of the community between Lake Maxinkuckee and Little Lake, sometimes now referred to as Hawk Lake.

Roseline became her husband's "right-hand", serving as his nurse in his practice. Many times she would spend days in the homes of patients to nurse the sick back to health. Sometimes it was one person taken ill, but often it was two or three at one time in a household. During epidemics she often went from house to house to give aide. Dr. WIseman let it be known that he always had his wife at his side when delivering a child. He was noted for his devotion to the health of mankind and never sent a bill to any patient.

Rosaline Mary was a devout member of the Methodist Epicopal Church and was a member of the first choir formed there. She was a charter member of the Ladies Aid Society.

Her death occurred about one week before 82nd birthday, December 22, 1940. It is impossible to express the deep devotion and respect that so many held for her. One thought holds true: "The best in us, we drew from her".

The children of Benjamin and Roseline Wisemen were:
    Charles Sumner, March, 1879;
    Gertrude Agnes, February, 1881;
    Donald Hugges, June, 1883-February, 1887;
    James Stanley, August, 1885-September 1890;
    Clara Belle, December, 1887; Alice Elsinore, June, 1890; and
    Ethel Huldah, August, 1893.
The Wisman family descendants all carried on the music tradition and the interest in church work. More information on the Wisemand family can be found in the following books: The Wiseman Genealogy and Biography by B. W. S. Wiseman; One Township Yesterday by Edwin R. Corwin and The Hufford Family History by Franklin Pierce Hoffert.

Children of B. W. S. Wiseman

Charles Sumner Wiseman, M.D. was the eldest child of B. W. S. and Roseline Wiseman. Sumner was born in March, 1879 in Culver . He was a cadet at Culver Military Academy, where for two years he served as assisitant musical director. He was a graduate of Fort Wayne Medical College, and started practice in Lakeville. Later, he moved to Union MIlls. In 1906 he married Irma Garver at Fort Wayne. Their four children are:
    Mary Isabella, and
    Robert Isaac.
Dr. Wiseman was a member of the First Baptist Church of LaProte and the Masonic and Eastern Star Lodges. He was commander of the Westville post of the American Legion, a member of the LaPorte County medical Association and served as LaPorte County Helath Offcer. Dr. Wiseman passed away in early 1937 during a flue epidemic.

The eldest daughter, Gerturde "Trudy" Agnes Wiseman was married to Clarence D. Behmer in 1899.
    Clarence Glenn,
    Ruth Grace,
    Donald Independence,
    Winfield Wiseman
are their children. Mrs. Behmer, a devouted musician, used her talents in many ways. One of them was to assemble young boys of the community and to form a juvenile band. Their performances were enjoyed by many very proud parents and friends.

The second daughter, Carla Belle Wiseman, married Ryle Shafer of Lakeville, where they resided in the rural community. Mr. Shafer was a successful businessman, having operated a dairy. Mrs. Shafer attended Valparaiso University, Tri-State College and Indiana State Teachers College. When she became a teacher, one of her posts was the Maxinkuckee School. Mr. Shafer passed away in January 1969, and Mrs. Shafer followed him in March, 1974.

THe third daughter, Alice "Allie" Elsinore Wiseman, was a music teacher who attended Miami University. She became the wife of James Leonard Ray "Goldinger" Fisher, in the late 1920's. She was a leader in the music department of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Culver . For many years she taught piano, voice and violin. Mr. Fisher died in 1968 and Mrs. Fisher died in 1970.

Ethel Huldah Wiseman, the youngest daughter, and Frank Harrison Taber were married in Culver at the Methodist Church in June, 1916.

Mr. Taber, a native of Terre Haute ,w as born to Rose (Baker) and WIlliam Harry Taber in October, 1893. Frank's early years were spent in and around Terre Haute and Seelyville. He he was 13, his only brother, age seven, died of a ruptured heart after being hit by a basketball. Frank, became a cadet at Culver Military Academy, where he was the bugler, and graduated from regular session and summer schools. He also attended a school in Kokomo and became an electrical engineer. Frak was assistant chief engineer to Lester La-Bounty at the Academy, a postion he held until the time of his death in July, 1941.

Hulda sang her first solo in church at the age of five. She continued to use her musical talents in her church, serving as choir director and organist for many years. Frank and Huldah palyed piano duests, which were enjoyed by their friends.

The children of Frank and Huldah Taber are:
    William Winfield, born January 4, 1918;
    Rosemary Jane, born August 14, 1919 and;
    Frances Ruth born June 26, 1922
Mrs. Taber married Dert Davis of Leiter's Ford in December 1944. They lived in Leiter's Ford and in Culver. Mr.Davis passed away in December, 1964. Mrs. Davis lived with her daughter, Mrs. Jame Scruggs, in the Wiseman family home until her death in March, 1982. She was very content to live her last days in the house in which she was born. - Jane Scruggs.

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