Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

316 E. Jefferson  

1896-1897 - T. B. Harris Lumber Yard. - For now this is assumed but the only logical place from the history we alreayd know.

1898 - Apr - Geller Saw Mill & Dry Sheds Burned

1898 - Nov 4 - J. O. Ferrier and framilv of Logansport moved to Culver this weekand now occupy the John Zechiel Jr . residence on Zechiel avenue Mr. Ferrier will open a lumber yard at this place and has several car load on the way. He intends to handle first class building material of all kinds and should be liberally patronized

1898 - Nov 18 - Mr. Ferrier is building new lumber sheds. In the near future he will have a large stock of lumber to select from

1899 - Mar 17 - J. O. Ferrier, Culver’s lumber dealer, has now handsome new sheds completed and a fine new office. The sheds are filled with a choice line of lumber, shingles and building material in general; which be purposes to sell to those in need of such material at reasonable rates. Give him a call.

1899 - Aug 18 J . O. Ferrier is erecting a shingle umbrella, 15 feet long, with capacity for 250,000 shingles

1904 - Mar 17 - J . O. Ferrier will install a Fairbanks-Morse gasoline engine in his shop at his lumber yard

1904 - June 9 J . O . Ferrier is building an addition to his lumber sheds and otherwise extending his facilities for accommodating his many customers. This is one of the most substantial business enterprises in the town.

As it appeared on the 1906 Sanborn fire map - Lumber W Ho- 3 buildings 1906

1907 - Mar 28 - The Ferried cement block plant is started.
    Ferrier's New Industry

    Ferrier & Son's cement block factory is running merrily turning out its product of building blocks.

    The machinery is not elaborate but is efficient and equal to the demands of a town like Culver

    A gsaoline engine operates a large iron tub onto which the proper proportions of sand and cement are thrown. The revoling tub, which is set at an angle, mixes the contents thoroughly and evenly . The material is then taken out and tamped by hand into an iron box or mould and in a few minutes is compact enough to be removed by letting the ends and sides of the mould drop down.

    The blocks are 16 inches long 8 inches high and 5 inches thick, and by isung different mounlds may be made with a plain or a rough face.

    The capacite of the machine is 400 blocks a day. From two to three weeks drying is required to season the blocks for use.

1914 - Nov. 19 - The cement block lumber shed of J. 0 . Ferrier & Son is being painted white with brown trimmings. The job is a good object lesson of the value of a little paint for enhancing the appearane of a piece of property

1914 - Dec. 3 - On Jan. 1 - Clark Ferrier will take over the management of the J . O. Ferrier & Son business. J . O. Ferrier will retire permanently from active business and, after spending the winter in Arizona, expects top ut in his time looking after his farm.

As it appeared on the 1914 Sanborn fire map -Lumber W Ho- 4-5 buildings, 2 large Lumber Sheds

1922 - Nov 15 - The Ferrier Lumber Co. is laying the foundation for a building 32X80, two stories, to be constructed of glazed tile. The building may not be completed until next season. It is to be used as a storehouse for building materials. On Apil 21, 1923 the luimber yard burned and it was rebuilt

From the Linton Daily Citizen, Saturday, April 21, 1923, Linton, Indiana
    Lumber Yard in Heart of Town
    Burned This Morning — Loss
    Estimated at $100,000.

    Culver , Ind., April 21.—The entire town of Culver was threatened with destruction by flames this morning when the Culver lumber yard, in the heart,of the town, was destroyed with loss estimated at $100,000. Fire companies from Knox, Plymouth and Logansport responded to the alarm and pumped water from Lake Maxinkuckee onto the flames. Two volunteer fire fighters were reported, injured.

    Three houses near the lumber yard were damaged considerably

From the Flora Hoosier Democrat, Saturday, April 28, 1923, Flora, Indiana an atricle titled LUMBER YARD AT Culver RUINED BY WIND-DRIVEN FIRE

As it appeared on the 1924 & 1937 Sanborn fire map
  • Carp Shop 1924
  • Roofing & Sash Stgr & building in back- 1924-1937
  • Lumber Office & Lumber Shed - 1924-1937
  • Lumber Shed - 1924-1937
  • Dwelling

1943 - Marshall County Lumber Co. - 1943 - William Hass
    1943 - Jun 23 - The J. O. Ferrier Lumber Co. has been sold to William Hass of South Bend and the new owner took possession Tuesday.

    1943 - Jul 14 - The Ferrier Lumber Co., purchased several weeks ago by William Hass of South Bend, has been renamed Marshall County Lumber Co.

1946-1968 Marshall County Lumber Co. - 1946-1968 George Babcock  
    1945 - March 14 - Charles Ferrier ha s been appointed manager of the Marshall County Lumber Company, succeeding R. Harry Jones. Mr. Ferrier has been associated with the local lumber company since its establishment here.

    1947 - December 3 – Local lumber companies to consolidate with George Babcock manager.

    1968 - by ads in the Culver citizen the business also delt in ready-mixed cement and the lumber and cement were sold seperately concrete ad and lumber ad

1968, Sep -1977 - Culver Lumber Inc. Dinsmore, manger  
    1968 September 5 - Marshall County Lumber Co. became Culver Lumber, Inc. under the management of Wally Dinsmore…All business activities heretofore carried on by this company will lb handled under new management beginning Sept. 3, 1968. In a later ad Phyliss Woodward, was office help and Orlo Bair.


By Some time in the 1970's the buildings were housing a different array of businesses at the same time with the possible same address:

1973 - Dealers Wholesale Services - Howard Hildebrand and Harry Lysell
    Grand Opening of New Business in Culver

    Howard Hildebrand and Harry Lysell held the grand opening of Dealers Wholesale Services in Culver on May 23 and 24. Their business, which is located at 316 East Jefferson Street, is a stocking distributor of kitchen and bath cabinet and accessories to retail building products dealers in northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan.

    Inducted in their services are free delivery, free planning and layouts, training programs for your personnel, sales and marketing aids and a beautifully designed showroom display for your customer's convenience.

    Visitors to the showroom are welcomed into a sunny yellow carpeted display of various styles of kitchen and bath cabinets featuring plastic laminate counter tops and cultured marble-topped vanities. In addition, there are several types of medicine cabinets, mirrors and lights as well as range hoods and fans to be seen.

    Best wishes and success to this newest business in Culver.

1979 - Unfinished Furniture Warehouse

Culver Auto Body Shop - 1978 - 1979 ?

Top Shop - 1978 -?

Water Bed Shed - John Reinigia

In the the early 2000's the buildings within the area that remained were demolished and the Bayside condo replaced them.

Today is