Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

401 Lake Shore Drive - Filling Station  

1924 - filling station
Bowling Alley on corner of Lane [Coolidge] & Toner [Lakeshore]

1937 is divided into possibly 3 seperate lots - with 3 seperate business addresses 401 Lake Shore Dr - Filling Station -
405 Lake Shore Dr. - "S" - 'Conc Fl Pilast'D Walls (Tile)'
    Culver Taxi Company - Clifford Loser
409 Lake Shore Dr. - Roofing W. HO. - 'Conc Fl Pilast'D Walls (Tile)'
    Roofing company operated by Frank Young.
411-113 Lake Shore Dr. - Vacant. - 'Conc Fl Pilast'D Walls (Tile)'
1945 - Feb 14 - Sandard Oil Co. to Alva R. and Zella McKesson, west 50 feet of lot 15 and equipment north 15 feet of west 50 feet lot 16 Knapp's Addition, Culver.

1922 -- Sep 20 - The Bogardus brothers Garland and Clark, have bought the corner lot opposite the residence of S. C. Shilling and have already begun work on the construction of a gasoline filling station which is to be modern in respect as to size and equipment. It will be built of cement, will be handsome in design, and will contain public comfort conveniences. It will be in every respect modeled after the best of the large city stations and will be an ornament to the neighborhood. The products of the Standard Oil co. will be handled

1923 - Jan 24 - FInally FInished. The new Standard Oil service station (Bogardus bros., proprietors) last week received its finishing coat of white and brown pebble coatring and looks as pretty as a 16-year old schoolma'am.

1928 - Apr 18 - M. H. Rudd

1930, Nov 23 - M. H . Rudd, manager of the Lake Shore service station of the past several years, has been advanced by the Standard Oil company and has moved to South Whitley where he will have change of- the distribution.

1931, Mar 25 - Alumbaugh's Service Station - Standard Oil - Bert Alumbaugh
1933 - Apr 5 - Alumbaugh Now Linco Manager; Berglaund at Standerd Gas Station
    Bert Alumbaugh, former Manager of the Standard Oil service station on Lake Shore Drive has taken over management of the Linco station and Charles Berglund has become manager of the station formerly handled by Alumbaugh. Howard Mikesell, former Linco station manager is devoting his full time now to his chicken and egg business.

April 1933 - ? Charles Berglund

1933 - Jun 21 - Operates Gas Station Lowell McKesson has taken over the managership of the Lake Shore Standard OIl Service Station formerly operated by CHarles Berglund. McKesson has been connected with the A. R. McKesson Gargae for a number of years, which he leaves to enter in business for himself.

1933 - Jun 28 - Operates Gas Station
    Mike Milliser has taken over the management of the Lake Shore Drive Standard Oli Service Station, formerly opereate by Charles Berglund. Milliser is well known in this vicinity, having starred for several years on the independent basket ball team.

1933 - Aug 16 - Monticella Man Takes Over Standard Station
    Lyle T Seward, of Monticella, has been appointed mandger of the Lake Shore Drive Standard Oil Service STation, replacin Mike Milliser who has gone to Portland, Ind., as a golf course pro and manager

    Seward has an outsanding record with the company, having won a trip to the World's Fair for his Monticello station's reating over a six month period in the South Bend district. He plans to move his family into the John Buswell house after Semtember 1.

1945 - Feb 14 - Standard OIl Co. to ALva R. and Zella McKesson, west 50 feet of lot 15 and equipment, north 15 feet of west 50 feet lot 16 Knapp's addition, Culver.

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