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405 Lake Shore Drive - Culver Taxi Company  

1923 - Nov 14 - Remodel for Taxi Company -

    Remodeling of the livery barn is being done for the Culver Taxi Company. An office is being built in the front part and other parts will be repaired.

    The Culver Taxi Company plans to move in as soon as the place is ready for occupancy

1924 - Apr 9 - Buys New Studebaker Car
    Clifford Loser, proprietor of the Culver Taxi Company, has bought a new seven passenger Studebaker, which has been placed in the taxi service. It is equipped with balloon tires.

1924 - Jul 9 - Small Fire Broke Out On Taxi Company's Roof
    As a result of some Roman candles which were being shot in the community, a small fire broke out on the roof of the building occupied by the Culver Taxi Co. and the Boblett Bowling alley last week.

    Fortunately, the blaze was discovered before any damage was done.

    Neighbors who saw the blaze, quickly notified the occupants of the building. One man crawled over the roof and put it out before the fire department arrived on the scene.

    Had is [this] been a little later in the night, it might have been more serious

1937 is divided into possibly 3 seperate lots - with 3 seperate business addresses 401 Lake Shore Dr - Filling Station -
405 Lake Shore Dr. - "S" - 'Conc Fl Pilast'D Walls (Tile)'
    Culver Taxi Company - Clifford Loser
409 Lake Shore Dr. - Roofing W. HO. - 'Conc Fl Pilast'D Walls (Tile)'
    Roofing company operated by Frank Young.
411-113 Lake Shore Dr. - Vacant. - 'Conc Fl Pilast'D Walls (Tile)'
1937 - MAY 12 An $8,000 fire damaged the building on Lake Shore Drive, ruined the bus belonging to CliffordLoser, damaged a county road truck, and caused a loss to the roofing company operated by Frank Young.

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