Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

415 Lake Shore Drive  

Nathaniel Gandy Retires having sold out his interests in the barns here to his partner, Mr. Abram Hayes, the transaction occurring Saturday, the 27th July 1897 and in retiring feels that he has left the business in good hands as no more conscientious or honorable men than Hayes and Son can be found

1897 - April. 2 - Hays & Son have moved their livery outfit to the barn near the depot

Apr. 1897 - 1905 - 1906 - Hayes & Son Livery - Toner Ave
May 28 - Hays & Son are constructing a feed shed in the rear of their livery barn which we understand will accomodate at least 75 horses. We also understand they will have it so arranged that farmer& can put their team under the shed for a long time for the sum of 10 or 15 cents.

1898 - Feb 18 - Hayes & Son have taken the agency to handle the Studebaker vehicles of all kinds. Those desiring a firstclass article can call at the livery barn and see samples

1901 July 26 Hayes & Sonís livery - The above represents Hayes & Sonís livery barn; which is undoubedly the largest and most- modern in Marshall county. The main barn and its annex will stable 300 horses, and put under shelter at least 50 buggies and carriages. In connection the proprietors have a fine-line of driving Horses and carriages. Prompt and close attention to business, has built up a tremendous trade. Their prices are reasonable.

Another 1901 ad
1903 - May 7 - Hayes & son have purchased new horses and buggies preparatory to the summer work.

1905 - Apr 13 - Hays & Son are having a new cement walk laid in front of their livery barn

1906 Sanborn Map

1909 - February 11 - About March 15, C. E . Hayes will open a first-class auto livery and garage in Culver and will have cars here for demonstration purpose at that time if roads and weather are good. Mr. Hayes has taken the agency for the Auburn car and has already made one sale.

1914 Sanborn Map
    Gasol. Tk. 290 Gal. Buried
    Horse Shed.

1914-1946 - D. W. Miller Livery & Feed; Oil & Gasoline For Sale
    Pictured here is the former Hayes Building which was the site of a thriving Culver business many years ago. The building has since been replaced by a brick structure which is now occupied by the Ray Wicker Ford Sales on Lake Shore Drive.

    This picture was loaned to The Citizen by Mrs. Dan Weirick of Culver whose father, D. W. Miller,operated the Livery Stable and Taxi Stand at the time the picture was taken in 1914. Mr. Miller operated the business from 1914 to 1946.

    Mr. Miller is shown in the first taxi from the left, and the man standing with the horse is Roscoe _arber. One of the other taxi drivers is Walter Pontius, but the third driver is unknown. - Aug. 12, 1965

D. W. Miller

1920's Dominicus "Min' Hatten had the east half of the building for his cars buisness which he moved to 110 W Lakeshore Dr. at the corner of Ohio. & Lakeshore.

1924 - filling station ( 401 Lakeshore Dr. - 1937)
Bowling Alley on corner of Lane [Coolidge] & Toner [Lakeshore] ( 413 Lakeshore Dr. - 1937)

1926 - Nov. 17 - It is probable that C. E. Hayes will next spring wreck the old livery barn on Lake Shore Drive and erect a galzed tile garage on the site<

1930 - Dec 3 - Tom Bogardus has opened a garage in the Hayes Building.

1937 is divided into possibly 3 seperate lots - with 4 seperate business addresses
    401 Lake Shore Dr - Filling Station -
    405 Lake Shore Dr. - "S" - 'Conc Fl Pilast'D Walls (Tile)'
      Culver Taxi Company - Clifford Loser
    409 Lake Shore Dr. - Roofing W. HO. - 'Conc Fl Pilast'D Walls (Tile)'
      Roofing company operated by Frank Young.
    411-113 Lake Shore Dr. - Vacant. - 'Conc Fl Pilast'D Walls (Tile)'

1937 - MAY 12 An $8,000 fire damaged the building on Lake Shore Drive, ruined the bus belonging to Clifford Loser, damaged a county road truck, and caused a loss to the roofing company operated by Frank Young.

1937-1955 - A. R. McKesson Ford Sales
    1931 - dec. 31 the last of a number of pieces of new equipment being installed in the A. R. McKesson garage will be ready for use jan. 2, enabling the garage to do all kinds of body and fender repairing and painting.

1937 - JULY 21 ó The Ford Agency and garage owned by A. R. McKesson has moved from its location on East Jefferson> to the Hayes Building on Lake Shore Drive - Photo - Culver Ford 1927, left to right Joe Humes, AR McKesson, ?, ?, ?.

1943 - Apr 28 - A. R. McKesson has purchased from Mrs. Bertha Hayes, the garage building on Lake Shore Dr. which his business has been occupying for the past few years.

1945 - Feb 14 - Sandard Oil Co. to Alva R. and Zella McKesson, west 50 feet of lot 15 and equipment north 15 feet of west 50 feet lot 16 Napp's Addition, Culver.

1955-1962 - Dick McClure Ford Sales
    1955 - Sep. 14 - The A. R. McKesson automobile agency was taken over Sept. 1 by Richard "Dick' McClure of Winamac

1962- 1969 - Wicker Ford Sales - Ray Wicker

    McClure Ford Sales Is Sold To Ray Wicker
    Dick McClure Buys Rochester Firm

    Ray Wicker of Lowell, Ind. has purchased the McClure Ford Sales at 415 Lake Shore Drive, from Richard McClure and took over management of the business, which will now be known as Ray Wicker Ford Sales, last Saturday.

    Mr. Wicker has operated a used car lot at Cedar Lake for the past year. Previously he had been Sales Manager for a Ford dealer in Lowell for six years.

    Mr. and Mrs. Wicker are the parents of one child and are members of the Catholic Church. They plan to move to Culver as soon as possible.

    Dick McClure, who bought the local Ford Sales from A. R. McKesson in Sept., 1955, has purchased the Jennings Motor, Inc., at Rochester and took over management of that business yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. McClure and their three children plan to move to Rochester in the near future.

    Eugene Scott, who has been Service Manager at McClure Ford Sales, will continue in that capacity for Mr. McClure at Rochester. Mr. Scott and his faniily who reside at 310 Lake Shore Drive, will also be moving to Rochester.

    Wally Hyatt of Lowell will replace Mr. Scott as Parts and Service Manager for Mr. Wicker. Homer Kemple, salesman; and Charles Frain and John Cook, mechanics: will retain their present positions with the Ray Wicker Ford Sales.

1969-1976 - Van Horn Ford-Mercury - 'Ron' Ronald & Connie VanHorn
    Ron began working for Wicker's in 1964. I n Nov. 1969 he purchased the buisness from Wicker. Brothers Mike and Jon VanHorn were mechanics and a Mr. Keifer and a Ron Noel were salesman and Jon VanHorn eventually became a salesman also.

Ford - Mercury Has New Manager
    Ron VanHorn has assumed the dealership of the Culver Ford- Mercury Sales as of November 15.

    Mr. VanHorn resided in the Bass Lake area most of his life and has lived in Culver for three years. His wife is the former Connie Johnson of North Judson and they have two sons, Ronnie and Rick.

    Ron has been employed by the Ford Co. for five years, usually in the managing service department.

    The Culver community wishes Ron luck with his new business. 11 Dec 1969 - Citizen

    At The same time they also ran VanHorn Trucking company owniing their own semi-truck and also VanHorn trees and shrubs. Ron also served as a Culver Police Officer under Sam Madonna.

1976-1979 - Marshall Bros Ford-Mercury Inc
    It was not to long after they bought it that that built a new building at the corner of new St. Rd. 31 & St. Rd. 10 just outside of Argos and transfered all business to there. The news of it was found as follows:
      Marshall Bros. Ford And Mercury Moves To Argos

      Culver - Marshall Bros. Ford and Mercury, located for many years at 415 Lake Shore Drive in Culver, spent many long hours last weekend moving to its new location at the corner of St. Rd. 10 and U. S. 31 in Argos. This is the new location is also the site of Marshall Bros. RV Center.

      Genral Manager Ken Aemmer and his staff were busy last week moving new cars, used cars, service equipment, office equipment and parts to the new location.

      The foundation of the new building has been constructed and the building is to be installed in the comming months. The sales office will operate temporarily ont of the mobile office at the site. The service department will be temporarily located in the old Vanadco Sign Co. building on St Rd. 10 near the Argos Post Office.

      The Marshall Bros. Ford and Mercury agency serves both communities of Agros and Culver. The agency feels that the new location on U. S. 31 will better serve the many fine customers since it is located near the center of their dealership district. The same fine quality Ford Motor Co. products and service will be offered at the new location. - - Jan 4, 1979

1979 -1984 - 198_ A & R Motors - Ron Tanner

The Mar 1st issue annouced the up coming "Grand Opening" at their new lcoation - 415 Lake Shore Dr.; they had been located at 103 Lake Shore Dr.

The staff of A & R Motors is left to right. Leonard Richards, Sales Manager: Ron Tanner, Owner; Ginger Hundt, secretary; MikeFitterling, mechanic; Mike Tanner, Bodyman and Ron Noel, Sales. They are ready to serve you in their newly remodeled quarters at 415Lake Shore Drive.

A & R Motors Opens New Facility

    Culver - A . & R. Motors is open for business in their newly remodeled building at 415 Lake Shore Dr. (formerly Marshall Bros. Ford). Ron Tanner owner, invites you to come in and look around. The area behind the show room has been completely redone and the large work area contains space for body work, mechanics. front end alignment and service.

    A. & R Motors was started 14 years ago in the Culver area by Ronald and Allen Tanner. Ten years ago they located at 101 Lake Shore Drive. Last November they purchased the 415 Lake Shore Drive showroom and service center from the A.R. McKesson Estate. Both locations will contain fine quality cars with the main sale and service center in the newly remodeled building.

    The new mechanic, Mike Fitterling, 39, has 25 years automotive repair experience having worked the last three years at Oliver Ford in Plymouth. His wife Theresa and daughter Michelle are Route 2 residents of the Culver community. Mike has attended several service training schools and is certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. He looks forward to serving the repair needs of the community. - March 8, 1979

Culver - A & R Motors on lake Shore Drive recently installed a new sign identifying their automotive sales and repair business. Their slogan "Home of the Besl Deals on Wheels" is under their company name

1980 staff pictured, from left to right, front row, are Leonard Richards, Larry Hundt, Bill Birk and Howard Babcock. Back row, Mike Fitterling, Richard Woodward, Ron Tanner and Ginger Hundt. Also associated with A & R but not pictured are Ron Noel and Alan Tanner

? - Feb. 1995_ - Society National Bank

1996, Mar. - Rosline L. Robarts
    While Robart's had it they leased it out and several businesses where in the front part, one being a Clicks Inn (1999), Guiido's Pizza parlor & Sandwich shop - was to have been ran , managed or owned by Mark click and possibly Tony Jimenez had some type of investment into it and the back part of the building was was used as storage.

    While the library was being constructed and remodeled the library occupied most of the building as temporary quarters.

2003. Jan - Donald Robarts
    2005, Nov. - 'Larry' Lorenzo & Joette Surrisi
    2008. Jan 2008 - Donald Robarts

2008 ,Jan- 2008,Feb. - 'Larry' Lorenzo & Joette Surrisi
    It was refurbished and now is home of several business:
  • City Tavern / Culver's city Diner 2007- 9 Jan 2011 - 'Larry' Lorenzo Surrisi
    • 200_ City Tavern has opened to rave reviews. Local restaurateurs Jo and Larry Surrisi have done it again. Sleek atmosphere, excellent service, and fresh, innovative food. Enjoy.
  • 2008-2013 Mirar Custom Homes & Renovations/Mirar Development, Inc. Suite B

2011,Feb-2011,Mar - M & J Lakshore LLC
    The west end is to be a banquet hall -
      but in recent past weeks a bicyle was turned up side down in one of the windows - and lately if not mistaken the windows have been covered up
  • Gladie's deil
    • Gladie's deil is in the process of remodeling the far east side of the building .. they have place 3 new windows on the side street side of the bulding. once remodeling is doen they will be moving from their downtown location at 108 N. Main st. with the move to this location they will add a baker and bakery items to their menu items. Also will be an extension of hour of broader variety. As int he past they will continue to offer catering.

      Note: - as of late 2013 this looks as if it is now defunct

2011-Mar-2012, Dec - North Lakeshore Holdings LLC

2012, Dec- 2014, Aug - M & J Lake Shore LLC - ? or Scotty Van Hawk of Four Feathers Racing?

2014,Aug-2017 - 27 Group Inc., The
    This building looks like to be totally vacant of any type of business as of now - the windows are sheeted up with brown paper and there is an 8 by 11 1/2 in white paper with about 1/2 of it written on.


    The defendants are believed to have an interest in real estate located at 415 Lakeshore Drive,Culver, Indiana 46511 that is alleged to be unsafe as set out in the allegations of a Complaint filed on August 15, 2018. Defendants must respond within thirty (30) days after the last notice of this action is published . .... October 5,12,19 2018 CC250098

2019 - Jan 31 - Jdge Palmer Request to Demolish 415 Lake Shore Drive
By Jamie Fleury, Culver Citizen
    Judge Curtis Palmer ruled in favor of the town of Culver to demolish the structure located at 415 Lake Shore Drive.

    Appearing on behalf of Culver was town manager, JOnathan Leict and Town of Culver Building Commissioner Chuck Dewitt; the town was represented by attorney James Clevenger.

    Evidence presented included that the structure has been unoccuied for more than four years, the roof has holes allowing water to leak inside the buildinf, there are holes in the walls and the structure has broken windows, and the doors and windows are not securley covered.

    Evidence of vandals and pests entering the structure was indicated; animal feces were found inside the structure. The foundation is cracked and deteriotating, psing a risk of collapse. Odor was among several other offenses listed.

    The building was found to be unrepairable and unable to restore to complaince with the Unsafe Building Law.

    The only remedy found was domolition.

    The court found the structure to be unsafe due to an impaired structure, fire hazard, hazard to public health, publice nuisance, vacant, and blighted, and maintained in such a manner that it is unfit for human habitation.

    The order was filed in opeen court on Jan. 22.

KNAPP ADD LOT 15 W 50' - Vacant lot

Today is