Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

508 Lake Shore Dr. ( 504 Lake Shore Dr. )  

It also was possibly listed at one time as 514 Lake Shore drive as that number appears on the sanborn map and also as 610 Lake Shore Drive.

. Section 16 - 500.90A 1835 Original Survey
Section 16 c. 1837 500.90A (North shore town and academy)

1872 - Section. 16
    Est. of I N Morris 105 A ( also 80 A)
    J. Duddleson - 30.60A & 10A
    T. Houghton 90A.
    J. HOughton Acreage not stated
    J ___ name illegible 4A
    G. A. Durr 10A
    Lot no name no acreage stated
    G. A. Durr 5A? - res (Lot 2 3A & 3A)
    Dr. Durr No amount Stated lots as if to be 2 large
    L D W [Lorenzo W. Wiseman]

1876 - J. Castleman - 190A

1876 Section 16
    1850-1876 I. N. Morris 175/185a   [Isaac N. Morris] - 185 A

1880 North Section 16 - 500.90 Acres Town
    I N Morris 185.34
    B. W. Watt 15.50A
    LakeView Club 15A
    J Duddleson 109.31A
    Tho. Houghton 90A.
    J. E. Houghton 19.60A
    E Parker 27 A

From the Logansport Daily Journal page 3 dated Aug. 27, 1882:
    All the preliminaries for the extension of the Logansport branch of the Vandalia railway to Lake Michigan have been satisfactorily adjusted, and upon compliiance with a few easy conditions the contact will be closed, and the work will be commenced and pushed to completion.

    Readers of the Journal are familiar with the route of this line to Marmont (Maxinkuckee), and will have no difficulty in following it to South Bend and the lake...
    With these advantages before them, our citizens are asked to consider one of the conditions above named, which condition is that the right of way shall be furnished free to the new line thorugh our county. The estimated cost of this right of way is from $7,000 to $10,000 and it is proposed to raise the amount by subscription. A consideraable portion of this subscription has already been secured, and a committee appointed for that purpose will make an effort to raise the remainder during the present week...

1883 - Oct 6 - The.Vandaiia railroad company commenced laying iron at Marmount a d ay or two ago, and-withln a short time the tract will be completed from Maxinkuckee lake to the Nickle Plate railroad, a distance of about three miles,- Logansport Pharos Tribune

1888 - Meat Market / ?Hotel? - by Fred Keppler of Logansport and was demolished in March 1933 to erect a Phillips 66 gas station and later was the Shell Gas station. It was located on the Northeast corner of Lakeshore Drive and State Street

1889 - Daniel A. Bradley - Bradley Hotel
    purchased a place formerly owned by Celia VanSchoiack

1898 - Section 16
    L. C. Dillion - 10A, 99.31A, 79.76, 75.60A
    T. Houghton 89A
    A. Roughton
    E. Duddle(son) 9.60A
    E. Morris 21.49A/Morris Lake Front Plat
    T. H. & L RRR Lake View Club 15 A.
    J. J. Bryant
    Incorporated Limits of Culver

1900 - Evermans' Biological Survey

1906 - Restaurant - by the 1906 Sanborn Map which shows a large building divided into 2 stores.

1907 - May 2 - D. A. Bradley to E. J. Bradley part outlot 4 Toner's add., Culver $2300


1908 - Jan 16 - Seely L. VanSchoiack has sol to Ed Bradley the lot adjoing the Brabley hotel on the west for $450. Bradley will erecr a building 28 X 100, one story high, to be used as an amusement resort. He had comtracted with the Brunswick company for two bowling alleys and tow pool tables and as soon as the weather permits wiill commence laying the foundation for the construction of a fram building. The entire incestement will represent between $2,500 and $3,000.

1914 - Restaurant & Rooms by the 1914 Sanborn Map

1920 - Jul 21 - Hotel Bradley becomes Chasnelle, The Ad states : Now open - throughly equiped and renovated, the former Bradley Hotel, hereafter to be known as "The Chasnelle"...

" 1922

1922 - Hotel (by plat map)

1924 - The Sanborn Fire Map labels it as the Chasnelle - this is labled as Chasnelle on the Sanborn fire map. David Burns also said this was known as the Paramont Hotel which is confirmed by the Jul 1925 Citizen Announcement name of the Chasnell Hotel has been changed to that of Paramount Hotel... management remains the same... Mrs. A. McLochiln, prop

1926 - Feb. 10 - Builder of Paramont Hotel, Dies in Logansport

    Mr Fred Keppler, age 81, died at his home in Logansport last Sunday after an illness of several months duration. Furneral services were held yesterday and burial was made in the Winamac cemetery.

    Mr. Keppler was the builder of the building in the east part of town that now bears the name of Paramount Hotel. The structure went up just forty-five years ago [1888] and he ran a meat market therein for some time the town was then known as Marmont.

    He leaves a wife and one son.

The following also give information on the Paramont Hotel
    The Shell American Pertoleum Company has purchased the lot at the corner of Lake Shore and Liberty Street (sic State), which is opposite the Paramount hotel and owned by Dr. C. L. Slonaker. - Jul 27 1927

1927 - Jul 27 - Paramount hotel and owned by Dr. C. L. Slonaker.

1933 - March 15 - Kemple to Build Service Station
    $3000 Service Station to Go Up on State and Lakeshore

    Wrecks Landmark

    Brick building to be Ready For Use in Two Months; to Handle Philips Products

    Work has been started in tearing down one of the landmarks of the town, the Paramount Hotel, to make room for a $3,000 super service station to be built by Homer Kemple

    The new station will be of brick and cement with a glass front featuring the exterior. A 60-foot drive is planned so that motorist will have easy access to the service area.

    It is expected that the structure will be ready for occupancy in about two months, but gasoline pumps will be installed in about three weeks. Mr. Kemple plans to handle the weill know Phillip's 66 gasoline.

    Mr. Kemple plans to leave the house at the rear of the hotel and to enlarge it for his home.

    He is an experienced service station manager, havin been connected with the local Shell Station for three and one-half years. Clifford Overmyer has been appointed manager of the Shell Station.

    The Paramont Hotel, formerly known as the Chasnell, is about 45 years old [1888], and at one time was one of the popular Hotels of the town.

1934 - Sep - Buys Blue Front - Homer Kemple has bought the front half of Henry Lizenberger's Blue Front dance hall building (formerly bowling alley) which he will wreck and use the space for the enlargement of the driveway to his gasoline station

Mar 1933 - - Phillips 66 Gas Station

1922 - Sep. 13 - Motor Inn Garage / Phillips 66 Gas Station Kemple & Bennett

1933 - Dec 27 - Homer Kemple Burned by Gas Explosion
    Homer Kemple, of the Motor Inn Garage, was burned about the hands and chest Thursday evening in what might have been a fatal accident but for the quick work of those standing by.

    Kemple was holding a pan of gasoline under the carburetor, to fill it by suction when the motor backfired in the carburetor, setting fire to the gasoline. In jumping back away from the flames Kemple threw the fluid over him, making him a torch.

    Remebering a similar accident where the victim died from inhaling the flames, Kemple held his breath wile men standing nearby rolled min in a blanket and caos, extinguishing the falmes, limiting the painful burns on the hands and chest

1934 - Jan 24 - Lights Match to See If Gas Tank is Full - Yes, Gas Still Burns
    When a match is lighted near gasoline the result is always the same, as Curtis Rogers learned to his sorrow Tuesday evening when he struck a match to see if the gas tank was full while being filled at the Motor Inn pumps

    Flames leaped high in the air as Charles Bennett jerkeds the hose out of the tank, spreadin the flames on the cement. He put these out with a fire extinguisher, helped push the flaming truck into the street and put in a call for the fire department

    The fames were finally sothered by chemicas after the wiring on the engine, and the cad were badlt damaged by the hot fire.

    Rogers had just fitted the truck out for CWA work two days perviously.

1934 - Apr 18 - Homer Kemple is now the sole owner of Motor Inn, replacing the firm of Kemple & Bennett
    Legals Notices

    Notice of Dissolution of Partnership

    Notice is hereby given that the undersigned partieds have dissolver the partnership heretofore existing under the firm name and style of Kemple & Bennett, and that all unpaid bill are now due and paybale to Homer H. Kemple, the survivor of said partnership business.

    Dated at Culver Indiana, this 12th day of April, 1934. (Signed) Homer H. Kemple, Charles H. Bennett

1934 - Mar 14 - Notcie as Charles Bennett is not longer associated with me in the operation of the Motor Inn, all accounts are to be paid to me or an authorized employee of the the business and to no one else - Homer H. Kemple, Proprietor of Motor Inn

1935 - Jan 9 - Kemple Now Associate Dealer For Gen. Motors
    Homer H. Kemple, proprietor of Motor Inn garage, has signes contracts that make him an associate dealer for the full line of General Motors automobiles

    He has been acting in this capacity for Chevrolets for the ast few years, but now is in a postion to handle any make of car made bu General Motors.

1935 - Oct 30 - Spanglers Now Operating Kemples Service Station
    George Spangler and son, A HREF="lots_610_lakeshore_dr/bryon_spangler.htm" target=new> Bryon, have leased the Kemple Service Station and too over the operation of the business Monday.

    Homer Kemple has accepted a position in the tailor shop at the Acadmey.

1937 Sanborn map this is labeled as auto Sales& service and with gas pumps

Note - there is also another gas station on the lot across State Street next to the movie theater by 1937; besides the one that has been down on the south east corner of Lakeview Street and Lake Shore Drive since 1924!

1938 - Jan 26 - Spangler Sales & Service - Phillips 66 - Bryon Spangler Manager (ads found)

1940 - Mar 6 - Washburn Manager of Phillips 66 Station
    William R Washburn, formerly of Fort Wayne and son of W. E. Washburn of Culver, has become manager of the Phillips 66 Station

    Bryon Spangler, former manager has opened a garage and sales room at the rear of the George Spangler House.

According to Cutter Washburn, his parents’ interest in the care and feeding of teenagers had its start in that sort of gas-station candy sales, at a Phillips 66 service station on the north-west corner of Lake Shore Drive and State Street, currently the site of the fire station. The elder Washburns had moved here from Fort Wayne (where they were already operating a gas station) around 1941, and the Phillips station quickly became a teen hang-out— beyond the snacks for sale, the place had board and card games on hand to make it, as we would say today, user-friendly. They went on to opertate "The Barn." located on School Street and the Beach Lodge during the summer months.

1942 - Dec 23 - H. N. Blair is opertating the Phillips 77 Service Station as George Spangler is confined to his home following a fall on a sidewalk last week

1935 - 1944 - Spangler was to have owned - Have not found a purchase date between the lease date of Oct 30 1935 between Kemple & Spangler and when Spangler sold to VanMeter on Feb 2, 1944 by newspaper accounts.

1944-1952 - VanMeter Farm Implement Co -
    1944 - Feb. 2 - Kewanna Man Buys Phillips Station
      Lester Van Meter of Kewanna has bought the Phillips 66 Service Station of George Spangler taking possession Tuesday
    1944 - May 17 - New Buisness Handles Farm Service Repairs
      Charles VanMeter of Kewanna has about completed the remodeling of the former Phillips 66 service station building where he is handling tracto service and famr machinery repairs.

      He has been in the business for years and has a corps of expert mechanics.

      The stock of repair parts is being increased steadily so the most repairs can be take care of promptly.

    1944 - Sep 13 -VanMeter to Enlarge Implement Building
      Work on the enlarging the Charles VanMeter Implement Store has been started and when completed the present structure at the corner of Lake Shore Drive and State street will have little resemblance to its present appearance.

      The cement areaway formerly usrd by the service station has been cleared away and a basement is being dug.

      The present roof will be raised and the interior remodeled to conform with the addition that will exend to both streets.

    1946 - Charles VanMeter / Omer Hook, Manage 1948 - Dec 22 - Joins VanMeter Staff
      Homer Kemple has accepted the postion of salesman fro the Charles VanMeter Implement Store, according to announcement nade by Omer Hool, local manager

      He will devote most of his time to calling on users of farm machinery and equipment.

    1950 - We take pleasure in announcing that we have recently accepted the dealership for the Jacobsen Power Lawnmower - 8 Feb 1950

1952 December 10 – Omer Hook buys VanMeter firm here Transfer on Jan. 1
    Omer Hook has purchased the Charled VanMeter International Harvester firm here in Culver, it was announced this week.

    Widely known, Mr. Hook has been associated with Mr. VanMeter for the past 17 years. He supervised the establishment of the firm here and has successfully manafed it ever since it was started 8 years ago.

    The transfer of the business will take place on January 1st, 1953. Mr. Hook stated in announcing his purchase of the business

    Asked concerning any change of plocy or plans in carrying on the businss, the new owner poined out that it will be operated just the same as it has in the past.

1953 - Hook Implement Store - Omer Roy Hook

1953-1960'S - Nelson Equipment Company
    1953 - August 26 - Nelson Equipment Company Starts Business Here
      Culver extends a hearty welcom to an enterprising young business man, Maurice Nelson, who, on Monday took over the Orner Hook Implement Store on Lake Shore Drive and will operate the establishment under the name of Nelson Equipment Company.

    1960 Donald P. and Genevieve (Sales) Osborn purschased an interest in the Nelson International Harvester and sold it in 1962 by their biography in the 1986 History of Marshall County.

New Town Hall For Culver
    Nelson Equip. Co. Building and Lots fire Purchased" Occupancy June 1

    The purchase of the Nelson Equipment Co. building on Lake Shore Drive for use as a new Town Hall was announced by the Culver,Town Board at its regular meeting on Monday night.

    Board President Ted Ervin said the total purchase price of $25,000 includes the building which houses the Nelson farm equipment business now being liquidated, and two vacant lots across the street, behind the Shell Oil Co. property.

    The price of the building was $23,500, and for the two lots, which will be converted to parking lots, was $1,500.

    Possession was promised by June 1. though Maurice Nelson, the owner, indicated that the building will probably be available to the town before that date.

    Slated to be moved into the new quarters over a period of several months will be the Fire Dept., Police Dept., Council Chambers, and Clerk-Treasurer's

    The Fire Dept. will move first, the board indicated, since it can be accommodated with a minimum of building renovation.>

    Later, as space for the various departments is allocated and the interior of the 70 x 80-foot building is remodeled to these requirements,the other departments will be moved.>

    The present Town Hall on Pl ymouth Street will be taken over by the Street Department as it is vacated by other departments, and the building presently used by the Street Department will probably be sold. >

    The present Town Hall has housed the town departments for at least 40 years, according to Ernest Carter, building commissioner, and a longtime Culver resident. >

    The building has been overcrowded in recent years, particularly the F i re Department, which has added new and larger equipment...>

    The purchase price for the new Town Hall will be paid over a three-year period through financing arranged with The State Exchange Bank...

1966, Jun -1976 - Culver Town Hall

1966-present - Culver Fire Station

    TONER ADD OLOT4 69.5' N&S X 78.5' E& W]

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