Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

514 w. Jefferson  


Culver Skating Rink Donald Grothaus 1957-1959  

    In 1957 they built the Culver Skating Rink which they operated for two years a nd later leased for a year

    1957 - JUNE 2 The new Culver Skating Rink, located on West Jefferson St., will be opened Saturday by Mr. and Mrs. Don Grothaus. The big 60x120 rink has no posts and four speakers of a 30-watt public address system will feature organ music.

Skate-Way - Roller Skating - John & Pat 1959-1960 owners - Grothaus  

Zechiel's Farm Supply - 1961-May 1985 J Jerome "Zeke' & Betty Zechiel 
    1961 - Nov. 22 - Jerome Zechiel Buys Skating Rink Property

    Jerome Zechiel, 462 Liberty St., owner of Zechiel Farm Service, has purchased the Culver Skating Rink on W. Jefferson St. and plans to move the Farm Service business to the new location after extensive remodeling has been completed in the building.

    The rink was purchased from Mr. and Mrs. Donald Grothaus, former residents of Culver, who moved to Phoenix, Ariz, in August.

Culver Communications, Inc - 1985-2000, Jul 5  Richard Sytsma
    1985 - Culver Communications moves to west Jefferson. Up to this time I think it was at his reseidence out on Thorn Rd.

Multi use 1990's- 2013  Mildred Dunnick (owner) / Culcom, LLC 2005 - 2010, Oct   Richard Sytsma
    Tax Sevice ? 1993-1994- ? Cathy DePalma 
    Sytsma Appliance 1999-?  
    RAS Electronics 2010, Oct.
    Puter Pit Stop - Nov. 2011 - - Coleen (Ditmire) Watwood

    N LN HWY 528' N & 858' E SW COR SE N

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