Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

525 Lake Shore Dr. -  

This was apart of Kreuzberger Park

1886 - Antone Meyer

Pharos dated 20 May 1887 pg. 4 gives this story of our local post office:

    The residents of Marmont have been greatly excited of late over the post office.

    The postmaster, who is the owner of a general store at Marmont, decided to move his store and post office to a new brick building near the railway station.

    Residents of the village got up a petition against the office being removed.

    Those who reside near the station and in the immediate neighborhood of the lake drew up a petition for the removal of the office.

    Finally the postmaster said the rules of the department did not specify the location of the post office, and announced his intention of moving. He did so and mail is now recieved and forwarded from the new locaation. This will be a great convenience during the summer to visitors.

    Heretofore it was necessary to go to Marmont to obtain mail.

    There will also be an additional delivery of mail during the day.

    The storekeepers at Marmont are much incensed over the removal of the office. pg. 4 20 May 1887 Logansport Pharos

    NOTE: the "New Brick Building" probably is the Krueszberger Saloon and this should brobably moved moved there but more research is needed.

By this card - not dated D. A. Bradley - had charge of the restaurant and the hotel. Rates for rooms were advertised at $1 per day.

1899 - May 12 - D. R. Avery has moved his furniture into the Kreuzberger restaurant building at the park and will probably have the same in running order this week or the first of next. He will run a first class restaurant and ice cream parlor. - Note he formerly had the Avery Restaurant

1897 - Bradley Hotel - Daniel A Bradley In 1898 just oppsite at 504 Lakeshore was a hotel, resturant known as the Bradley Hotel and he also had a grocery and was located one block west of the Depot.

the Biography on * Daniel A. Bradley States:

At this place he purchased a place formerly owned by Celia Van Schoiack, and for two years conducted a hotel opposite the location now occupied by his son in the same line of business.

It is said that each went by different names; the locations for these are opposite of each other Note the two "Rest" Building one on the south east corner of Toner Add. and the other in the north east of Kreuzbeger Park.

Mr. D. R. Avery, Park Cafe and Hotel By 1901 by the sketch below the Park Cafe - was Major Anderson's. It depicts the knoll at the present Depot with the lake in the background.

1904 - Mar 10 - Having moved from South Bend the undersigned will offer at private slae his houshold goods at Kreuzberger building opposite the Bradley restaurant, on Friday, March 11, from 1 to 4 p.m. - John W. Medbourn. - citizen

1904 - Dec 1 - Joseph Fite & Co. will be here for one week with an entertainment consisting of moving pictures, comic songs, et. beginning Saturday evening at Kreuzberger's Park Cafe.

1906 - Resturant per Sanborn Map

1908 - Mar 26 - Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Meredith will move to this place from Denver,Ind. today and will occupy the second floor of the Kreuzberger Park Cafe property - citizen,

1908 - Apr. 9 - T. E. SLattery has bought formt he Kreuzberger estate the cafe property on Scott Stree. It consists of a lot 40X120 and a two-story building. The consideration was $1,500 and the sale was made through the Seeley agency - CItizen

1908 April 10 - The Kreuzberger property at Culver was bought from the Kreuzberger estate by T E Slattery. The account is found in on pg. 1 in the Logansport Journal:
    Former Oasis is now a Desert

    The Old Kreuzberger property at Culver, the object of many Logansporters when they paid visits to Lake Maxinkuckee before that place became dry, has changed hands. The property formerly consisted of a combination summer garden, bowling alley, pool and card room and saloon, but since Prohibition closed all drinking places at the Lake has been vacant. It was bought from the Kreuzberger estate by T. E. Slattery for a consideration of $1,500.

1908 - Apr. 16 - Mr. Henderson of Twelve Mile, near Logansport, has been in town this week looking at residence and businees property with a view to locating and removing his monument works to Culver. He has agreed to lease the Kreuzberger cafe property owned by T. E. Slattery

1909 - Aug 12 - H. J. Meredith moved into the Grandma Porter house yesterday. The Kreuzberger property in which he has been living, is reported to have been rented for a year to parties connected with an Indianapolis brewery.

1911 - Jun 8 - H. B. Shull - Opposite Bradley Hotel; Rear of Pearl Theater

by 1914 it had been transformed into a Pool Hall as indicated on the Sanborn Map of that year
1924 - "S" per the Sanborn Map which meant a retail business of some sort still operated from this address

March 3 1926 - Two of Culver's Oldest buildings Wrecked for Modern Structures...
    Two of the oldest buildings in Culver are being dismantled this week...the other is the store building on the corner of Scott and State Streets, owned for many years by T. E. Slattery...

    The old Slattery building together with the lot, was puirchased last week by Jess Crabb. He will tear it down and erect a bungalow of the present day type which will further the attractivness of that portion of the city.

    This building was erected some forty years ago by one Antone Meyer of Terre Haute for store purposes

    During its lifetime, it has been occupied by many business enterprises.

    Older residents of the community will recall years ago while Culver's post office was in the structure now used as a residence by Mrs. M. Koontz. Avery Clark was the postmaster and storekeeper therin. An attempt was made to move the post office to the Meyer building, but was thwarted by the general prosted of the citizens of the community at the time

    The upstairs of this building was used for a great many years as a rooming house. The late Capt Crook of Logansport and I. G. FIsher, now superintendent of the local water workes, were at one time roomers in this place when they were running excursion boats on Lake Maxinkuckee... Note - probably should be Anton Mayer

By this quip Jesse Crabb also had purchased the lot to the west 7 years earlier

1919 - Feb 26 --Jess Crabb has started excavating for a house on his Scott Street lot opposite the pool hall [note this is also a part of the Kreuzberger addition and is opposite of the Mike Stalling's resident today which is on the corned of Harding and Lakeshore aside the fire department - 521 E LAKESHORE DR]

1937 - Dwelling per the Sanborn Map.

?-1948 - Emil Siepman

?-1952-1962-?- O R [Oscar] Booker residence
    Lake Shore Plumbing & Heating Co and Booker Plumbers is listed at this address as well
196_198_ - Hazel F. Thornburg residence

2007-2013 - James H. Hill revocable Trust residence


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