Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

616 Lake Shore Dr.  

Today this is just one store front - 614 Lakes shore drive - formerly Hansen's

614 & 616 - By the 1924 & 1937 Sanborn map there is defintely an small store front area within this building and each are clearly labeled "S"

616 Lake Shore Dr. - c 1936-1939 Local "Bookie" Place Eli Kaplan

Eli Kaplan * 616 Lake Shore Dr. * Opposite Depot * Ladies Welcome * Culver, Indiana

Results by Special Wire shows a horse and jockey

1939 - Feb 3 - Five Arrested, Fined In Raid Saturday on Local "Bookie" Place
    After operating a place, known as a mecca for those wishing to place bets on horse races for about two years unomlested by town and county police authorities the businees came to a sudden close Saturday afternoon when it was raided by two state policemen.

    Officers Fred Morley and Walter Edel entered the place in plain clothes to obtain evidence before making arrests. It is said that the latter was recognized by a local man who warned several Culver people, allowing them to escape detention.

    Approximately 40 people, some from South Ben, LaPorte, and other towns as well as Culver, were in the "bookie" at the time, but were not charged with frequenting an illegal place.

    Charges were filed against only five of those taken in the raid. Eli and Mary Kaplan were charged with keeping a room for illegal gaming purpposes, while Bryan Colligan, Harvey Edwards, and Harold H. Strauss were charged with selling tickets on pools and horse races

    All five pleaded guilty when brought before Justice of the Peace Bernard H. Lesch in Plymouth and were fined $25 and costs in a justice of the peace court.

    It is stated that none of the furnishings was destroyed by the officers and no report had been made of any action on the furnishing of wire service for the operation of the buisness, which is said to be a violation of a state law.

    In giving names to the police and why they were there, it is stated that a surprising number of people claimed they were there on business other than that connected with racing. SOme are reported to have made an exit through a rear window.

    The state officers said the shop, located opposite the depot on Lake Shore Drive, was equipped with leased wires to souther tracks and also had a loud speaker system to inform patrons of race results. Blackboards with track lineups and odds lined the walls.

    News of the raid spread over town like wildfire and displaced the weather as the majore item of conversation, especially after the names of local people incolced were learned. There were some defending the place and betting on races, wile others were wondering why local and county authorities had allowed the illigeal businees to operate

    No news of the raid had been received here in advance as the mocer to have state police intervene came from outside the community.

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