Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

620 Lakeshore Drive Edgewater & LakeHouse  

1997-2012 - Edgewater Grille

    I rememeber seeing the fancy pastries and cakes in the window in show case.

    In the Easterday Construction blog online, Easterday owner Kevin Berger describes the small, block former bait shop building as
      "a small white building with an orange roof sitting on the site of the former bowling alley (at that time the Lakeview Tavern was under separate ownership)."

      Easterday was tapped by Larry and Joette Surrisi, who had been operating the Edgewater Grille at the site since 1997, to construct the considerably larger building which currently houses the Lakehouse Grille.

      In the old bait shop structure, recalls Berger, "The Edgewater Grille sign only partially covered the old sign on the roof that said 'BAIT.' There were only a few tables because of the limited space, but the business was brisk."

Construction during which began in the fall of 1999 (and etched in limestone on the parapet) done by the Easterday Constriction Company.

Larry Berger stated the greatest challenge was that during the period of the construction the kitchen had to remain open the whole time he thought that they only had to have them close down for one week.

Mr. Martin proposed the tower on the corner to serve not only as an anchor to the structure,
but as a metaphorical lighthouse tower since it sits at a bend in Lake Shore Drive

1997-Jun 2003 - Edgewater Grill 'Larry' Lorenzo & Joette Surris

The next phase was started, the old Lakeview Tavern was purchased, renamed the Lakeview Lodge, and combined with the Edgewater Grille. This picture of the business area in October 2006 shows that the front of the Lakeview Lodge aka Lakeview Tavern was being changed to match the front edifice of the Edgewater; which mirrored the brick work on the Vandalia Depot sits across the street.

This shows the Edgewater as it was on the lots of the Lake Shore Lanes & Coffee Shop; one can see the Edge of the the limestone building that once was the Lakeview Tavern.

Below is the views in 1999 after being remodeled to incorporate what was formerly the Lakeview Lodge aka Lakeview Tavern. The Edgewater now composes three lots of 618 Lakeshore Dr - Lakeview Tavern ; 620 Lakeshore Sr. - Lakeshore Lanes; 622 Lakeshore Dr - coffee shop and has retained the address as 620 Lake Shore Dr.

This property was a one time 3 three seperate busineses besides the ones listed under this address (620 Lakeshore) and it now spans what was - 618 Lake Shore Dr. formerly the Lakeview Tavern which was renamed Lakeview Lodge and 622 lake Shore Dr. which was for many years the location of the 'Coffee Shop' under various owners and managers. the plat still shows the seperate lot outlines as presented below.

These have been re-surveyed and appears as one parcel tho the old lot lines remain to date.

2003, Jun-2008, Aug. Edgewater Grill - Ralph W. Braun

    Voted Best in Fine Dining and Romantic Restaurant 2004 & 2005
      Edgewater Grille LLC: Local Owners General Manager: Sherri Lett Executive Chef: Ralph Lockard

29 Aug 2008 -2012, Jul - Edgewater Grill - Hand-Sum Corportation/Dan & Bonnie Bickel
2012 - Take from their Facebook
    "The rumors are true! (well, some of them). The Edgewater Grille will be closing it's doors this Sunday, March 25th, and will reopen early May with a new menu, new name, and an awesome facelift. Come in before it's too late! Specials running all weekend!!"

    It had been rumored that it has been operating for several weeks with out its legal liqour license and its pending closing.

2012, May - Name to be annonced - Mark Damore Jr.

    The Lakehouse Grille only has a couple more weeks until we have our Grand Opening! Mark your calendars for May 11th!

2012, Jul - MSDS Properties LLC

2012, Jul- 2016 - Lakehouse Grille / Six Twenty Lakeshore LLC

In October 2014 they acquired or rather absorbed 630 Lakeshore and this was the scene on site on 20 December 2014 on Lakeshore Dr. ... another old building gone... one can see construction occuring in the background at at this site. This site which now entails four former what was once housed four Culver businesses -

Expansion to the east, work will subsequently begin onthe addition of outdoor dining facilities. The new area will be open by May of 2015.

A part wiill be open-air and a part covered outdoor seating area complete with fire pit and fireplaces and diners will be allowed to smoke outside after 10:30 p.m.

Under cover of roof, will be a 13-foot-wide area containing four to six tables. The rest of the expansive seating patio will be under the sky and will be complemented by a fireplace on the southeast corner and a fire pit embedded into a stone table further south.

North Shore Fabrication, will create a "beautiful, special railing" to enclose the area, and the area which will also feature a tree. This area will be elevated some 20 inches above the present sidewalk.

Minor changes will occur to the banquet room allowing a six feet hallway at at its south end to the outdoor area and also the east wall will be a wall of glass doors that can open to the new banquet space. The south wall of the new room will be comprised of windows opening to the lake, while its east wall will feature a 10-foot-wide fireplace.


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