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634 Lake Shore Dr.  

The Colonade Hotel a. 8 May 1981 (formerly refered to as "the railroad resturant" which became the Ohmer Housec. 12 June 1886) which burnt on 27 April 1900; as pictured in this photo would of sat off to the left, and would of probably occupied the area from Bennett's to possibly Brockey's Insurance

1904, Jun 8 - The Colonade lot, now owned by T. E. Slattery, is occupied by a promiscuous lot of tents such as lunch. lemonade and peanut, also a barber shop.

1922 - Mar 15 - Shoe Shining Station - Women and men's shoes shined at Tuck Swigart's soft drink parlor, opposite depot

1923 - Jan 31 - Business Place at Depot Is Wiped Out By a fire
    The Tuck Swigart soft drink and lunch place opposite the depot is a wreck from a fire which practically destroyed the building Sunday evening at 7:30 p.m.

    The business occupied a story and a half frame shack with a one-story storage room in the rear

    Mr. Swigart had turned off the flame of an oil stove in the storage room and was prepararing to close up when he discovered a burst of flame in the room.

    The alarm was sounded at 7:30 and in 20 minutes the fire boys had the fire under control. This was fine work.

    Two streams were played on the fire and on the adjoining buildings.

    At times the siding of the Hayes building a few feet on the west was on fire, but the fellows at the nozzle were able to take care of the impending danger.

    The one-story frame building adjoing to the east was saved without a dollar's worth of damage except a broken window.

    Two show cases with their contents of candy and tobaco goods were safely removed, but the fixtures and other goods in the place were spoiled by fire, smoke and water.

    Fortunately the air was still and the fire was confined to the one building: An east wind, such as had prevailed for much of the time during the week, would have sent the fire into the big Hayes building which contains the resturant and the dance hall and would have probably destroyed other buildings on the west and entailed a serious loss, possibly to wiping out of the larger portion of the depot business district.

    William Buckalew, who roomed in the son room of the upper floor of the Swigart building, was asleep when the fire broke out.

    He was awakened by the smother of the smoke, and grabbing a pair of trousers jumped out the window upon the roof of the storage room and thence to the ground. He lost all the rest of his personal effects, including a new suit of clothers.

    Mr. Swigart has a insurance of $400 on the building, $500 on the stock and $100 on the fixtures

1923 - Dec 12 - Four Places Raided
    Authoritees Found Nothing Eccept Some Hard Cider at One Place

    Four Places were raided Monday night here in a search for ecidence which whould convilt anit-Volsteaders by two federal agents from Indianapolis and some county authorities from Plymout. They visited... and Tuck SIwgart's. Nothing was foun except some hard cider, a sample of which was tkean to Plymouth to be analyzed to find out it if was intoxicatinf

    Out of a clear sky the raiders came. They entered all places of business above mentioned and made a carreful search.

    After careful investigation and no results, they left. The raid too place about eight o'clock

1924-1937 - Listed as 'S'

?- 1923 - 1934 - Swigart Building

1924 - Mar. 5 - Tuck Sigart is contemplating having his place of business painted in the near future

1933 - May 24 - Rents Swigart Building - William Hayes, of Terre Huate had rented the building on Lake Shore formerly occupied by Tuck Swigart. He is remodeling the place and placs to open a sandwich shop.

1934 - Sep 5 - Shively to Open Repair Shop; Buys Building.
    Clyde Shively purchased the Swigart Building on Lake Shore Drive near the depot where he plans to open a general repair shop in about two weeks.

    He will also have the local agency for Frigidaire Sales and service, Delco oil burners and Farm Burea products, including the gas station.

    He is adding a 15X22 addition to the building . The front part will contain the office and display room and the back the repair shop.

1934 - 1957 Shively Specialty Shop - Clyde & Genevieve (Warner) Shivley
    1935 - Jan 16 - C. L. Shively has returned after taking a course in the care and repair of electric refrigerators at the Frigidaire school at Dayton, Ohio.

    1935 - Sep 18 - New signs have been painted on the sides of ... Shively Specialty Shop and at the latter place a door was has been built that connect with the express office.

    1947 - Mar 19 - Clyde Shively is tearing down his building next to the express office and plans to replace it with a cement block building with a brick front for his Speciality Shop business

    In the 1986 Marshall county history Genevieve wrote: He served as local postmaster under President Hoover (1930 8 Mar. - 1934).

    When he retired from that position we started our own business which became an appliance store, selling Frigidaires, Maytag washers, gas stoves, along with Phillips Petroleum bottled gas. He serviced commercial refrigeration as well as household appliances. I canvassed the town at that time to find out who had electric refrigerators and who were prospects.

    We sold the business to Al Poppe in 1957, and he has just retired and sold it to Dan Shively of Plymouth.

636 Lakeshore Dr. - "S" -

In 1924 no street/postal numbers were assigned on the Sanborn Map but on the 1937 map the street/postal numbers appeared. Many still did not use the street/postal numbers in their advertising etc. untill the late 1950's they hung on to the reference in relation of location from the depot.

1937 - Dec 1 - New Home Laundry Demonstrations Arranged
    C. L. Shively of the Shively Specialty Shop, representative in this territory of Bendix Home Appliances, Inc. of South Bend, will demonstrate the Bendix home laundry, a new automatic washing machine in the Johnson Building, oppostie the town park each day at. 3:30 p.m.

1946 - Jun 12 - Marshall Buys Former Slattery Property
    James Marshall has purchased the property owned by the Slattery estate oppostie the town park on Lake Shore Drive.

    The lots extend from the Coffee Shop to the Shively Apartments and from Lake Shore Drive to Pearl Street.

    No Change in present tenants is contemplated.

    As soon as possible a building is to be erected next to the Shively Shop to house the General Sheet Metal Works operated by "Red" Seese.

    A Parking lot will be built in the vacant area which once housed a restaurant and dance hall. They were destroyed by fire several years ago.

1947 - Mar 19 - To Rebuild - Clyde Shively is tearing down his building next to the express office and plans to replace it with a cement block building with a brick front for his Speciality Shop business

After Mar 19 , 1947 - Left to right - Shively's Appliance, former Railway Express agency and the Johnson Hotel,

1957 - 1960 Nov - Poppe's Appliance Store - Al & Ellen Poppe
    A full page 'Grand Opening as on Jul 17 1957 gives the address as 644 Lakeshore Dr.;

    Former Culverite Al Poppe, after a long and thorough experience in the appliance servicing business in and arounf South Bend, is back in Culver to Stay.

    All has taken over the Shively Specialty Shop, at 644 Lake Shore Drive.

    Al is a thermal engineer, but more important, he knows the business from the pratical servicing end. Service is all important even eith the finest G.W. applicances. However, its both low price and fine service you'll get at POppe's - a combination unequaled elsewhere.

    Ellen Poppe joins husband Al in Culver's new headquarters for famous G. E. apppliances.

    Ellen will be the general assitant - talking to customer friends, keeping books, eternally making sure Al stocks appliances the women want most

    It will be Ellen who will be continually spurring al to offer his customers the biggest bargin, which is always the right appliance for the right job, at the tight price, and with competent service behind it.

Ads for the remainder of 1957 and into 1958 give the 644 Laksshore Drive as address.

A 1st year anniversary ad of May 7, 1958 gives the addess as 642 Lakeshore Dr.

An announcement for 'Grand Opening" at new location 642) Lakeshore Drive.

1960-1967 - - ???? 1967 - Chamber of Commerce office
    SUmmer - the Chamber of Commerce office which was opened this summer in the Kowatch Building on Lake Shore Drive. Committee meetings are now held in the Chamber office where tourist information and pamphlets are also available. Dr. Joseph D. Howard is president of the local Chamber of Commerce. It is tentatively planned for volunteer staffing of the office during the summer months. Other officers are: Dr. Frank Setzler, Director of the Board of the Culver Chamber of Commerce; Jack Campbell, Projects Committeeman; Sam Allen, Civic Improvement Committeeman; Eddie Amond, Publicity Chairman; and Ron Tusing, Treasurer.

1969 - LaPetite Bakery
    LaPetite Bakery Is New Business Now In Culver

    Culver is indeed fortunate to have another new business location here. LaPetite Bakery is the name of the new establishment and it is located on Lakeshore Drive, across from the park.

    Owned by Mr. and Mrs. Garry Lozier, the business will be operated by Sue McCombs and Gloria Banks and will be open six days weekly from seven to five. A complete line of sweet rolls, pies, cakes and bread will be featured and special orders will be taken

    Mr. Lozier's parents were in the restaurant business at Mentone for a number of years and he himself has a bakery at Bourbon where the goodies will baked by an experienced baker and sent to Culver daily. Mr, Lozier is also owner of the Lon Construction Company at Plymouth.

    Mr. and Mrs. Lozier reside in Bourbon and are the parents of two children a boy, Mark, and a girl, Sabrina.

    Culver has been without a bakery for several years and this new store will surely be a welcome addition to the community. - THURSDAY, JANUARY 30, 1969 - Citizen

1970's - sat empty

1980's-5 Feb. 1998 - RO-AL Corporation - "Chuck" Charles E. & Alyce E. Robeson

5 Feb. 1998-21 Aug. 2003 - Chuck Robeson Associate - "Chuck" Charles E. & Alyce E. Robeson, Trustee Life Estate
    David Burns - laid the rock front on this building and also built a rock water fall inside the building for them.

21 Aug. 2003-? -Culver Coffee Company Inc./Culver Coffee House Sanim Properties LLC

    Something new came to town in December: Culver Academy graduate, Dawn Minas (’98) came back to Culver and opened the town’s first gourmet coffee and tea house. Dawn, originally from the Crown Point area, dreamed of returning to Culver and opening a coffee house which promotes the community, draws all members of the community together, and embraces the many positive qualities of Culver . Her dream became a reality on December 4, 2003.

It is now also a part of the building that was 642 Lakeshore Dr.

    This expansion came about as a result of selling heart-shaped teacups via mail order which helped finaced the project.

    This expansion resulted in several small tables, a small meeting room, space for expanded merchandise, a couch and a large aquarium.


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