Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

642 Lake Shore Dr.  

This was at one time - 632 Lake Shore drive

. Section 16 - 500.90A 1835 Original Survey
Section 16 c. 1837 500.90A (North shore town and academy)

1872 - Section. 16
    Est. of I N Morris 105 A ( also 80 A)
    J. Duddleson - 30.60A & 10A
    T. Houghton 90A.
    J. HOughton Acreage not stated
    J ___ name illegible 4A
    G. A. Durr 10A
    Lot no name no acreage stated
    G. A. Durr 5A? - res (Lot 2 3A & 3A)
    Dr. Durr No amount Stated lots as if to be 2 large
    L D W [Lorenzo W. Wiseman]

1876 - J. Castleman - 190A

1876 Section 16
    1850-1876 I. N. Morris 175/185a   [Isaac N. Morris] - 185 A

1880 North Section 16 - 500.90 Acres Town
    I N Morris 185.34
    B. W. Watt 15.50A
    LakeView Club 15A
    J Duddleson 109.31A
    Tho. Houghton 90A.
    J. E. Houghton 19.60A
    E Parker 27 A

From the Logansport Daily Journal page 3 dated Aug. 27, 1882:
    All the preliminaries for the extension of the Logansport branch of the Vandalia railway to Lake Michigan have been satisfactorily adjusted, and upon compliiance with a few easy conditions the contact will be closed, and the work will be commenced and pushed to completion.

    Readers of the Journal are familiar with the route of this line to Marmont (Maxinkuckee), and will have no difficulty in following it to South Bend and the lake...
    With these advantages before them, our citizens are asked to consider one of the conditions above named, which condition is that the right of way shall be furnished free to the new line thorugh our county. The estimated cost of this right of way is from $7,000 to $10,000 and it is proposed to raise the amount by subscription. A consideraable portion of this subscription has already been secured, and a committee appointed for that purpose will make an effort to raise the remainder during the present week...

1883 - Oct 6 - The.Vandaiia railroad company commenced laying iron at Marmount a d ay or two ago, and-withln a short time the tract will be completed from Maxinkuckee lake to the Nickle Plate railroad, a distance of about three miles,- Logansport Pharos Tribune

The Colonade Hotel a. 8 May 1981 (formerly refered to as "the railroad resturant" which became the Ohmer Housec. 12 June 1886) which burnt on 27 April 1900; as pictured in this photo would of sat off to the left, and would of probably occupied the area from Bennett's to possibly Brockey's Insurance

1898 - Section 16
    L. C. Dillion - 10A, 99.31A, 79.76, 75.60A
    T. Houghton 89A
    A. Roughton
    E. Duddle(son) 9.60A
    E. Morris 21.49A/Morris Lake Front Plat
    T. H. & L RRR Lake View Club 15 A.
    J. J. Bryant
    Incorporated Limits of Culver

1900 - Evermans' Biological Survey

1904, Jun 8 - The Colonade lot, now owned by T. E. Slattery, is occupied by a promiscuous lot of tents such as lunch. lemonade and peanut, also a barber shop.


1908 Appears to be empty lot. Vandalia Park

1922 - Lakeshore Garage - Note the building runs North & South; later years it ran east & west on the back portions of Los 1 & 2

1924 - "s" - Hayes Restaurant, a part of the Hayes Block

This building burnt in 1931.

1931 Dec 23 - Plan to Erect Filling Station Near Depot
    William Baldwin announces that he has leased the site of the former Hayes building which was burned a few weeks ago, and will erect a filling station.

    He plans to start work soon after January, when he retires from the state conservaion department.

    His son, Kenneth will assist him in operating the station.

    The land, which is opposite the depot, is owned by T. E. Slattery

    Note Remember when columns over years inserted "Lakeview Restruarant" into some of the quips

1932 - January 27 - To Open Service Station
    William Baldwin and son Kenneth will open the new service station near the depot on Saturday, January 30.

    The new enterprise is located on the site of the former Lake View restaurant which was destroyed by fire recently

    The station will be known as the B & B Service station

1933 - Jan 14 The K & K Oil Company has purchased the B & B Service Station on Lake Shore Drive of William Baldwin. The Station will be operated by J. A. Smith, who comes from Plymouth. He plans to remodel the station, putting in a concrete drive, new pumps, and other improvements that will enable him to render better service to his customers

000 Lakeshore Dr. - One source says this building was built in 1920 - by the quips above and the Sanborn fire maps of 1924 & 1937 we know this is a falsifed statement - the building on the 1937 map is no where near this size and sits further back.

Note there is a small building on the Lot were the Hayes building once stood. It is marked "vac" and tile.

In 1924 no street/postal numbers were assigned on the Sanborn Map but on the 1937 map the street/postal numbers appeared. Many still did not use the street/postal numbers in their advertising etc. untill the late 1950's they hung on to the reference in relation of location from the depot.

1937 - Vacant lot

Marshall/Seese Building

Built in after June 1946 by the following article. 1946 - Jun 12 - Marshall Buys Former Slattery Property
    James Marshall has purchased the property owned by the Slattery estate oppostie the town park on Lake Shore Drive.

    The lots extend from the Coffee Shop to the Shively Apartments and from Lake Shore Drive to Pearl Street.

    No Change in present tenants is contemplated.

    As soon as possible a building is to be erected next to the Shively Shop to house the General Sheet Metal Works operated by "Red" Seese.

    A Parking lot will be built in the vacant area which once housed a restaurant and dance hall. They were destroyed by fire several years ago.

1946 - 1947 - c. 1958 - General Sheet Metal Works operated by "Red" Seese.
    ??1946, Jun -?? - As soon as possible a building is to be erected next to the Shively Shop to house the General Sheet Metal Works operated by "Red" Seese.
      1948 - Aug 4 In New location - The General Sheet Metal Works has moved into the building back of the Culver Tailors and Cleaning Shop...

Whether this occured or not is not know n his ads of 1946 & 1947 carries no location only a Phone# one can not tell by the 1938 news item where he was previously located. Also I did a check check up into Aug. of 1946 and the building promised to be "built soon" had not been started.

1947 - Nov. 26 - Sports Store Opens Opposite Town Park
    Arnold R Miller and Pete Doll of near Plymouth have purshased the building formerly owned by Raymond Sees on Lake Shore Drive and have opened a sporting goods store.

    The place of business will be known as the Culver Sports center and will carry a complete line of sporting goods and also live bait of all kinds.

    They are now open for buisness and plans are being made of a grand opening in the neear future.

1947 Dec 3 - Ad

1952 - Jun 25 - Arnold R and Marcile Miller WD to Ermon and Gladys Allen h&w Tract i nOL 6 Toners add. Culver - Citizen.

c.1950-1954 - Sep 1- Culver Sports Center Ermon Allen.
    The Culver Sports Centre on Lake Shore Drive changed hands Saturday when Ermon Allen sold out to Charles McCafferty of Winamac.

    The new owner is married and has three sons, Dave 14 years, Jim 11 years, and Mike 7 months.

    Mr. McCafferty, who is sales manager of Reliance Mfg. Co., clothing manufacturers, plans to continure his position temporarily and is not moving his family to Culver at the present time

    Extensive plans for remodeling and enlarging the store are being carried out this week. - 1 Sep 1954

1954, Sep - 1957 - The Outdoorsman - Charles (C Michael) and Jane McCaffey

1957 - AUGUST 14, - The Outdoorsman - Syracuse Couple Purchases - Mr. and Mrs. Tim Motts

19__ - 19__ - Mrs. McCafferty's Art shop.

1960 Nov -1986 - Poppe's Appliance Store - - Al & Ellen Poppe

?-1968, Jun 31 - The DLP Gas Business - A N Poppe - see Poppe's Appliance Store

It was annouced in the Jan 4th Culver CItizen that Poppe's was in the process of getting a new store front look
1986-1989/90 - Shively's Appliance Store - Dan Shively
    In the 1986 Marshall county history Genevieve wrote: We sold the business to Al Poppe in 1957, and he has just retired and sold it to Dan Shively of Plymouth.
      Ellen Poppe wrote in Recollections in Writing "After 30 years in business, we sold our store to the Culver Insurance Agency, still in business, and our appliance business to Benntets, who still runs it - this was c. 2004-6

    Bennett's Plumbing & Heating bought out the Whirpool dealership

1988 - empty
    The Sage's purchased the building and began renovating the building so they could move their office from S. Main St. to here.

198_-198_ - Max Surf Shop - Mark & Marge Hunter

1990-13 May 2002 - Sages Insurance - John & June Sage

    Sages Insurance was founded in 1984 at 114 S. Main aka 110 S. Main St. Listed as being at 439 Lakeview Street on one web page - which is the residence location. They started out there and .moved to 114 S. Main St. and then moved to this location before selling the building. He also in the 1970's and before .was an agent for Prudential Life Insurance company 2005, Apr 11 - Sanim Properties LLC / Culver Coffee Company Inc./Culver Coffee House Dawn Minas

    This became a part of 634 Lakeshore Dr. building; It was sold to Minas c 2006.


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