Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana


670 W. Shore Dr.

In the lower right you can barely see the train tracks, the Arlington depot is the small building on the right - the Arlington hotel partially hidden by the shade trees around it - and the S.S. McSheehy docked at the hotel pier. Long Point in the back ground - and the road in front looks no more than just a pathway. across from the Arlington depot is athe approxmate location of where the West Shore Marina was located.

1909 - Aug 5 - Arlington Boat House - Capt Knapp expects to have a boat house built this fall for the new launch Mildred. It will be 40x20 feet in size, with four or five sleeping rooms in the second story and will cost about $800.

1920 - Jul 28 - S. E. Allen has bought the lot on which the Arlington hotel formerly stood. The Allen boys have been removing the dead trees and cleaning up the lot, to the improvment of the neighborhood.

1953-79 - James B. and Mary (Church) Allen
    This was the old boathouse, once a part of the Arlington Hotel complex on Long Point. It was the former boat storage and servants quarters for the Arlington Hotel . The cottage now has a large glass window overlooking the lake on the lower level. Originally there were two large doors to allow a boat to be pulled in on the sand floor and moored to a piece of railroad track. This part of the house is now the kitchen.

    1958 Lake Directory - James B. Allen - 670 West Shore Drive. Culver.

1981-1989 - Mrs. James B. (Mary Church) Allen

1991-Jun 1993 - J. B. Allen Estate/Mary Allen

Jun 1993 - Apr. 2007 - Emily A. King & Cynthia D. Allen

Apr. 2007 - 2012,,Dec - Elizabeth L Cappas Trust

2012,Dec-2015 - Willow Tree Trust

    BEG 365' SOUTH ALG MEANDER LN LAKE FROM LOT 1 GREENS PLAT TH S69-24-37E 5.78' TO W LN SHORE TH S6-46-24W 46.71' TH S48-50-05W 9.07' ETC

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