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LakeShore Garage - Schweidler  

1918 - November 27 - Fritz Schweidler of Chicago buys Lakeside Garage from Lawrence Brothers.

    Sale of Lakeside Garage

    The Lakeside Garage has been bought by Maurtiz Scheilder of Chicago who will take possession Dec. 1. Lawrence Bros., sell the equipment and White Bros. & Co. of Laporte the building. The amount invovled in the deal is $5,000.

19__ - 1922 LakeShore Garage - M. F. "Fritz " Schwidler & Joseph "Joe" Schweidler, Prop.

1920 - Jan 7 - M. F. Scheidler of the Lake Shore garage has fitted up his office with counter and partition in and attractive and convinet fashion.

1921 - Apr. 27 - The Schweidler Brothers have rearranged their office in the Lakeside Garage, giving them roomier and more convenient quarters.

1922 - Notice
    The Lake Shore Garage wishes to notify its customers that begining Jan. 1, 1923, business will be conducted on s Strictkly Cash Basis only.

    Out present accounts will be accommodated until the last day of December

    Our customerys will be rewarded by the change, since we intend to give them the benefit of the amount of the overhead expense necessary to conduct a ccredit business.

    We Will serve our cutomers to the best of our ability at a reasonable cost of Cash Only

    The Lake Shore Garage, opposite R. R. Station, Phone 251, M. F. and Joseph Schweidler, Proprietors.

1924 - Mar 7 Installing Big Tank
    IYhe Lake SHore Garage is planting a 1000-gallon gasoline tank on the rear of its lot and will have a service station on the cud. The Schweidlerys have contracted for 100,000 gallons of gasoline.

1924 - Aug 13 - Lake Shore Garage Installs New Time Clock
    On the inside of the shop where each patron can see it., a time clock has been installed in the Lake Shore Garage

    When a customer comes in to have work done, the repair card is places in a slot under the clock, a lever pulled and on the card is the time that the repair work was brought to the shop. Whe the mechanic has finsihed the work, he again stamps the card.

    In this mamer, there can be no argument as to the amout of time spent on eash car

    The workmen will also re required to keep account of the time they are actually on duty in the shop with the new device.

1928 - Mary 9 New Air Pressure Devise At Lake Shore Garage
    Have you tried the new air pressure gause for automobile tires at the Lake Shore Garage?

    We did, and had a lot of fun hearing the bell ring to tel us that we were getting air, and then shut off then the proper pressure was reache.

    Ir is quite interesting, so stop and try it. And it doesn't cost anything either.

1929 - Aug 21 - Lake SHore Garage Starts Extensive Remodeling Plan
    Work has started in remodeling the Lake Shore garage into one of the most modern buildings in any town this size in the state.

    The building is o be extedned to a 100-foot fromth with a fine filling station at the corner of Loberty and Lake Shore Drive.

    On the north side of the building will be a supre-service stattion with the latext type of equipment..

    An entirely new front will be built.

1925 - 1960 - Joe Schweidler, Prop.

They also built the house on Liberty Street directly behind the garage - 418 & ??? Liberty St. They shared an mutual drive way between the to properties and a mutual garage the spanned the length of both properties. The drive way and a wrought Iron trellis that was a grape arbor i n the early 1960's.

1925 - Feb 18 - Joe Schweidler Sell Half Interest In Garage
    Joe Schweidler has sold his half interest in the Lake Shore Garage to his brother and partner. M. F. Schweidler.

    The deal was closed last week, and now Fritz Schweidler is the proprietor of the business

    Joe has been having some trouble with his eyes and decided that he would like to get out of the business on that account

    Just what he will do in the future has not been decided.. He many friends will wish him success in what ever he may undertake.

    Fritz announces that the business will continue fimctioning under the same busness principles as it has in the past.

1925 May 6 - Lake Shore Garage Puts Light On BUilding Front
    To make an attractive business front, M. F. Schweidler, proprietor of the Lake Shore Garage, has redecorated the front of his place and placed on the top a string of electric lights.

    This will materially add to the appearance of that particular corner and Mr. Schweidler is to be complimented on his move.

1925 - Jul 1 - Lake Shore Garage Fire Saturday Did Little Harm
    A hand chemical fire esctinguisher put out a fire at the Lake Shore Garage Saturday evening about six-thirty o'clock before much damage was done

    A tire vulcanizer was burning next to a self of vulcanizing material when a gust of wind whipped the afainst the highly inflammable material

    A call of the department was made, but before the truck arrived Fritz Schweidler had put iout the blaze with a hand chemica.

    Mr. Scheidler estimated the damage at about $50.

1926 - Feb. 3 - Bright and Attractive - The office of the Lake Shore Garage had been made bright and attractive by its rearrangement and redecoration.

1926 - June 23 - We note the installation of public drinking fountain in fron the the Lake SHore Garahe, which is, indeed, a mark of up-to-date enterprice on the part of the proprietor.

1927 - March 30 JOe Schweidler Buyss The Lake Shore Garage
    POssession April 1

    M. F. Schweidler Sells Interest In Both Business and Residence to Brother

    Last Monday, March 28th, a business transaction was completed where by Joe Schweidler purchased the Lakeshore garage from his brother M. F. Schweidler.

    The new owenr is to take possession on the first of the month. The deal also included the sale of the M. F. Schweidler residence.

    M. F. Schweidler is to remain with his borther for thrity days to acquaint him with the business of the place, and beyond that has no definite announcemt as to his future plans

    Joe Scweidler was formeryl connected with the Lakeshore Garage but sold his intersest to his brother and established the Culver Garage. For the time being he weill continue to operte this garage with Billy Overmyer in charge.

    NOTE the Remember when of 1960 states "Joe" Joseph Schweidler; he had enlisted the help of W. O. Osborn and bought his brother Fritz out and ra n it for the next 33 years.

1927 - Aug. 10 Lake Shore Garage Broken into Monday
    For the second time this year, age Monday night, but this time theives entered the Lake SHore Garage left without taking any of the merchandise or money.

    Entrance was gained by prying open the front door and breaking the night lock.

    An effort was made to ope the safe, but without success. The work indicated amateurs made this attempt

    The garage was broken into this spring and at the time some merchandise was take, but evidently the thieves Monday night were interested only in securing money NOTE if this is the same safe that was in the building in th 1960's it stood close to 8 feet tall and had double doors of at least 2 feet wide. It burnt with the garage in Jan 1972.

1927, Nov. 30 - Auto Bandits Break Into Lake Shore Garage Again
    For the third time, the Lake Shore garage, Joe Schweidler, proprietor, had been entered by thieves, and this time a Stuz roadster, owened by Mrs. J. W. Walter, Monroe, Mich. was take.

    No Trace of the thieves has been obtained except that the came in a Ford sedan from Rebssealaer.

    Entrance was made by prying a window on the east side of the garage.

1927 - Dec. 7 - Stolen Car found - The stutz car which was stolen recently from the Lake SHore garage has been found in Detroit, it is said, and the driver has been placed uner arrest and will face the charge of inter-state transportation of stolen goods

1927 - Dec 28 - Joe Schweidler Better - A letter from Joes Schweidler of the Lake Shore garage brings the encouraging news that the treatment he has received in Germany from a specialist has reulted in a marked improvement in his eyesight, and that after a trip into Hungary and one more visit tot he specialist he will sail for home.

1929 - Jul 24 - The Lake Shore Garage has installed an electric lawnmower sharpener, the lastest machine of its kind.

1929 - Aug 21 - Lake Shore Garage Starts Extensive Remodeling Plan
    Work has started in remodeling the Lake Shore garage into one of the most modern buildings in any town this size in the state.

    The building is o be extedned to a 100-foot front with a fine filling station at the corner of Liberty and Lake Shore Drive.

    On the north side of the building will be a super-service stattion with the latest type of equipment.

    An entirely new front will be built.

1929 - Dec 14 - Remodeling of Lake Shore Garage Completed
    After several week's work on on the minor details the remodeling, the Lake Shore Garage has been changed into an up to-date garage that is a credit to the town and a reflection of the business ability of Joe Schweidler, the proprietor

    The old wooden fron hasn been reokaced by a beautiful light colored glazed brick, which is made nore attractive at night by the two flood lights

    The entire structire was moved back allowing for a for a drive-in filling station.

    The building was also widened to give more room for the repair shop as well as additional storage space.

    The front of the building is taken up with the office, a rts room and convenient restrooms.

    The doors to the repair shop are electrically operated and is in keeping with the improvements made by Mrs. Schweidler through out the garage.

    Two hydraulic lifts are also a part of the new modern equipment.

    1930 - Sept 10
      One of the men who has kept pace with the ever changing times and condition is Mr. Joe. Schweidler, owner of the Lake Shore Garage, on Lake Shore Drive.

      We are presenting the garage in photograph this week and if you go to Chicago or New York you won't find a more modern nor more compete service garage. You will find larger ones of course but you won't find one that can serve you any better than this one.

      Joe was born and raised in the old country, coming to American shores in 1905. He first went to Chicago, where he spent ten years prior to comoing to our city.

      Twelve years ago ohe opened his first garage here. It was located where his present business is, the new building being built last fall.It is a credit to Culver and the community.

      We won't argue with him a minute when he claims hard work as his hobby because his achievements show it. He enjoyal all sports though and basketball in particular.

      Joe is a married man and has four kiddies, all of school ahe who are attending our local schools. He is a Mason and a big booster for our community.

      At this up-to-date garage you can get any kind of general repair work and you also get any Standard Oil porducts which you might want.

      He carries the well known Goodyear tires and tubes and all kinds of accessories. Battery recharging, washing and greasing are only a port of this complete serice station too. Wrecker service? Why of course!

      Drive down and get a look at the new electric sigh on the fron of this building. It can be seen for miles around, but it does not stand out any more than the expert service rendered by this garage and its owner, Joe Schweidler.

    1935 - Dec 4 - Schweidler Becomes Agent for Chevrolet - Joe Schweidler, proprietor of the Lake Shore Garge, has taken over the local agency for the Chevrolet Motor Company. He expects to receive a full line of cars this week and will stock a complete line of parts so as to render efficient servce and repair work.

    1938 - Apr. 13 - New Auto Salesmen - -Charles Gardner and Roy Johnson are now connected with the Lake Shore Garage as automobile salesmen. Lloyd Beatty, former salesman for Lake Shore Garage is associated with the Gates Chevrolet company in Plymouth

    1939 - Jan 11 - Joe Schweidler Jr. Becomes Garage Manager
      Joe Schweidler Jr., is now the manager of the Lake Shore Garage, succeeding his father, who moved Monday to Lafayette, Indiana., to manafe a bowling allery.

      Joe Jr. had been operating a Standard Oil truck route at WInamac for several months

      Miss Helen Jean Schweidler will transfer from Indiana univesity to Purdue at the end of the semester and make her home with her parents, while RObert will remain here with his brother until the end of the hiiiigh school term.

      Mr. Schweidler came to Culver in 1918 and became associated with his brother, Fritz in the operation of the Lake Shore Garage, and became sole owner in 1925. 1938 - Jan 12 - Impoving Garage - The Lake Shore Garage is being remodeled on the interior when finshed ther will be a private office for Joe Schweidler the proprietor, a show room, a se[rate stock room and a general business office. Ther improvement will add much to the attractiveness and convenience of the garage.

      1940, Aug 14 - Ray Bickel Leases Lake Shore Garage
        Ray Bickel announces that he has leased the Lake Shore Garage of Joe Schweidler, effective Aug. 7

        Bickel has bee in the mechaical department of the garage for 12 years so is well qcquainted with the business

        He also states that he has been assigned the local associate dealership for Gates Chevorlet of Plymout

        Joe Schweidler will devote all his time to his bowling alley in Lafayette.

      1942 - December 30 Closes Garage - Joe Schweidler closed the Lake Shore Garage due to war conditions and is now workng in Plymouth on war production as a skilled mechanic.

      1944 - Jun 7 - Garage Reopens - Joe Schweidler announces the Lake Shore Garage opened for Business

      1945 - May 5 - Lake Shore Garage Opens Under New Management
        The Lake Shore Garage has been leased by Joseph Schweidler to the Socony-Vacuum Oil Co., which has issued a sub-lease to George Mayes of Mishawaka and R. J. Smith of South Bend.

        Today is