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Mr. T - Ronold E "Ron" Tusing

In Passing...

Culver's "Mr T" epitomized the best merchant breed

Culver - Statistics.

Statistics well you where and when pharmacist Ron Tusing was boron, the name of his family, the chrch, trade associations and organiszations to which he belonged.

Statistics do not tell you about the man the small town of Culver has lost

Statistics do not convey the essence of the man.

Devoted to his family and friends, Tusing, 59, who died Tuesday, was an energetic, community leader.

Affectionately known as Mr. T, epitomized the best of a nearly extinct breed, the owner of a small town, locally-owned and operated business.

He chose to be a simple shopkeeper, continuing to own and operate Mr. T's Family Pharmacy, here, in a time when most are eager to sell out to a large chain.

Mr. T and his employees greeted customers by name. If a visitor or newcomer walked through the doors of his pharmacy, he knew theri name before they left. He cared about his family and friends, his customers and his community.

But Mr. T wasn't always known as Mr. T. In 1963, he moved his family from Elkhart to Culver to serve at the pharmacist at the local Rexall drugstore owned by Irvine and Lucille Barnett.

Currently home to the offive of the CUlver Citizen, Tusing purchased the business in 1967.

By the mid-seventies, Tusing had the foresight to see that in order to survive and compete with the growing influence of large chain drugstore, the role of the independent pharmacy had to change. Friedly cometitors, Culver's two local pharmacisted determined a plan of action. Tusing and Rob McKinnis formed an alliance mergign their drugstores into one in 1977.

Despite offers and pportunites, Tusing continued to operate and manage Tr.T's as an independet local pharmacy after the death of McKinnis. Mr. T was making plans to celebrate his 35 years of being in business this year.

From the time he moved to Culver, Tusing took his responsibilities as a merchant quite seriously. He was soon known for his community spirit and respected for the leadership skills he displayed through his actinve membership in numerous organizations.

On the local level, Tusing did not join an organization or club unless he planned to be active and contributign member

A former president, this is the first year Tusing was not serving th Culver CHamber of Commerce as an officer or director. As the 1997 membership char, Tusing's committee was responsible for achieving the highest level of membership in the history of chamber

An avid sport fan, Tusing remained loyal to Purdue University. He cheered for th black and gold in good seasons and in bad.

It will take time for the little town of Culver to recover from the loss of one of it's most devoted residents, Ronold E. Tusing. - Plymouth Pilot Jan 15 1998

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