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Edwin J. Bradley  

They Are Married

For a long time, Edwin J. Bradley, has acted mysteriously - and had a far away look upon his face which denoted that something unsual was agitating his mind. some attributed it to the fact that Edward contemplated taking a leave of absence, while others said he was in love, and that the little cupid dart had pierced his heart, and that nothing but matrimony wo uld ease his mind, and relieve hie friends of their terrible anxiety.

je had been making South bend vists of late, and last Saturday he came from South bend to plymouth, accompanied by Mrs. Ida clark, and a charming girl by the name of L ula Baker. They were met at the train in Plymouth by D. A. Bradley and wife, and all proceeded to the Reformed Parsonage, where Edwin J. and L ulu M. Baker were made man and wife by the pastor of said church.

The newly wedded couple will reside in SOuth Bend, Edwin having rented a flat containing 25 rooms, and will keep lodgers. The groom has lived in Culver for many years, and is a young business mane of intergirty, and no doubt will meet with success, as he has had a large expereince in hotel business.

The bride is well know as a young lady of the exxceptionally bright and sunny disposition, and will make Edwin a worthy helpmeet. the herald hopes that Ed has lost that far away look.

Culver Herald - Oct 4 1901

EDWIN J. BRADLEY, proprietor of the Bradley Hotel, Culver , Marshall county, is a native of Woodstock, Canada, born on the 8th of February, 1878, son of Daniel A. and Margaret J. (McNutt) Bradley, both of whom were born and reared in the Dominion, and are at present residents of Culver .

In 1889, when eleven years of age, Edwin I. came with his parents to the town named, receiving his education in its public schools and at the Culver Military Academy. Thereafter he spent a year in railroad work, and passed some time in the west.

His marriage occurred September 28, 1901, to Lucinda M. Baker, a daughter of J. J. S. and Almina (Taylor) Baker, and their child, Milford D., is now four years of age.

Mr. Bradley was in business with his father for two and a half years, after which he assumed the independent hotel venture, in which he has been so successful. His house contains thirteen rooms, is well-arranged, modern in equipment, and an institution of which the town is proud.

Mr. Bradley and son are erecting an annex to their hotel, dimensions being twenty-eight by one hundred feet, for the purpose of placing therein one of the most approved bowling alleys found in the state, at a cost of $3,000. They are gentlemen of much business ability, and the excellent location of their property, within a short distance from the Pennsylvania depot and the banks of the beautiful Maxinkuckee lake, will make their resort one of the most pop ular in the vicinity of the lake.

Their guests will find these gentlemen and the attaches of the hotel most courteous at all times. Besides the hotel, they keep in stock the best brands of cigars, tobaccos, candies, fruits, ice cream and all soft drinks. We bespeak for them signal success in their business.

He is a member of the Masonic order, in good standing, being identified with the blue lodge, and is an earnest Republican who votes according to the personal fitness of the candidate, but has never aspired to office himself.

Whether as a businessman or a citizen, in his civic relations to the community, he enjoys the highest reputation for integrity, reliability and broad intelligence. - History of Marshall County Indiana (1908) Daniel Mc Donald pg. 492-3

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