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Culver , Marshall, Indiana

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894 East Shore Dr

Peru Club - Peeples Point

The Peru Club was organized in 1878-9. The organizing members is said to have been Louis B. F ulwiler [Louis V. F ulwiler], Moses Muhlfield, Milton Shirk, John Muhlfield, John S. Hale, and Mrs. Lizzie Wiggins,and others of Peru. They purchased on the northeast bank of the lake on Peeples Point and erected a two story club house. It disbanded several years before 1908; or around 1905 it is said. This account comes from Mc Donald's "An Early History of Lake Maxinkuckee".

In 1878-9 Louis B. F ulwiler, Moses Muhlfield, and others of Peru, purchased ground and erected a two-story clubhouse on the northeast bank of the lake. The club in its earlier days was one of the most noted organizations on the lake, and its disbandment a number of years ago was a distinct loss to the cottagers who made their homes around the lake during the summers - History of Marshall County Indiana (1908) Daniel Mc Donald pg. 100
At one time I think the cottage 874 East Shore was a part of the Peru Club but not totaly sure of it - the grounds was subdivided; as I think on some of the earlier plat maps these cottages was shown as one big lot.

Which is proven by the 1908 plat map:

which shows it as one big lot being owned by Chas. Brawnell/Brownell and by 1922 it hade been split into 3 lots belonging to Alma Kittle, Lilla D. Ketcham and Lillie Deming; and the Peru Club being located approximately in the middle of the once large lot.

And as one sees in the picture below the club did not sit on the point but back from it, tho pictures are decpetive in distance.

And below is the plated area of the Peru club of today; the top portion highlighted it light blue and yellow being 894 East Shore dr.:

Twentieth century Peru (1905)
Hale, John S. & Co., The Great Bargain Store (pencil sketch)...102, 103-108

Peru Mount Hope 411 North Grant Street Peru Twp., Miami Co., Peru, Indiana
HALE John S. 18 Nov 1843 20 Apr 1882
HALE Harriet S. 23 Dec 1848 7 Mar 1897

1898     Peru Club
1908     Chas. Brawnell [Charles H. Brownell] by 1908 this large lot was slit down to:
    Lot 8 - 1922 - J. S. & Alma Kittle
    Lot 8 - 1927 - John S. and Alma J. Kittle [John Sloane Kittle]
    Lot 9 - 1922 - Lilla E. Ketchum - Peru Club
    Lot 10 - 1922 - Lillie Demming
    Lot _ - 1927 - L. & C. Waterman

1922 - Lillia E. Ketcum Demming
1922 - Lille Demming
and also known as Peoples Point - listed on the current fishing maps as Perry's Point.
1927, J ul 27 - Norman Perry of Indianapolis has purchased the Miss Betty Ketcham property on the East Side of the Lake

1927-61     Norman A. Perry
    This is an elaborate Spanish Colonial Revival style house built and completed in 1929 which occupies a large property in the north part of the historic district. The house is two-and-a-half stories high, has stucco walls, and a pantile roof. Arched window openings on the first floor suggest an arcade. Upper story windows are in tall, rectang ular openings. Windows themselves are wood casement. Other elements include iron balconets and tiled walkways.

    The Perry House occupies the property known as Peeples Point, which affords a sweeping view of the lake at one of the highest points of its shore.

    Although few survive today, landscape architect Jens Jensen designed numerous other private estates in Indiana including the estate of: Norman Perry {Culver }. Found on the Riverdale Project
1979     Mrs. Norman Perry
1981-2006     Mrs. C. Perry (Gerd J.) Griffith
? - May 1988 - C. Charles Perry Jr. Etal,
    One of the 1971 Indianapolis 500 1971 Challenger pace cars:
      VIN: JH27 G1B 329633
      Use / driver: C. Perry Griffith, Board of Directors
      Current owner: Mark Winzenread, Indianapolis, IN. Purchased June 7, 1971 from McGinty Dodge

    C. Perry Griffith, was the president of the Maryland Street Garage Corporation late 1980's

    Mr. C. Perry Griffith, a director of Denison Parking, Inc. since 1981, is a member of the National Parking Association Board of Directors and a past Executive Committee member. Before turning his f ull attention to the growth of Denison Parking, Mr. Griffith specialized in commercial lending at Merchants Bank of Indianapolis for ten years, last serving as Vice President of the National Division at Merchants.
      Denison Parking, Inc. develops and operates parking facilities for retail and entertainment centers, office buildings, hospitals, airports, convention centers, and professional sporting venues. The company also provides parking management services which include ADA cons ulting, asset management, event parking, facility maintenance programs, financial audits, financial feasibility studies, operational audits, operational management programs, revenue and audit control systems, parking equipment selection, personnel management, parking layout and functional design, shuttle services, and valet parking. Denison parking was founded in 1934 and is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

      Key developments for Denison Parking Inc. Denison Parking Wins $382,372 Federal Contract from the U.S. Department of the Interior 02/14/2009

    WXXP Radio Station - WXXP - Sold in 1991 to C. Perry Griffith - Signed on September 11, 1973. Purchased by Moody Broadcasting in November, 1997. Calls changed to WGNR-FM Previous owners include C. Perry Griffith and Mark Lamey.

    Indianapolis Metropolitan Career Academy #1 and Indianapolis Metropolitan Career Academy #2 - 2004 C. Perry Griffith—Board Member
      C. Perry Griffith has served on the boards of the Boys Club, Brebeuf Jesuit School, Butler University Business School, Corporate Community Council, and Goodwill Industries. C. Perry Griffith has an MBA. C. Perry Griffith chaired a $3,000,000 capital campaign for Brebeuf Jesuit School.

    Indianapolis Downtown Inc. - Vice Chairman, 2006 C. Perry Griffith, Jr., Denison, Inc.; As part of our efforts to develop, manage and market Downtown, Indianapolis Downtown, Inc. (IDI) facilitates more than 25 partnerships and task force groups: IDI Board – 37 stakeholders providing strategic direction for and governance of IDI. C. Perry Griffith, Chair; 2010.

    Tower Bank of Central Indiana to be Headquartered in Carmel - Tower Financial Announces Formation of Tower Bank of Central Indiana - Wednesday October 11, 8:19 am ET - FORT WAYNE, Ind., Oct. 11, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) - ...The board of directors for Tower Bank/Central Indiana is one of the strengths of the new organization, initially consisting of seven local directors -- all of them prominent in the Central Indiana business community .... C. Perry Griffith, chairman, president & principal shareholder of Denison, Inc., a real estate management development company....

    C. Perry Griffith, Jr. Denison, Inc . on Board of Directors for Economic Club of Indianapolis 2006-7
May 1988 - Dec 2003 -    C. Perry Griffith, Jr Etal in Cap. Management
Dec 2003 - 2012, Oct. -    Charles Perry Griffith, Jr & Kortepeter Investors Lp
    Burns/Griffith Cottage
2012, oct. Charles Perry Griffith, Jr 1/2 & KRP HOLDINGS LLC 1/2 2012, Oct. - Gre Investors LLC 1/2 & Krp Holdings LLC 1/2
    7.745CH E & 12CH S NW COR L1 W103'