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921 N Lake Shore Dr Lakeshore Clinic  

1959 - abt Nov 22 - Dr. Frank A Ikrert purchases lot. JACK KOWATCH BUILDS NEW IKIRT CLINIC IN RECORD TIME

Jack Kowatch, local build contractor, built the Dr. Frank Ikirt osteopathic clinic at Lake Shore Drive in record time at Lake Shore Drive. The handsome office building ready for occupancy just 46 days after Dr. Ikirt acquired the lot that location near Academy Rd. 6 Jan 1960 Culver Citizen

In an interview that Jeff Kenney and I was on with George Franz on 9 June 2007 he related that this property was a dump - and was built in 1955 {sic} it was said by Jack Kowatch and his crew. Which I remember hearing else where and he also reminded us that this was Dillon property also - as well as the opposite side of the street is where the substation sits and the housing development - and how the academy purchased out the acreage on the north of St. Rd. 10 where the Black Horse troop pasture is today - because of the "smell" of the hog farm - there was two barns and a windmill that stood on that corner in Nov. 1960.

1960 - sept. 7 - Ikirt clinic - Frank A. Ikirt, D.O. Physician & Surgeon

Dr. Joseph D. Howard has moved his doctor's office from the second floor above the Culver A&P Store to the Ikirt Clinic Building at 915 Lake Shore Dr.

    Dr. Howard Moves Offices To The Ikirt Clinic

    Dr. Joseph D. Howard has moved his doctor's offices from the second floor of the Lions Den building to the building formerly occupied by the Ikirt Clinic at 917 Lake Shore Drive. The move was completed over the weekend.

    The move will be a convenience to both Dr. Howard and his patients because there will be no stairs to climb for the patients and the clinic affords additional room for the Doctor's services. The arrangement of the rooms at Dr. Howard's new location will afford a reception room, laboratory, three examination rooms, treatment room, private office for Dr. Howard and a storage room. Dr. Howard's telephone number will remain the same and at the present the name of the building will be changed to "Offices of Dr. Joseph D. Howard, M . D .

    Shelly Drang was to have joined the staff on Feb 13, 1963 and remained a part of the staff until her retirement in 2011.

May 1963 - Offices of Dr. Joseph D. Howard, M . D .

Dec.1964 - 1967, Nov - Dr. Marciano George Rosero, Jr.

1967 - Nov 30 - an ad announcing the leaving of Dr. Marciano George Rosero, Jr. Culver to go to Kewanna, Indiana

Expanded to across the street -
    LEGAL NOTICE Notice is hereby given that Dr. Joseph D. Howard has filed an appeal with the Culver Board of Zoning Apeals for a hearing on a variance establishing a professional office 1003 Lake Shore Drive, Culver, Ind

    A public hearing will be held by said Board of Zoning Appeals on said appeal in the Town Hall of Culver Indiana, on September 21, 1967, at 7:00 p.m. at which time all interested parties will be heard. - VIRGINIA BAIR, Secretary Culver Board of Zoning Appeals

1968 - Feb 15 - In the professional directory is found:
Lake Shore Clinic
General Medicine & Obstetrics
Office: 921-1003 Lake Shore Dr.
Office Hours by Appointment Office & Residence Phone

1968 - April 11 – The Lake Shore Clinic announces that Dr. Michael F. Deery will join the staff April 7th

1968 - Aug - Dr. Joseph Howard leaves Culver .

1968 Aug - Dr. Micheal F. Deery
    There was also another Dr. a female (spanish/mexican) during late 1968 that was there maybe into 1969, but not sure under what capacity.

    During the 1970's into the 1980's there was a Physician Assistant John Ely.

1977 - c. Dr. Warren K. Reiss joins the Lakeshore Clinic
    Reiss came to Culver in 1977, to serve both Culver Academies and Lake Shore Clinic

    Dr. Micahel F. joined Reiss at Culver Academies, where the two have continued to share duties up to 31 May 2015

2011 - July - Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center Inc. purcahase building

2011 - 1 Oct - Lakeshore Clinic becomes affiliated with Saint Joseph Physician Network.
    Physicians Warren Reiss, MD, and Michael Deery, MD, have practiced together for more than 35 years at Lake Shore Clinic in Culver .On October 27th 2011 the announcement was made by the Saint Joseph Physician Network that the Lakeshore clinic become part of the Saint Joseph Physician Network.

    Michael F. Deery, MD, Undergraduate: Marian College, Indianapolis, graduated from the Indiana University School of Medicine and completed his residency at Marion County General Hospital. He is board certified in family medicine and geriatrics and has 46 years of medical experience. Dr.

    Warren K. Reiss, MD, Undergraduate: The John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD; graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and completed his residency at Methodist Hospital- Clarion Health Partners, Indianapolis, IN in Indianapolis. He is board certified in family medicine and has more than 35 years experience providing patient-centered care

2015 - May 31 - - Culver physician for nearly four decades Warren K. Reiss to retire

2015 - Jun - Doctors Noemi Adame -- whose focus includes pediatrics -- and Rebecca Brice -- whose specialty includes obstetrics -- joined the staff of the clinic as well as assuming the mantles of Culver Academies physicians, a post Dr. Michael Deery departed (though he has remained on staff at Lake Shore Clinic

culver Citizen - Wed July 29, By: Jeff Kenney

The Culver community's sole medical site for more than five decades is planned to move locations this fall.

"To meet the needs of our community, we will be updating the Lake Shore Clinic’s facilities by relocating to 232 South Main Street this fall," affirms St. Joseph Health System public relations manager Robert Sisk. The site in question is better known locally as the Collins Building, whose layout should give the staff at the clinic a bit more elbow room than the longstanding Lake Shore Clinic at 921 North Lake Shore Drive.

The change was discussed in some depth at last week's meeting of the Culver plan commission, at which Construction Management & Design, Inc., the Collins contracting company planning renovations to the inside of the Main Street facility to facilitate the move. The company presented a site plan for the work, to take place on the ground floor of the Collins Building. That site has been empty for some months, following the departure of a beauty salon and fitness center there within the past year.

Plan commission president Barry McManaway told the Citizen his concern with the proposal pertained to the 12 parking spaces allotted for the medical clinic.

"We (the plan commission) approved that it could pass if there were only four employees (at the clinic)," said McManaway. "We said we would pass it providing the four employees (as described) was true."

McManaway noted building code for medical facilities calls for two parking spaces per examining room and one parking spot per employee. The facility is planned to include four examining rooms, he said.

With the plan commission's approval, a building permit for the work can be issued, it was noted. ...
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