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Donald Reed  

Donald Reed

Services Held Thursday For Dr. Donald Reed

Funeral services for Dr. Donald Reed, prominent and highly respected Culver physician for nearly 30 years, who died unexpectedly just before noon on Tuesday, July 18, at his home on the Lake front, were held last Thursday at the Culver Methodist Church with Rev. Kendall E. Sands, pastor of the church, officiating. Interment was made at the Culver Masonic Cemetery.

Although Dr. Reed had been ill for some time, his death was wholly unexpected and came as a shock to the entire community which he had served so faithfully and so long.

Pallbearers were Robert Rust, Carl Adams, Robert McKinnis, Don Trone, Col. Edward Stephenson, and Dr. Robert Reed.

The Easterday Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements Culver citizen WEDNESDAY, J uly 26, 1961

Donald Reed

Donald Reed came to Culver when 10 years old with his family from Banner-Elk, North Carolina. His father, Major C. E. Reed, had accepted the position as physician for the Culver Military Academy.

Donald Reed was born June 18, 1901 in Battle Creek, Michigan. He was the third child in a family of five. The other children were: Dorothy, Arthur, John and Emily

Donald's father, Charles Edgar Reed was born January 18, 1869 in Brewster, New York. He attended Olivet College where he met his future wife Edith Mae Robinson. After completing his medical training at the Jefferson Medical School in Philadelphia, the two were married. The became missionaries for the Presbyterian church and were sent to China.

Donald was graduated from the Academy and attended Wooster College and University of Chicago, and then went to North Carolina to teach. After teaching a few years he decided to be a physician and was graduated from Indiana University Medical School in 1931 as president of his class.

Opened his office on the second floor of the bank building in Culver .

Dr. Donald Reed called Edna Crump, Registered Nurse (see crump family history), to see if she wo uld care for his aunt who was terminally ill. She took care of the aunt and then started working in Dr. Reed's office.

Dr. Don was an excellent physician and had a very good practice. Three years later, he bought a house at 121 College Avenue and converted it into a clinical hospital.

After working together four years Dr. Reed and Edna decided to make a lifetime partnership and were married October 12, 1936.

They bought a large home, Cherry Villa, on the lake and rebuilt it for their permanent residence.

Dr. Don and Edna had four children: Linda Elizabeth, April 4, 1939; Virginia Leone, February 26, 1940; Donald Leigh, September 21, 1941 and Charles Leonard September 25, 1944;. Dr. Don idolized the children and was an excellent father.

Dr. Donald Reed enlisted in the Air Force and was sent to Topeka, Kansa August 14, 1942. Because of a cardiac condition he was given a medical discharge in December of 1944.

Upon returning home, his practice was very good but his health was poor and he spent considerable time in hospitals.

The four children were healthy and bright. They enjoyed lake activities, their school and they were all musically inclined.

When Dr. Reed returned from service, Edna was told that he would not live more than five years. She accepted a position with the Marshall County Health Department of Public Welfare in November 1947 and worked there as a child welfare caseworker until April of 1975.

In 1958 Dr. Reed started having difficulty walking and went to Mayo Clinic for help but they said they were unable to help him. The he saw Dr. Schumaker of Indianapolis who opened up the vessels from the heart to below the knees. He was able to walk well and his health was greatly improved for about three years. They tried surgery again but he had a stroke and died July 18, 1961.

Linda was an excellent student but had only a year of college before marrying John Winter. They had two children: Susie, November 21, 1958 and John November17, 1960. This marriage ended in divorce. Linda completed college in one year and started teaching

She married (second) Donald Abel and the have two children: Julia, October 1, 1966 and Michael, December 13, 1967. Linda also has gotten two Master's degrees and is continuing to teach

Virginia was graduated from Hanover and is married to Dr. Edward Erner of Findlay College. The have three daughters: Jana, September 30, 1965; Kristi, April 1, 1969 and Melanie, January 14, 1981. Virginia has a Master's degree from Ohio University and teaches music.

Donald Leigh was graduated from Culver Military Academy and attended Northwood College in California and Indiana University. He married Margo Overmyer and they have two sons, Donald Leigh, October 8, 1966 and Jeffery Allen, September 16, 1967. Donald is manager of the real estate division of Tri-State in Fort Wayne.

Charles was graduated from Hanover College and married Judy Kimmel. They have one daughter, Lisa Lynn, May 21, 1965. Charles has a Master's degree from Michigan University and works for the government in Washington D. C.

All the Reed family were members of the Methodist Church on Culver and we thank God for letting us be together. - Edna M. Reed.

History of Marshall County Indiana Sesquicentennial 1836 - 1986 -, Taylor Publishing Co., 1986, Publication # 357 of 1422, Marshall County Historical Society pg. 356

Robert Crump Family

The Crump Family - The Crump family moved to Hibbard on March I 1914. My father had bought the livery stable and house and about six acres of land.

My mother and five younger children came by train and stayed in the Clapp boarding house until the house was furnished. My eldest brother, Alvin age 10 led the cow from Beardstown to Hibbard. My father and grandfather moved the furniture by wagons.

We all loved the new home, horses, and the carriages that dad had bought to drive the cadets and their families from the Hibbard Depot to and from the Culver Academy.

At that time our family consisted of Robert Leonard Crump born December 4, 1878 his wife Rosa May Reinholt born October 12, 1883 and their children: Alvin Louis born February 17, 1904; Hilda Elizabeth born August 18, 1906; Viola Bernice born May 27, 1908; Edna Marie born January 14, 1914; Lyman Delbert born January 14, 1912 and Opal May born February 19, 1914. My grandfather moved into a house next to us

In less than two years the livery stable caught fire and burned to the ground. The men were fortunate to get the horses out as well as the carriages and buggies.

After the fire dad bought cars and stated the taxi business. Later a garage was built and e had the boys were in the garage business.

In 1920 the Hibbard school house burned and they needed a driver for the children to attend school at Burr Oak, so dad became a school bus driver for 26 years. - - As time went on four more children were added tot he family: Leonard Wilson born October 3, 1916; Chester Everett born April 19, 1919; Rosemary born May 29, 1923; and John Robert born November 22, 1925. This made a total of ten children, but we always had room for a teacher to stay with us or a station operator or any child in need of a home.

My grandfather Crump's family lived on a plantation close to Jamestown, Virginia in the 1600's and they had many slaves. Part of the family lived in Williamsburg, Virginia and there is still a Crump hose for the tourists to visit.

Toward the end of the Civil War, my grandfather married Mary Eliza Rhupe and they moved to Drake county, Ohio where my father and three older brothers were born there. When my father was six years of age the family moved to Logansport then on to the Winamac area. My grandfather was overseer of the county home and also the sheriff.

My mother's father, John Reinholt came from Austria when nine years of age with his family. Two brothers and a sister died of cholera during the voyage and had to be buried at sea.

John Reinholt married Mary Overmyer, who was the daughter of Isreal and Sarah Myers Overmyer. The Overmyer ancestors came to America in 1751, lived in Pennsylvania and fought in the Revolutionary War.

John and Mary Reinholt were blessed with 12 children; my mother Rosa May was the fifth child. John Reinholt and sons were successful farmers.

The Crump family were blessed with good health. Alvin of Evanston, Illinois was graduated from Heidleberg College and married Mildred Hielman of Tiffin, Ohio. They have two daughters, Connie and Carol. Alvin and Lyman started the A. L. Crump Company in Chicago, Illinois, a very successful business. Alvin enjoyed Masonic work and attained the highest degree in both the York and Scottish Rites.

- - Hilda deceased May 11, 1974 was graduated from Epworth School of Nursing. She married Joseph W. Fuzy and they had two sons. Joseph and Robert and James of Fort Wayne. - - Viola of Plymouth graduated from Epworth School of Nursing and married William Allock and they had three children: John, Sally and Howard. - - Edna of Culver is a registered nurse and registered social worker and married Dr. Donald Reed. They had four children: Linda, Virginia; Donald and Charles.
Lyman is retired in Seminole Florida. He attended college i n St. Louis, Missouri and then joined his brother Alvin in Chicago, Illinois. He married Elsie Walrath and they have two sons: Norman and Robert.

Opal May of Plymouth graduated from Epworth School of Nursing and married Hugh Grove. They have two children: Ramon and Sandra.

Leonard retired from General Electric Company and lives in Mission, Texas. He attended Purdue University and received a commission in the navy and served the duration of World War II. He married Jane Mishler and they have a daughter: Rosa Gaye.

Chester of Hibbard attended Purdue University and married Joan Flora. They had three sons: Rex, Jack and Steve.

Rosemary deceased March 22, 1982 married Cedric White and had four children: Robert, Patricia (deceased) Pamela, and Terry. The Whites ran the Lightning Dude Ranch and Horse Place at Bass Lake.

John now retired and residing in Niles Michigan went into the Navy from high school and served during World War II. Upon his return from the service he married Margene Shidler and the have two children: John Robert Jr. and Cathy Jo. John had and owned and supervised plastics companies.

The Crump family was always mindful of God's watchf l eye and as one door would be closed they knew another would be opened for them - Edna Reed."

Marshall County Historical Society, History of Marshall County Indiana - Sesquicentennial 1836-1986, The (1986 Taylor Publishing Co.), pg. 138.

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