Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Sara Sheerin Durborow Quiet Title

No. 16738

NOtice to Non-Resiident

STate of Indiana, Marshaal Coutny, SS: Int the Marshall Circuit COurt, September Term, 1926

Complaint To Quiet Title

Sara Sheerin Durborow vs Samuel Shirley, etal

The plaintiff in the above entitlte cause by W. O. Osborn and SMith N. Stevens her attorneys, has files in my office a complaint against the defendants to determine or quiet title to real estate situated in Marshall County, in the State of Indiana, and described as Floows, tow wit:

  • Lots Number twelve, thirteen, fourteen and fifteen of Morrs Lake Front as recorded upon the plat of sid "Morris Lake Front" in the plat book of Marshall County, Indiana, at page 210 in the Recorder's office of said Marshall COunty Indiana
  • ALso the vacated street north of said lots
  • ALso, all that part of the east half od fractional section number sixteen, townoship number thirty two north, range one east, and described as follows:
      Beginning at a point forty feet nothwardly from the northeast corner of lot number twelve in said plat; thence nothwardly parallel with and along the east line of the said lot number twelve extended to the county roard described in said palt of the Morris Lakr Front; thence westwardly along the south line of said roard to the point where the west line of lot fifteen in this deed above described, extended, would intersect said road; thence southwardly parallel with and along the west line of said lot number fifteen extended to the norht line of the forty foot street described on said plat, thence eastwardly along said north line of said street to the place beginning.
  • Also all that part of the fractional northeast quarter of the southeast quarter of section sixteen, township thirty two north, range one east, included within the following metes and bounds to wit:
      Commenecing on the meader line of Lake Maxinkuckee at the south west corner of lot fifteen of Morris Lake Front thence w estwardly alongt the meander line of Lake Maxinkuckee one hundred thirteen feet to a point; then in a northwestwardly direction parallet with the west line of said lot fifteen and the west line of the tract last above described, to the county roard, thence eastwardly along the county roard to the nrothwest corner of the tract last above described; thence in a southeastwardly direction along the west line of said tract to the place of beginning
and it appearing by the affidavit of a competent person that the defendants Viz;
  • the Samuel Shirley; the inknown heirs, devisees legatees of Samuel Shirley, deceased; - - Shirley wife or widow of Samuel Shirley, deceased, if she be dead or living;
  • the Michael Robinson; the inknown heirs, devisees legatees of Michael Robinson, deceased;
  • the Mary Robinson; the inknown heirs, devisees legatees of Mary Robinson, deceased;
  • Henry Eades, Trustee
  • Henry L Eades, Trustees
  • Isaac N. Morris;
  • Emily Morris, wife of Isaac N. Morris, deceased
  • the inknown heirs, devisees legatees of ISaac N Morris. deceased;
  • the inknown heirs, devisees legatees of Emily Morris. deceased;
are non residents of the STate of Indiana ; they are therefore hereby notified of of the filing and pendency of the complaint afainst them, to quiet the title to the lands above described, as against all demands, claims and claimnats whetsoever; and unless they appear and answer thereto on or before the calling of said cause on Monday, the 20th day of September, 1926, feing the first Judicial day of the September, 1926, term of said Court, to bequn and held at the Court HOuse, in Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana, on the third Monday of September, A.B. 1926, said complaint and matters and things therein alleged will be heard and determined in ther absence

Witness, the Clerk and Seal of Said Court, at Plymouth, Indiana, this 23rd day of July, 1926.

Glen L. Underwood, Clerk, Marshall Cicuit Court

W. O. and SMith N. Stevens, Paintiff's Attorneys.

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