Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Captain Oliver Crook  

Capt. Oliver Crook was formerly of Adams township, Cass county, Indiana and was a famous skipper who had sailed the waters of Lake Michigan as a commander and a son of Thomas Crook and Lousianna (Lucy Ann) Worst

    Birth Name: Thomas Crook
    Birth: 07 Oct 1822 (Taylorsville, Montgomery, Ohio
    Death: 12 Feb 1907 - Moulton, Appanoose, Iowa
    Marriage: 21 Apr 1870 - Cass County (Cass), Indiana
    Parents: Thomas Crook, Elizabeth Mathews
    Spouse: Elizabeth Jane Grable

    Name: Lucy Ann Worst
    Birth: 1826
    Marriage: 26 Jan 1847 - Montgomery County Ohio
    Spouse: Thomas Crook

    Name: Louisiana Crook
    Birth Date: 26 Apr 1826
    Death Date: 26 Aug 1866
    Cemetery: Bethlehem Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery
    Burial or Cremation Place: Twelve Mile, Cass County, Indiana

1860 Census [photo only] - he is listed with his parents Census Place: Adams, Cass, Indiana; Roll: M653_247; Page: 952; Image: 439.
    Thomas Crook 37 Ohio Farmer
    Louisana Crook 24 Ohio
    James Crook 12 Ohio
    Elizabeth Crook 9 Ohio
    Oliver Crook 5 Indiana
    William Perry 22 Farm Hand

Nothing can be found for the 1870 census on the family

he married 8 Jan 1876 cass county, Indiana (Bk 6 pg166) Helen Rinehart b. c. 1869 Ohio and by 1900 census they had divorced. Helen could of remarried in cass county, Indiana per WPA index: Name: Crook Helen C Spouse: William R. Bates Dec 15, 1886 Bk 11 pg 185.

1880 census [photo only] Census Place: Logansport, Cass, Indiana; Roll: T9_268; Family History Film: 1254268; Page: 351.4000; Enumeration District: 30; High Street Houses not numbered.
    Oliver Crook 25 Ohio [sic] miller
    Hellen Crook 21 Ohio wife
    Maud Crook 4 Indiana
    Blanch Crook 3 Indiana
    Olive Rineheart 16 Indiana wife's sister

His mother Louisiana was b. 26 Apr 1826 d. 26 Aug 1866 buire Bethlehem Methodist Cemetery, Bethlehem Twp., Cass county, Indiana.

He business agent for Emma (Mrs. R. K.) Lord.

From the Chattel Mortgages Book 5 Marshall County, Indiana comes:
    MortgagorMortgagee Date Amount Description
    Lord, Emma E. Crook, Oliver 10 Nov. 1890 1,000.00 Steam boat
    Crook, Oliver Lord, Emma E. 23 June 1902 7,000.00 Steamboats "Aubbeenaubee" & "Peerless", launch "Dewey"
    Crook, Oliver Lord, Emma E. 10 Sept. 1902 2,300.00 Steamboats "Aubbeenaubee" & "Peerless", launch "Dewey
    Crook, Oliver Lord, Emma E. 6 Feb. 1903 5,500.00 Steamboat Neeswaugee
    Crook, Oliver Lord, Emma E. 20 Dec. 1904 2,230.00 Steamers Peerless & Niswaugee, launch Dewey

1895 - Sept. 5 -Logansport Daily Reporter - been spending the summer Capt Oliver Crook of the steamer Lake is...

1900 census [photo only] Census Place: Union, Marshall, Indiana; Roll: T623_392 Page: 17B; Enumeration District: 82.
    Oliver Crook Feb. 1855 Indiana Divorced manager of Steamboat
    Jonas Smith March 1877 Indiana Single boarder Captain of Steamboat
    Elizabeth McCabe May 1850 Ireland Single boarder servant

1902 - Jul y Peerless II"Peerless and the Aubeenaubee was sold by Mrs. R. K. Lord to Capt. Crook
found recorded in the Logansport Daily Journal dated Jul . 18 1902 pg. 8 as follows:
    Has sold her steamers - Mrs. R. K. Lord has disposed of her steamers on Lake Maxinkuckee, Captain Olive crook being the purchaser. Mrs. Lords has owned the boats for many years.

It is said he owned Crook's Hall which was formerly the Lord's Hotel located at the top of Harding court.

1903 - Found in the 7 May 1903 issue of the Culver Citizen: Capt. Crook's Launch "Doxie" was launched last Monday [27 April] and put in commission. He is now prepared to accommodate all early cottagers or persons desiring to go to points around the lake.

1903, 18 June - Neeswaughee launched by Capt. Crook.

married 2nd Elizabeth Stauffer Kale Birth: Jan 12 1853 Perrysville, Indiana Death: Nov. 6, 1912 Culver, Marshall county Indiana Burial: Nov. 9, 1912 Mount Hope Cemetery Logansport Cass County Indiana married 1st Nathaniel L Kale daughter of Abraham Stauffer and Jershua Tucker.

    Michigan, Marriage Records, 1867-1952
    Name: Oliver Crook
    Gender: Male
    Race: White
    Birth Year: abt 1855
    Birth Place: Indiana
    Marriage Date: 30 Jun 1904
    Marriage Place: St Joseph, Berrien, Michigan, USA
    Age: 49
    Residence Place: Culvet, Indiana
    Father: Thomas
    Mother: Worst
    Spouse: Eliz Stoffer Kale
    Spouse Gender: Female
    Spouse Race: White
    Spouse Age: 51
    Spouse Birth Place: Indiana
    Spouse Residence Place: Logansport, Indiana
    Spouse Father: Abraham
    Spouse Mother: Tucker
    Record Number: 394
    Film: 80
    Film Description: 1903 Wayne - 1904 Chippewa

She was the widow of Nathaniel L Kale Birth: Dec. 27, 1848 Death: Jan. 17, 1901 Burial: Mount Hope Cemetery Logansport Cass County Indiana

Illinois, Marriages, 1851-1900
Name: Nathnial Kale
Gender: Male
Spouse Name: Elizabeth Stuffer
Marriage Date: 2 Mar 1882
Marriage County: Vermilion
Comments: This record can be found at the County Court Records, Film # 1298746 - 1298749.

Name: Nathaniel Kale
Gender: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth Kale
Publication Title: Logansport, Indiana, City Directory, 1901
Name: Elizabeth Kale
Gender: Female
Residence Year: 1901
Street address: 2600 Broadway
Residence Place: Logansport, Indiana, USA
Occupation: Domestic
Spouse: Nathaniel Kale
Publication Title: Logansport, Indiana, City Directory, 1901

Name: Nathaniel Kale
Gender: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth Kale
Publication Title: Logansport, Indiana, City Directory, 1903
Name: Elizabeth Kale
Gender: Female
Residence Year: 1903
Street address: 434 Sycamore
Residence Place: Logansport, Indiana, USA
Occupation: Domestic
Spouse: Nathaniel Kale
Publication Title: Logansport, Indiana, City Directory, 1903

1904 - Apr - Captain Crook Married Mrs. Elizabeth Kale of Logansport; from the Logansport Pharos dated Apr 17, 1904 page 3:
    Captain Crook's Dog
    Made it Interesting for Summer Cottagers at Maxinkuckee
    Spoiled Master's Honeymoon
    Great Commotion Caused on Long Point

    Bob is the name of a dog owned by Capt. Oliver Crook, who is the master of a fleet of steamers on Maxinkuckee lake, and Bob is a constant passenger on one boat or another. Bob has a habit of jumping off the docks to chase anthing that looks like a cat, and sometimes he gets off. On such occasions he will take possession of the dock and howl until the boat turns about and takes him on aboard. Recently Captain Crooke {Crook] took a few days off to get married, his bride being Mrs. Elizabeth Kale, of Logansport, and during his absence from the lake Captain Fisher was in charge of the boats.

    Bob played his usual trick and Fisher said he guessed he'd cure him of it. "I'll just let him stay over there a spell', he said.

    When Captain Crooke [Crook] with his bride arrived he was too happy to miss Bob. Well into the night there was a vicious ringing of the telephone. "Say Cook [Crook]", came an angry voice, "your consarned good for nothin' pup is over her at Shady Bluff makin' night hideous. If you don't come over right away and get him off we'll dynamite him". Crook chuckled good naturedly and went back to bed and to sleep. In half an hour there was andother ring.

    "Is that Crook?

    "Yes, Whats's wanted?"

    "Say Captain, your dog Bob is on the Pow Wow dock bayin' at the moon like all possessed. What d'ye do to make let up"

    "Wire a can to his tail", Crook answered, laughing hilariously, for Bob hasn't any tail at all.

    Inside the next hour Bob had been heard from The Oakes, The Roost, Squirrel Lawn, Oak Lodge, and the Hidden Inn. "Buckskin Landis from the Roost wired an awful threat, and Manager McCoy of the Vandalia hotel was a complainant. Capt. McCoy is an old Tennessee river steamboat man, and what he said all but melted the wire.

    The upset was that Crook had to get dressed at 4 o'clock in the morning, steam up the Nees-wau-gee, and go after Bob, and now he says that is was Fisher who set up the job on account of his getting married.

Found in the Culver Citizen Jul 7, 1904 -

    Logansport Lady Weds Maxinkuckee Boat Man.

    Friends of the contracting parties in this city will be surprised to learn that Saturday occurred the marriage of Mrs. Elizabeth Kale of Logansport. and Mr. Oliver Crook, of Culver, the ceremony taking place at St. Joseph. Michigan. The intention of the couple was to keep their marriage a secret and accordingly Mrs. Kale had planned to leave Logansport Saturday to join her betrothed at Culver enroute to St. Joseph without the knowledge of any of her friends, but in some manner the secret leaked out and she was given a rousing send-off by those who had learned of her secret. After the knot was tied today they will settle down at Culver, where Mr. Crook owns a number of excursion boats on Lake Maxinkuekee.-Logansport Pharos.

1905 May 6 -Capt. Crook is building a boat 10x70 feet, which he will anchor at some convenieint palce on the lake ami use it for a dancing paviliion during the summer season - - the White Swan dance pavilion, a float 70' by 30' was built and launched by Captain Crook.

1905 - Apr 5 - Logansport Reporter - Mrs. Oliver Crook of Culver , is visiting friends in this city

1905 - July 20 Logansport Pharos - Mrs. Oliver Crook of Culver , is in the city to attend the funeral of the late Houston A. Duckworth this afternoon.

1905 - July 20 Logansport Daily Reporter - Mrs. Oliver Crook of Culver , is in the city to attend the funeral of the Rev. Housten Duckworth this afternoon.

1905 - July 27 Logansport Daily Reporter - Mrs Oliver Crook was in Logansport Thursday...

1905 - Jul 21 - Logansport Daily Journal - Oliver Crook Culver was in the city...

1905 - Jul 21 - Logansport Daily Reporter - Mrs Oliver Crook Culver was in the city...

1905 - Jul 22 - Logansport Chronicle - Mrs Oliver Crook of Culver is in the...

1905 - Dec 14 - Capt Oliver Crook has anchored his boats near the outlet. The White Swan is alson entrenched near the same place

1906 - Jul 26 - Mrs. Osgood of Marioin, daughter of Capt. Oliver Crook, and her two little daughters came last evening for their annual summer visit to the lake. Mrs Misses Peterson of Marion accompanined Mrs. Osgood - Citizen

1906 - Oct 11 - Capt and Mrs Oliver Crook left the first of this week of a fortnight's vist in Danville, Ill. and other points - Citizen

1907 - Apr. 6 - Logansport Daily Journal - Oliver Crook Culver is visiting friends in...

1907 - June 28 - Logansport Daily Journal - Oliver Crook entertained Mrs Duckworth and grandson...

1907 - Jul y 27 - Logansport Pharos - Mrs Oliver Crook was in Logans port Thursday...

1907 - Sept 4 - Logansport Daily Reporter - Captain Oliver Crook and Ex-marshall John Fisher of Culver , were in the city this afternoon on business

1907 - Sept 5 - Logansport Daily Journal - Oliver Crook and John Fisher Culver were...

1908 - Feb. 6 Oliver Crook has filed a suit for $10,870 against the Emma E. Lord estate, claiming Mrs. Lord intended that he should inherit her property
    1908 - Oct 29 - Oliver Crook has dismissed his suit against the estate of Emma Lord

1908 - Apr 1 - Logansport Daily Reporter - a position with Oliver Crook as engineer on one steamboats...

1908 - Jul . 10 - Logansport Daily Reporter - from Culver that Captain Oliver Crook and other old timers around...

1908 - This was found in the Rochester Sentinel dated Saturday, Jul y 11, 1908:
    The burial place of the noted Indian chief was indicated to Capt. CROOK of Adams township, Cass county, by the late Major McFADIN, of Logansport, ten years ago, and it has since been the purpose of Capt. Crook to own the lot and furnish the last resting place for the chief.

    The burial site was on the banks of lake Maxinkuckee. This season he decided to build a dry dock on the lot, having a double purpose in view - to get his dock, and, in making the excavation to find, if possible, the bones of AUBBEENAUBBEE.

    Recently work was begun on the excavation and it was not long until the coveted treasure, the bones of the great Chieftain, were reached. Great excitement reigned for some time among those present when the discovery was made, the party being Capt. FISHER, ex-marshal WOOD, Capt. Jack HEMLING and Capt. CROOK. When the excitement allayed, all gathered around with bowed heads and solemn faces to view the remains of the once noble chieftain who chose his burial place at the edge of the lake whose waters he loved so well. The dry dock will be his monument - the AUBBEENAUBBEE DOCK.

1910 cunsus [photo only] Census Place: Union, Marshall, Indiana; Roll: T624_370; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 113;
    Oliver Crook 55 Indiana m2/5yrs. Engineer Foreman
    Elizabeth Crook 56 Ireland wife m2/5yrs. o/o

1908 - Jul 23 - Mrs. Captain Walker and son John of Danville, Ill, ar the guests of Mrs. Walker's aunt Mrs. Capt. Crook, for two weeks - Citizen

1908 - Nov. 26 - Est. Emma Lord to Elizabeth Crook, lots 4, 5, 6 and 7, Toner's add. Culver and lot 6 Vandalia add. $1775.50 - Citizen

1909 - March 4 - Capt. Crook has purchased from a Bay City manufacturer a 30-ft. gasoline boat, driven by a 24-horse power, four-cylinder engine. The boat, with a speed of 15 miles an hour, will carry 40 passengers, and coat $1,500. It comes "knocked down" and will be put together by George Terry of Bass Lake, and is to be used to supplement the Lake fleet

1909 - May 27 - Capt. Crook has named his new launch "Charline" i n honor of a little granddaughter

1910 - AUg 10 - Mrs Lewis Truman of Covington, Indiana, is a ten day guest of her sister Mrs. Olvier Crook - Citizen

1910 - Oct 10 - Logansport Daily Reporter - Mrs. Oliver Crook, Culver , has been in Logansport, looking after some repairs on her property.

1910 - Dec. 27 - Logansport Weekly Reporter - Capt Oliver Crook Lake spent Christmas with Mrs...

1911 - Jul 13 - Captain Crook's nephew WIlliam Young of Dayton, Ol. is here visiting with him. - Citizen

1912 - Feb 22 - Captain Crook has raised the frame of his big pavilion on his lot east of Bradley's Hotel. It is to take the place of the old 'White Swan' which had gone into the to discard br>
1912 - May 25 - Logansport Pharos - Capt Oliver Crook is erecting a near the...

1912 - Sep 20 - Logansport Daily Journal pg. 7 Mrs. Oliver Crook wife of the captain of the steamer on Lake Maxinkuckee, is at St. Joseph Hospital in this city in a precarious condition.

1912 - Sep. 21 - Logansport Cronicle pg. 5 Mrs. Oliver Crook, of Culver , is a patient at St. Joseph Hospital in this city.

1912 - Nov 10 - The funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Crook, brought here from Culver, was held from the residence of Mrs. C. A. Duckworth; of North street yesterday afternoon, conducted by the Rev. E. C. Dunn. Burial in Mt. Hope. The Journal Tribune Sunday Nov. 10 1912

1912 - Nov. 14 - Elizabeth, wife of Capt. Oliver Crook, died last Wednesday night after an illness of several months. She was 59.

1912 - Nov. 14 - Death of Mrs. O. Crook.
    Elizabeth, wife of Capt. Oliver Crook, died on Wednesday night of last week at 9:30 o'clock.

    She had been in failing health for several months, and everything had been done that affection and money cound suggest to restore her to health, including a course of treatment in the hospital at Logansport.

    A service was held at the Crook home on Satruday forenoon. Rev. Mr. Harris made an address and the Methodist choir sang three selections.

    The floral rememberances were mumerous and beautiful.

    A sister of Mrs. Crook, Mrs. Hinds of Perrysville, and a niece's husband, Mr. Walker of Danville, were present.

    The body was teken to Logansport for burial, accompanied by the husband, the relatives, Unertaker Easterday and Mrs. Meredith and Mrs. SHilling - the two last names representating the Ladies' Aid Society.

    Elizabeth Stauffer was born in Perrysville, Ind. Jan 12 1853, the daughter of Abraham and Jershua (Tucker) Stauffer.

    She grew to womanhood in Perrysville, and in 1883 was united in marriage to Nathaniel Kale of Logansport. She lived happily with Mr. Kale untill his death and made many friendships in Loganpsort which were only severed with her death.

    She was united in marriage to Captain Oliver Crook of Culver in 1904.

    She has since made her home in Culver where she has left many friends to mourn her departure.

    She was of a kind and happy disposition, and daily by her life preached the gospel of love and christain charity.

    Her union with Capt. Crook was an especially happy one, and in her death he is indeed desolate.

    Besides her husband She is survived by three sisters who live in or near Danville and Perrysville. - Culver Citizen

1913 - Sep 20 - Logansport Chronicle - Capt Oliver Crook of Culver was in the...

One of the adds he placed in the Vedette of 1913

1913 - Sep 25 - Capt Oliver Crook, of Culver, was in the city during the week, colllin on friends - Logansport Cronicle. - Citizen. 1914 - June 15 - Logansport Pharos Reporter - ...their home with Captain Oliver Crook..

1914 - Aug. 4 St. Joseph, Michigan Anna Rachel Morris (Mrs. Mark B.) b. 4 Aug. 1853 Clinton, Indiana d. 18 Apr. 1927 Warren, Indiana daughter of Robert Cummins & Mary Catherine Denham her 1st husband was Mark B Morris was born 18 Oct. 1835 died 11 Apr. 1905 both are buried Mt. Hope cemetery, Logansport, Cass, Indiana
    Mark Bristol Morris married 1st 15 Oct 1861 Howard Co.,IN., (Book C,pg.48) - Howard County, Indiana Lucy Guthridge daughter of John Guthridge & Elizabeth Smith/ They had:
      William Lowell Morris 18621931
      Lillian Morris 1865
      Anne Morris 1869
      Minnie Morris 1870

    Mark Bristol Morris & Anna Rachel Cummins They had:
      Mark Centineal Morris Birth 18 JUL 1876 Young America, Indiana Death 05 JAN 1933 Cass county , Indiana married 12 Dec 1898 Cass County, Indiana Isadora M "Dora" Wasburn Birth 22 Nov 1879 Cass County, Indiana Death 17 OCT 1956 Cass County, Indiana Mount Hope Cemetery, Logansport, Cass County, Indiana daughter of Lewis H Washburn & Catherine Long

      Daisy H Morris Birth 14 SEP 1879 Cass county, Indiana, Death 21 OCT 1953 Los Angeles, California, married 17 Jun 1905 Logansport, Cass, Indiana Birth: Frank Lee (Frances) Butler Birth: 11 Mar 1874 - Terre Haute, Vigo Co., Indiana son of Thomas J. Butler & May E. Lee

      Ashton Dempsey Morris Birth: 22 Nov 1885 - Cass county Indiana Death: 10 May 1930 - San Diego, California married 4 Sep 1923 Battle Creek, Calhoun, Michigan Claire Hale Birth abt 1899 Detroit, Michigan daughter of James R Hale & Loreeta Myer

      Karl Aaron Morris Birth 15 JUL 1893 Cass county, Indiana, Death 28 OCT 1971 Manhattan Beach, California married 18 Jun 1913 Mabel M. Boyer

    Marriage Records, 1867-1952
    Name: Oliver Crook
    Gender: Male
    Race: White
    Birth Year: abt 1855
    Birth Place: Indiana
    Marriage Date: 4 Aug 1914
    Marriage Place: St Joseph, Berrien, Michigan, USA
    Age: 59
    Residence Place: Culver, Indiana
    Father: Thomas
    Mother: Worst
    Spouse: Anna Morris
    Spouse Gender: Female
    Spouse Race: White
    Spouse Age: 50
    Spouse Birth Place: Indiana
    Spouse Residence Place: Logansport, Indiana
    Spouse Father: Robert
    Spouse Mother: Dunham
    Record Number: 871
    Film: 117
    Film Description: 1913 Wayne - 1914 Branch

1914 Aug. 5 - Logansport Journal Tribune - Married in Michigan - Captain Oliver Crook of Lake Maxinkuckee, the popular manager of the Maxinkuuckee Steamboat Lines, and who is one of the most widely known men in northern Indiana, and Mrs. M. B. Morris of 505 Sycamore street of this sity, were united in marriage at St. Joseph Mich., yesterday. After the ceremony the cople started on a short honeymoon, visiting several pleasure resorts and points of interest. They will return to Culver and take up their permanent residence at the charming and picturesque home of Captain Crook, known as Pleasant Grove Place. A host of friends are to give them a hearty welcome upon their return to the shores of the celebrated and popilar summer resort.

1914 - Aug. 6 - Captain Oliver Crook was married last week to Mrs. M. B. Morris, a popular lady of Logansport. They will be at home at Cottage Grove Place about Aug. 10
    1934 - Aug. 6 Logansport Pharos Tribune -- 20 years ago...Captain Oliver Crook of Lake Maxinkuckee, the popular manager of the Maxinkuckee steam boat lines and one of the most widely known men in northern Indiana and Mrs. M. B. Morris of 506 Sycamore street were united in married at St. Joseph, Michigan on August 4.

1914 - Aug. 8 pg. 1 Logansport Chronicle - Married Captain Oliver Crook of Lake Maxinkuckee, the popular manager of the Maxinkuckee steamboat lines and who is one of the most widely known men in Northern Indiana, and Mrs. M. B. Morris of 505 Sycamore street, this city were united in marriage at St. Joe, Mich, tuesday. After a short wedding trip they will return to Culver , where they will make their permanet home.

1914 - Aug. 20 - Miss Messie Morris, daughter of M. C. Morris of Logansport, is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Oliver Crook - Citizen

1914 - Aug 27 - Carl Morris and wife are newcomers at Cottage Grove Place, the quests of Mrs. Oliver crook, Mr. Morris' mother

1914 - Sep 3 - A. D. Morris and Mrs F. Butler of Chicago, son and daughter of Mrs. Oliver Crook, are at Cottage Grove Place, where they will visit for several days, the guests of Captain and Mrs. Crook - Citizen

1910 - Sep 10 - Illiness of Captain Crook
    Captain Oliver Crook is confined to his bed by a stoke of paralyses which over came him gradually Saturday night. He complained of feeling unwell before retiring, but the nature of his illness was not reveled until morning. The paralysis affects chiefly his left arm. Roports of his condition have been exaggerated. He has at no time been unconscious nor unable to talk rationally, and as the paralysis is not extending, but is in fact, gradually diminishing, there is every reason, Dr. Wiseman says, to expect his rrestoration to his usual health. Captain Crook's large circle of friends will be greatly releieved to knw that the case does not present an alarming symptoms.

1913 - May 22 - Capt Crook's fleet will consist of the steamers Neeswaugee, and Peerless; and the launches Charlene and Mildred - the latter having bee purchased of Capt. A. J. Kapp. John Buswell will be Capt. Crook's manager this season.

1914 - Sep - Capt Crook is able to leave the house for short walks - CItizen

1914 - Nov 8 - Crook - Local friends learned yesterday of the death at Culver of Mrs. Elizabeth Crook, wife of Captain Oliver Crook, for many years boatman at Culver . The body is to be brought to this city tomorrow and taken to the home of Mrs. C. A. Duckworth, 409 North Street, where the funeral will be held. Rev. E. C. Dunn will conduct the services - pg. 3 Nov. 8 1912 Logansport Journal-Tribune

The funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Crook, brought here from Culver was held from the residence of Mrs. C. A. Duckworth in North street yesterday afternoon, conducted by the Rev. E. C. Dunn. Burial in Mt. Hope. - pg. 7 Nov 10, 1912 Logansport Journal Tribune

1915 - It is said he remarried and went to Michigan.

1915 - Apr 1 Oliver Crook to Anna Crook, six lots in Culver and one lot on Long point $1.

1915 May - Capt Crook the towed the Peerless and the Neewswaughgee to shallow water near the outlet of Lake Maxinkuckee. There they stayed, mired in the sane, no longer needed on the lake since the days of the big excursions had passed.

Found in the issue of May 24, 1913 of the CMA Vedette is -
    Noah's Ark to be restored - Captain H. C. Bays, out enterprising morotrist, has recently consummated a deal which puts him in possession of one of the grandest old boats of all history. It had a roof, a door and one window when Noah navigated it, but when Olvier Crook fell heir these were removed along with the stalls, and a 9-horse power gasoline engine and side seats were put in. Captain Bays comtemplates whitewashing the interior and rechristening the vessel with the name "Old doc Yak"

1916 - Sep 21 - Mrs. F L Butler of Oak Park, Ill. has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Oliver Croook on her way home after spending two months in the East and at Atlantic City

1917 - Sep 5 - Mrs. Oliver Crook was allaed to Logansport today to attend the funeral of Miss Ida ZInn, a ffirend

1918 - Jun 19 - Capt Crook has sold his livery lauches to C. A. Shorb of the Lake View hotel, and ther were launched Saturday.

1920 - Jul 28 - Mrs. Frances Bulter has recently sold to O. E. Ferre of Logansport the property a block north form Scott St. which she purchased some time ago of her mother, Mrs. Olive Crook. The Property was known years ago as Cottage Groce Place, and was run as a boarding house by Mrs Lord.

1922 - Jul 19 - The boon on Vandalia Park hill continues. Archie Balnchard...and also has the contract for a bungalow for Mrs. Butler of Denver, Colo. Mrs. Butler is here to spend the summer with her mother, Mrs. Capt. Crook - Citizen

1923 - Jan 3 Aged Couple Recieve Falls - Capt. and Mrs. Oliver Crook have been more or less incapacitated recently by falls which crippled them

1923 - Apr 18 - Verne Swigart Buys Home - The Capt. Crook cottage has been bought by Verne Swigart, who moved in last week

1923 - Apr 18 - From Culver to Logansport
    Capt and Mrs. Oliver Crook have permanently given up their residence in Culver to liver with their childrenin Logansport.

    Both have become so much impaired in health that they are no lonfer able to comfortably care for themselves

    Capt Crook has lived in Culver for more than 39 years. He came here a manager for Capt Lord's excursion boats and afterward had a line of his own.

    Meantime his winter were employed as chief engineer at the academy

    The day of the big boats on the lake passed with the advent of the automobile and the agandonment of the railroad excursions.

    Capt Crook then ran a line of launches, but a stroke of paralysis put an end to his former activity.

    Everybody in Culver hopes that the captain and his good wife will find ease and happiness in their latter days.

1923, May 9 - Reprot Improved Healt - Mrs. Oliver Crook and her daughter Mrs. Curtis of Logansport were in town Friday. The captain and Mrs. Crook are now comfortably settled in Logansport and the helth of both is much improved.

1925 - Dec 23 - Captain Oliver Crook, for many years a resident of Culver and owner of the famous excursion boats which for many summers appeared on Lake Maxinkuckee, has been missing from the Cass County Infirmary at Logansport sice Firday. No trace has been found of him, and since he was in poor health, it is feared that he committed suicide.
    Was found dead in a corn field from exposure near Logansport.

1926 - Jul 20 - Copt. O Crook is found Frozen in Field Near Home
    Capt Oliver Crook who was reported missing a couple of weeks ago from the county farm at Logansport was found last Friday morning frozen to death near a corn shock, but a short distance from the buildings of the farm.

    It is reported that he left word that he was going to his sister's home, but was evidently too weak to get very far on his journey. It is believed he fell and dragged himself to the corn shock for protection, but soon succumbed to the cold weather.

    The older citizens of this community deeply regret his passing and extend to the family their deepest sympathy.

    Saturday evening W. S. Easterday received a call from Logansport to come for the body and bring it to Culver.

    Funeral service was held Sunday monring at 9 o'clock at Logansport and interment made here at noon in his lon the the Culver Cemetery. - Jan 20 1926 Culver Citizen.

1927 - May 4 - Mrs Oliver Crook Passes Away; Former Culverite
    Word has just bee received of Mrs. Oliver Crook on April 18th.

    She was buried April 20th.

    The Crooks lived in Culver four or five years ago and were well known in this community.

    It will be remembered Capt. Crook died January 15, 1926 at Logansport from exposure.

1927 - Anna Morris Crook (Aug 4 1853 Apr. 18 1927) m 1st Mark B. Morris (Oct 1806 Apr 11 1905) both buried Mt. Hope Cemetery Logansport Indiana

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