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Ralph K. & Emma E. Lord  

Emma Estella Sewell aka Emma Jennette (Jennetta, Janet) "Nettie" Hoover was born of English parent at Uniontown, near Dayton, Ohio Aug. 20, 1859.

Orphaned a 6 years she was placed in a catholic school in Cincinnati, and two years later taken to a similar institution in Boston where she remained until she was 19 years old. At that time she removed to Indianapolis, Indiana

m. 1st. 3 AUG 1871 Knightstown, Henry county Indiana Jason W Brewer Birth 16 FEB 1841 Wayne, Indiana, Death 25 DEC 1931 Death 25 DEC 1931 son of John Caldwallader Brew and Sarah Morris They separated when their daughter was about 2 years of age they had:

    Mattie Estella Brewer Brith: 1873 Indiana m. 19 Oct 1893 Wayne county Indiana Harvey D Commons; at the t ime of her mothers estate she was residing in Munice
      Robert Commons Birth 6 SEP 1894 Centreville, Indiana Death MAY 1975
        Name: COMMONS, HARVEY D
        Spouse: MATTIE BREWER
        Date: OCT 19 1893
        County: WAYNE
        Book: C-Q Page: 544
        Fiche: 4319

        Name: Harvey David Commons
        Birth: 30 Jun 1873 - Wayne County
        Death: 12 Jan 1958 - Cobb, Georgia
        Marriage: 18 Oct 1893 - Wayne County Indiana
        Parents: Robert D Commons, Olive Jackson Harvey
        Spouse: Mattie E Brewer
      Mattie married 2nd John Earl Williamson Birth 8 MAR 1884 Indiana son of Frank Williamson

    Jason Brewer
      26 JUN 1873 Henry county Indiana Jason condemned or confirmed married contrary to discipline; membership retained OR returned; Jason & children request certificate to Fairmount MM (Duck Creek) re-married 23 Mar 1876 Wayne, Indiana Fannie L Earwood (18461901) later was known to resided in Beloit, Mahoning county Ohio. By information found he also had been previously married on 30 NOV 1861 Henry County, Indiana Elizabeth Jane Wadlington (1843) she was still alive by the 1870 census dated 7th July 1870 living in Blue River, Hancock, Indiana

    Mrs. Brewer went to Indianapolis and entered a school. Later she bought a boarding house businees of a woman named Sewell and assumed the name of Emma Estella Sewell.

    m. 2nd. Dec. 5th 1881 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Ralph K. Lord
      Index to Select Marriages, 1780-1992 Name: Ralph K. Lord
      Gender: Male
      Marriage Date: 5 Dec 1881
      Marriage Place: Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana
      Spouse: Emma E. Sewell
      FHL Film Number: 499374
      Reference ID: P 338

    It is said that R. K. an educated Englishman of roving dispostion and sporting proclivities.

    They resided in Indianapolis until their removal to Marmont on Lake Maxinkuckee in 1884
      Captain Lord has built a commodious hotel near the railway station. It is beautifully located, and the house is nicely furnished. pg. 4 20 May 1887 Logansport Pharos

      Captain R. K. Lord committed sucide in a spectacular manner by jumping from his boat a short distance east of Long Point inthe spring of 1889 while a large crows was looking on
        1889 - Apr 8 - Captain Lord who committed suicide last week at Lake Maxinkuckee, was a prominent K. of P., and was well known to the members of the order in this city- - Logansport Pharos Tribune

    1890 - Feb 27 - New Boat For Maxinkuckee - Mrs. R. K. Lord of Maxinkuckee, is building a new steamboat, which willbe sixty feet long, double decks. The machinery is to consist of a double engine and Clyde marine boilwe, government test. She will be ready to launch the vessel on the lake by May 15 - Logansport Pharos Tribune.

    From the Chattel Mortgages Book 5 Marshall County, Indiana comes:

    MortgagorMortgagee Date Amount Description
    Lord, Emma E. Willard, Chas. P. & Co. 31 Mar. 1890 875.00 Steam boat
    Lord, Emma E. Crook, Oliver 10 Nov. 1890 1,000.00 Steam boat
    Lord, Emma E. Schmidt, Harold 5 June 1891 510.00 Lake View piano & stool
    Lord, Emma E. Toan, Charles E. 30 May 1891 120.00 Lake View piano & stool
    Lord, Emma E. Herz, Adolph & Herz, Adolph, trustee 5 July 1891 900.00 Everything in Collonade Hotel, Marmont &c
    Lord, Emma E. Schmidt, Harold 25 July 1891 1,800.00 Steamboat "Aubbeenaubee"
    Lord, Emma E. Nussbaum & Mayer 24 Jan. 1891 850.00 Household furn in Cottage Grove Place, Marmont
    Lord, Emma E. Crook, Oliver 22 July 1892 500.00 Household furn in Cottage Grove Place, Marmont
    Lord, Emma E. Rea, Oliver A. 12 Oct. 1892 300.00 Household goods, furniture &c Marmont
    Lord, Emma E. Morris, Edmund 22 Mar. 1897 4,000.00 Steamers "Peerless" & "Aubbenaubee", all belongings, piano
    Lord, Emma E. Forgy, Geo. B. 14 Mar. 1898 360.00 Naptha launch, steamers "Peerless", "Aubbenaubee"
    Lord, Emma E. Aley, David E. 18 Nov. 1899 145.55 Livestock, equip. in Union twp
    Lord, Emma E. Lauer, L. M., trustee 6 Jan. 1899 81.00 Bay mare, buggy, harness
    Lord, Emma E. L McCormick, Monroe C. 12 Apr. 1900 107.50 Launch "Dewey", 3 horses, cow, watch, buggy
    Lord, Emma E. Cappel, Louisa A., Admnx. 18 Oct. 1900 700.00 Launch "Dewey", 2 steam-boats, fixtures, machinery
    Lord, Emma E. Chapin, S. E. 5 Dec. 1900 100.00 Kimball piano, 3 horses
    Lord, Emma E. Esterday & Overmyer 5 Jan. 1901 59.00 Wagon, bay mare, black gelding
    Lord, Emma E. Porter & Co. 18 Apr. 1901 98.80 Piano, furn, carpets in Cottage Grouse House, Culver
    Lord, Mrs. E. E. McCormick Harvesting Co. 23 May 1901 137.55 Black cow, 9 sows & increase, 64 acres corn, corn harvester
    Lord, Mrs. E. E. McAllister, Elmer A. 6 July 1901 21.91 Steambts "Aubbenaubee" & "Peerless
    Crook, Oliver Lord, Emma E. 23 June 1902 7,000.00 Steamboats "Aubbeenaubee" & "Peerless", launch "Dewey"
    Lord, Emma E. Chapin, Samuel E. 2 Aug. 1902 63.00 Gray mare, black horse, Kimball piano
    Crook, Oliver Lord, Emma E. 10 Sept. 1902 2,300.00 Steamboats "Aubbeenaubee" & "Peerless", launch "Dewey
    Crook, Oliver Lord, Emma E. 6 Feb. 1903 5,500.00 Steamboat Neeswaugee
    Crook, Oliver Lord, Emma E. 20 Dec. 1904 2,230.00 Steamers Peerless & Niswaugee, launch Dewey

    1899 - Nov 10 - The Culver Herald says, Mrs. R. K. Lord, very well known to Maxinkuckee visitors, has closed the deal whereby she became the owner of the Wm. Jones' 146-acre farm, two miles southeast of Culver , and will move upon the same in the spring and in a short time will give the grangers pointers on scientific farming. - Logansport Pharos Tribune


      Mrs, R. K. Lord, who for a number of years conducted a boarding house and owned several of the steamers which ply the waters of Lake Maxinkuckee, and who is known to almost every person who has ever visited Lake Maxinkuckee, is suffering from a peculiar malady of the eyes, which has almost deprived her of her sight.

      She was brought to this city several days ago and her eyes examined by Dr. Thomas, the occulist, who advised that she be taken to Dr. Fletcher's sanitarium at Indianapolis, as her trouble which is of a nervous kind could be more effectually treated there. - Logansport Pharos Tribune Aug 17 1900
        We are paired to chronicle that Mrs. R. K. Lord is no better.

        Her case is peculiar, as through a rush of blood to the nerves of the eyes, she is nearly blind, being only able to distinguish between light and darkness. She feels no pain, but simply realizes that at times the right side of her body is numb and practically without feeling. She has been examined by all of our local physicians and a noted eye specialist of Logansport.

        But notwithstanding all has been done that medical skill could devise, she has grown rapidly worse.

        Monday she was taken to Logansport before experts who claim that she had a slight paralytic stroke which has affected nerves of her eyes.

        The specialist at Logansport advised her to go to Indianapolis and have Dr. Fletcher, a noted specialist, examine her eyes, as it may be necessary to perform an operation.

        No one can see that anything is the matter with her eyes, as they are as clear as ever.

        Mrs. Lord has been a remarkable woman, and has accomplished as much toward the development of Cdlver as any other citizen in our midst!

        She possessed great business tact, and in consepuence our lake is supplied with three handsome steamers, mainly through her efforts.

        Her many friends will be more than pleased at her ultimate recovery. Aug 17 1900 Culver Herald

    1900 - Sep 9 - Capt. Oliver Crook, who returned from Ann Arbor Mich , Medical Hospital Saturday, reports that Mrs. R. K. Lord is very much improved in health and that her eye sight is being restored, as she can see to read a little at a time. She will remain however, about three weeks longer at the hospital, before being prounounced permanently cured.



    Mrs. E. E. Lord, of Culver , died suddenly of vertigo last Saturday evening, aged 47. She was the widow of. Capt. Ralph K. Lord, who committed suicide some years ago by jumping into the Lake Maxinkuckee while insane. After Capt. Lord's tragic death, Mrs. Lord continued to operate his lake steamer and being a successf ul business woman, increased the - fleet to three steamers. Later, she sold out and went to live on her farm near Culver .

    She afterwards suffered an attack of paralysis and became blind. Mrs. Lord was a woman of unusual character and intelligence, and at the time of her death was perhaps tie best known person in Culver and its vicinity. Her funeral was one .of the largest and most impressive ever held at the lake.

    Although Mrs. Lord had no children of her own, she helped to raise four young people, all of whom mourn tie loss of a tender and faithful friend in ier death. - 24 May 1906 Loganpsort Daily Pharos

    Obituary from Citizen

    Long Lost Daughter Wins Recognition As Heir

    An unusual case has just been decided in the Laporte circuit court in which Cass county poeple are interested, Mrs. Emm Lord, widow of Capt. Lord, who was well known in this city, having run a steamer at Lake Maxinkuckee for years and who committed suicide in a spectacular manner by jumping from his boat while a large crowd was looking on, died recently, leaving a valuable estate.

    Mrs. Lord lived at Culver for 18 years she never told anyone she had a daughter.

    Capt. Oliver Crook formerly of Adams township, this county, and who now runs a steamer at Lake Maxinkuckee, was business agent for Mrs. Lord and he says that while he knew Mrs. Lord had a child by a former marriage he thought the offspring was dead.

    Recently at Laporte appeared Mrs. Mattie Commons, of Munice, to claim the estate. She stated in court that her father was a man named Brewer, who separated from her mother years ago. She asserted that she did not seen [see] nor had communications with her mother for thiryt-two years, but that a clairvvoyant reveled to her the wereabouts of her mother in Cincinnati two years ago.

    She will obtain the testimony of her father in trying to establish her idenity.

    Yesterday Judge Bernetha in court legally recognized Mrs. Commons as the heir to the estate which is valued at $10,000.

    An unique feature of the case was te establishment of her identity by means of photographs. - pg. 8 Loganpsort Pharos Dec 3 1910

    Lord Estate Settled

    The famous Lord estate case in which Cass county people were interested has been settled by Judge Bernetha at Plymouth. The claim of Capt. Oliver Crook, of Lake Maxinkuckee, former Cass county man, was allowed, but the administrator was ordered to turn back $1,318.65 and the attorneys ordered to return $802 of the $1,500 charged by them back to the estate. A long lost daughter of Capt. Lord of Culver put in an appearance in time to share in the estate. - pg. 3 Mar 23 1912 Logansport Pharos

    Details of Lord Estate from Citizen

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