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Henry James Mc Sheehy  

1885- Jun 6 - SOuth Bend Tribune - H. J. McSheehey, of the Logansport Chronical, has built a handsom summer cottage and a boat house at Maxinkuckeer Lake. Jim is one of the fortunate editors and always catches the largest string of fish.

Henry James Mc Sheehy. Among the men who have bought fame to Logansport as a center of journalistic activity, the late Henry James Mc Sheehy, for thirty-seven years editor and proprietor of the Logansport Weekly Chronicle, held a position of prestife. A native of Ireland, having neem born in Anniscail, County Kerry, January 28, 1852, he was brought to the United States in boyhood by his parents, and here received his education in the public schools of the city of New York, and at Lafayette, Indiana, graduating from thre high school of the latter place with the highest honors in a class of sixty-eight pupils. On leaving school Mr. Mc Sheehy became purser of the steamship "The City of Richmond", running from New York to Liverpool, and in this connection became marine reporter for the New New York Herald, which started him upon his journalistic career. In those days press boats were sent out to meet all incoming ships and Mr. Mc Sheehy's duty consisted in going aboard these vessels and secure storoies and ancedotes from the passengers and crew.

In 1876 Mr. Mc Sheehy was appointed by his paoer to accompany Col. Robert Ingersoll on his lecture tour and while actinf in this servicehe came to Logansport, and, noting the possiblitities for a good newspaper here, immediately wired his resignation to New York and began plans for the establishment of the Chronicle. This paper made its initial appearance April 7, 1875, and has continued to enjoy a full measure of success to the present time. Since Mr. Mc Sheehy's death, which occurred February 21, 1911, in Logansport, the Chronicle has been published under the same firm name by his son, Harry James Mc Sheehy, who purchased it in May, 1911. He had the distinction of being the oldest editor and proprietoir of a newspaper in Indiana in point of continuous sercice on one publication.

Aside from his vocation, Mr. Mc Sheehy took his keenest pleasure in fraternal work, and became very prominent therein. He was the author of the Elks' ritual, serving as chairman of the ritual committee of the Elks for two years, was for seven year exalted ruler of the Logansport Lodge of ELks and through his earnest efforts secured for the lodge the magnificent home it now occupies; was president of the building committee of the Elks and served on the building committees of both the local lodge and the Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows. In Off Fellowship he was past grand of Logan Lodge of Odd Fellows, and when entering Grand Lodge was raised to the high office of grand patriarch. He was widely known in and out of his profession, and in his death Indiana newspaperdom lost one of its most conspicuous citizens.

Mr. Mc Sheehy married Miss Minnie Maurer, and they became the parents of three sons: Harry, Lloyd and Harold.

History of Cass County, Indiana : from its earliest settlement to the present time, with biographical sketches and reference to Biographies Previously compiled Edited by Dr. Jehu Z. Powell pg. 737=8

H. J. M'Sheey, Veteran Editor Dropped dead on Street at Noon

Henry James McSheehy, editor and owner or the Logansport Chronicle, dropped dead at noon today near the corner of Ninth and Broadway, while going to his home on North street.

He fell in front of the residence of James McGourty and his lifeless body was carried onto the porch. William Hagenbuck. who was on his way home was only a few feet away when McSheehy fell. He hurried to him and sought to raise him up, lie was unconscious and helpless. Dr. J. W Stewart happened to be driving by and he was called to render assistance.

He did what he could to restore consciousness but pronounced the stroke a fatal one. Dr. Barnfield was also called to render assistance but death ensued shortly after his arrival. Both physicians were agreed that death was due to the bursting of a large artery.

It was known that Mr. McSheehy Had been in poor health for some time but he had improved of late and was hopeful of ultimate recovery. His ailment was hardening of the arteries and one afllicted with this disease is liable to be stricken down at any time.

His death on a public thoroughfare at a time of day when the street is crowded caused much excitement. Harry McSheehy, who has been connected with his father in the publication of the Chronicle reached the scene shortly after his father died.

An ambulance was called and the body was taken to the family residence on North street.

Mr. McSheehy came to this city from New York city and began to publish the Chronicle on the 7th of April, 1S75. First it was published on Sunday, but later was gotten out on Saturday. The Chronicle was the oldest paper in northern .Indiana under one continuous management.

Deceased was prominent in the Elks and Odd Fellows. He held the office of exhaulted ruler of the Elks lodge of the I. 0. 0. F. grand lodge at the time of his death. He was busy at work getting out the proceedings of the last department council at El ood which he attended.

Mr. McSheehy was a member of the old Cecilian band and it was only last Saturday that he wrote a reminiscent story in the Chronicle of tho passing of the band boys who were members oi that organization. He also played a cornet in the marshal band of the old Logan Grays military company and was a member of the verterans Association of Logan Grays.

Besides a wife, deceased is survived by three, sons: Harry, who was associated with him in business; Harold, a civil engineer living at home, and Lloyd, who is in the United States navy at San Francisco. Preparations were being made at the McSheehy home for the annual banquet of the Mental Culture club to be held there Thursday night.

He was born in Lafayette, Ind., in 1856. He graduated in the schools of his native city and in 1870 went to New York, where he graduated in both grammer and high school. He was for eight months purser of the steamship "City of Richmond," plying between New York and Liverpool, and for competency in that capacity received a first-class Lloyd's certificate, the first one ever given to a person only eighteen years old.

He was for over eighteen months on the New York Herald staff, the greater part of which time he spent on the Herald yacht as marine reporter. He spent one year in Europe for the book firm of D, Appleton & Co., Of New York, compiling statistics for picturesque Europe. He came to Logansport in 1875 for the purpose of reporting Col. Ingersoll's speech, and was induced by friend to remain and start a paper. - Logansport Pharos Tribune Feb 21, 1911

Henry James McSheehy who passed to. his reward so suddenly this week, had, been a resident of Logansport for nearly forty years and iiad published the Chronicle for 36 years.

As a newspaper writer he sometimes wielded a vitriolic pen and he often left scars that were never healed. He had his virtues.

His habits for living; were exemplary. He neither drank intoxicants nor used tobacco in any form. His home life was an ideal one. His spare'hours were devoted to his family.

He was a bitter enemy and a faithful friend.

He was fond of outdoor life and enjoyed hunting and fishing.

He was persistent in his undertakings and generally achieved what he set out to accomplish. In newspaper work he occupied a field peculiarly his own and he succeded where many others would have failed-- Logansport Pharos Tribune Feb 22, 1911

The funeral of H. J. McSheohy will be held from the residence on North street on Friday afternoon at 2:30. Services will be conducted by the HerSchofleld of Trinity Episcopal church, and burial will be made in Mt. Hope cemetery. Members of the Elks and Odd Fellows will assist in the ceremonies. - Logansport Pharos Tribune Feb 22, 1911

The funeral of H. J. McSheehy will he held from the residence on North street Friday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Services will be conducted by Rev. Scofleld, rector of Trinity Episcopal church and burial will be in Mt. Hope i cemetery. Members of the Elks and Odd Fellows, will assist in the ceremonies Logansport Daily Tribune Feb 23 1911

The funeral of H. J . McSheehy was held yesterday afternoon from the residence, on North Street The Elks and Odd Fellows lodges marched in a body with visiting orders and state officers. Burial a t Mt. Hope - Logansport Daily Tribune Feb 25 1911

New Editor in Charge The current weekly issue-of i.he Logansiport Chronicle bears at its mast head thewords "Harry J. McSheehy, editor, and publisher." This is the first official information of a change, in the management of the paper although Harry McSheehy has been in charge since the death of his father last summer. The new proprietor gives notice that his advertising solicitor - with the odd name of Trygve Gornitka is no longer connected with the paper in any capacity. - Logansport Pharos Tribune Nov 4, 1911 -Logansport Daily Tribune Nov 12, 1911

Mrs. H. J. McSheehy will leave Monday for a two months' visit with her son. Lieutenant Edward L. McSheehy and family, at Vallejo, Cal. Her youngest son, Harold, is also located at Vallejo


As Newspaper Man and Sea-farer the Deceased Has Led Varied and Adventurous Life.—Was Fearless Edltor and Power In Politics.

Henry James McSheehy, veteran editor and owner of the Logansport Chronicle, author and prominent lodge man, was stricken and dropped dead on the sidewalk in front of the home of James McGourty at 824 Broadway at noon yesterday

The stroke, due to the bursting of an artery, came upon McSheehy out of a clear sky and he was dead before many persons, who were upon the street and saw bim fall, could reach his side.

He was carried to the porch of the McGourty home wihere Dr. J. W. Stewart, who was passing, examined and found him dead. Dr. Barnfleld who was called, arrived shortly after but could he of no assistance.

Harry McSheehy, son of the veteran publisher, summoned liy telephone, arrived shortly after the death occurred.

The body was moved to the home at 1217 'North street in an ambulance.

McSheehy had Just parted with Isaac Shideler with whom he had been walking east on Broadway when he was stricken. According to Mr. Shideler bis companion had appeared in excellent spirits and conversed upon the subject of a new motor launch that he proposed to have at his cottage at Lake Maxinkuckee during the coming summer

A half dozen persons were in the vicinity when McSheehy fell. William Ha«enbuck, 1527 Broadway, was just behind and was the first to reach the stricken man. McSheehy was then unconscious.

Shortly after the death a story was circulated to the effect that school boys had been snowballing McSheehy just previous to the stroke. The story is however, discredited by those who were near at the time.

Aside from being one at the most prominent lodgemen in the state of Indiana, H. J. McSheehy was one of the unique figures in the state's editorial fraternity. He was a newspaper writer of vast experience. The weekly Chronicle which he published In this city and which was an edition in Which he boldly set forth his ideas upon local and state topics of the day in a viiruent editorial column; widely read; was established by. McSheehy in 1875 and is credited with being the oldest newspaper in the northern part of the state under one continuous management

H. J . McSheehy was born in Lafayettte, Ind., in 1856. After a schooling there he went to ;New York city where he graduated from both grammar and high schools. When but eighteen he sought a sea-faring life and became a purser on "The City "of Richmond," a steam packet plying between New York and Liverpool. For competency he won a first class certificate from Lloyd's. It is said to have been the first ever given a person so young.

When ¡McSheehy left the trans-Atlantic service he became marine reporter of the New York Herald of which position he has many times regaled friends "with interesting bits of adventurous experience. It was then his duty to go out to meet incoming boats and collect all manner of new sea stories and lore from the newly arrived passengers, oflicers and crews.

Boarding many big boats in wild, icy weather when he was not infrequently thrown bodily into the sea to be rescued, in later years formed the basis of Interesting recollections McSheehy was following the train, of Robert G. Ingersol in the interests of his paper when he first came to Logansport. Here the opportunity for a weekly newspaper presented itself. He seized it. telegraphed his resignation, and remained in Logansport. With the exception of one year when he represented the D. Appleton & Go., publishing house of New York compiling statistics in Europe, McSheehy remained with his paper here.

In late years he had spent his summers at Lake Maxinkuckee where he found pleasure at a summer cottage he had erected on Long Point familiar to Logansport residents. Following one trip some years ago to the American Rockies, McSheehy wrote and published a volume on "Hunting In the Rockies.

McSheehy's particular prominence in lodge circles came through his connection with the I. O. O. F. and the Elks. For seven terms he held the office of exhaulted ruler of the Elks lodge here

He was at the time of death yesterday chaplain of the department council of the state lodge of Odd Fellows was a past grand patriarch of the encampment of Indiana, was past grand representative of the sovereign grand lodge of Odd Fellows and had received highest honors possible in the state. He was eligible to the highest honors of the lodge in the world.

With others he was instrumental in the erection of both the Elks, and Odd Fellows homes in this city. He was a member of the committee in charge of the arrangements for the international encampment of Odd Fellows at Indianapolis next September

Mc5heehy is survived by a wife, formerly Miss Minnie Maurer, and three sons, Harry, Lloyd and Harold. Lloyd McSheehy is an officer in the United States Nevy now stationed on the Pacific coast

Pending word from the son announcement of the funeral has not been made - Logansport Daily Tribune feb 22, 1911

MC SHEEHY Fnial services for Mrs. Minnie J. McSheehy. 88. will be at 10:30 o'clock this morning at the Chase- Miller chapel

The Reverend Father C. C. Reimer will officiate. Burial will be in Mt. Hope cemetery

Mrs. McSheehy died at 2 o'clock Sunday morning at the. Jones Convalescent Home. 731 North street after a lingering Illness.

Born October 22, 1858, in Marion. Indiana, her parents were Ellas and Isabelle Welsh Maurer. She was a lifelong resident of Logansport and was the widow of Henry J. McSheehy.

She was a member of the Trinity Episcopal church.

Survivors are two sons: Commander E. L. McSheehy, of the United States Navy at Coronadia, California; T. H. McSheehy, Chlcagao.

The body Is at the chapel where friends may call - Logansport Press April 30, 1937

Mrs. McSheehy Passes Away Dies At Jones Convalescent Home After Lingering Illness. Mrs. Minnie J. McSheehy, 88, passed away at the Jones Convalescent Home at 731 North street, at 2 o'clock Sunday morning after a lingering illness. She was born October 22, 1858 In Marion, Indiana, the daughter of Elias and Isabelle (Welsh) Maurer. She was a lifelong resident of Logansport and was the widow of Henry J. McSheehy, She was a member of the Trinity Episcopal church. Survivors include: two sons, Commander- E. L. McSheehy of the United States Navy at Coronado, California and T. H. McSheshy of i Chicago. Funeral services will be held at the Chase-Miller chapel at 10:30 o'clock Tuesday morning with the Rev. C. C .Reimer in charge. Burial willbe in the Mt. Hope cemetery. - Logansport Pharos Tribune June 3 1947 - Logansport Press Jun 3 1947

Buried Mt Hope cemetery Logansport, Cass, Indiana

Henry James Mcsheehy
Birth: Dec., 1854
Death: 1911

Minnie J Maurer McSheehy
Birth: Oct. 22, 1858
Death: Jun. 1, 1947

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