Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Oak Knoll - 312 Plymouth Street 

The house sat up on the knoll and the alley or driveway was an extension of Clover St. off of South Plymouth Street

The old house did sit up on a knoll between S. Plymouth Street and the railroad and was surrounded by a grove of tall trees. This comes from Cathy Schlabach Keller this is just before they tore it down for the Cove project in the late 1980's

Taking a stab at this I believe this to be on S. Plymouth Street - where part of the cove and Jerry Simler properties sets today - it was in the 1960's and 1970's the property of Charles Rhodes who owned and owns Park n Shop

1835-1837 Plat Map
    Section 21 Lot 1 - 52.41A
    Section 21 Lot 2 - 41.92A
    Section 21 Lot 3 - __.__A [41.49]

James F. D. Lanier of Jefferson county, Indiana on 30 June 1837 was issued the certificate #7339 the East half of Section twenty; Fractional Section of Twenty One; Fractional Section of Twenty Seven and Fractional section of Twenty eight containing 793 32/100 acres.
1872 Plat Map
J. Miller 18.32A A. Foot 21.60A
J Robbin 27.90A James G Robbins
J. Filer 10A
J. Smith 61.40A

1876 Plat Map - no names on it for this section

1880 Plat Map
"W. J. Myers 17.85A"
M. G. Gould 23.92A; 56/57A
E. Parker 27.42A
J. Filer 10A C. Filer 39.40A
G. A. Durr - Lot 2
A.C. Shepherd Etal
J. Green

It is an educated Guess that this was the W. J. Myers property at this time

From the Logansport Daily Journal page 3 dated Aug. 27, 1882:
    All the preliminaries for the extension of the Logansport branch of the Vandalia railway to Lake Michigan have been satisfactorily adjusted, and upon compliiance with a few easy conditions the contact will be closed, and the work will be commenced and pushed to completion.

    Readers of the Journal are familiar with the route of this line to Marmont (Maxinkuckee), and will have no difficulty in following it to South Bend and the lake...
    With these advantages before them, our citizens are asked to consider one of the conditions above named, which condition is that the right of way shall be furnished free to the new line thorugh our county. The estimated cost of this right of way is from $7,000 to $10,000 and it is proposed to raise the amount by subscription. A consideraable portion of this subscription has already been secured, and a committee appointed for that purpose will make an effort to raise the remainder during the present week...

1883 - Oct 6 - The.Vandaiia railroad company commenced laying iron at Marmount a d ay or two ago, and-withln a short time the tract will be completed from Maxinkuckee lake to the Nickle Plate railroad, a distance of about three miles,- Logansport Pharos Tribune

This is Myers Garden from the 1895 Maxinkuckee Ag book - an exact location has not been determined but from the curve in the railbead it is assumed to be between Willow Point and Washington Street

1880 - W. J. Myers he had 17.35 acres, reached to lake edge - location would be [probably from Daviess or Winfield to Mill St

Areas in corporated into Culver
N. Gould
M. Gruobs 10A +
B. Easterday 38.40
MR. Smith
J. Green
Rochester Club
Long Point
South Long Pont

1905 - May 6 - It is rumored that Thomas Medbourn has disposed of his house and will build a fine house on the island south of the elevator

1906 - Jul 26 - Mr. and Mrs. Secrita of Indianapolis were Sunday guests at Oak Knoll cottage, Thos. Medbounre Proprietor...

the 1906 sandborn map of the area shows the house at the top

1908 Plat Map

1908 - Thomas Medborn and shows the Railroad dissecting the property from the lakefront.

The only Thomas and Mary Medbourn I find are Thomas Medbourn was married to Mary E. Green... Thomas Medbourn died January 1, 1908, and his wife; Mary, February 20, 1925

1914 Sanborn shows the house, at the very top i

1915 - Apr 8 - Siidney Green has rented half of the Mrs. Mary Medbourn cottage, and his wife has not joined him after having spent nearly a year with her parents near Delong.

1915 - Apr 29 - S. E. Medbourn has bought from Mrs. Mary Medbourn a lot 50X200 adjoining the south end of the lower ice house.

1916 - Mar 9 - Exchange Property - Mrs. Mary Medbourn and M. R. Cline exchanged properties last week. Mr. Cline's South Main street house and lot went in at $1,500 and Mrs. Mary Medbourn's lake residence and lot was valued at $3,000. On his new property Mr. Cline will get access to the railroad and thus secure shipping facilities.

1917 - Mar -1 - M. R. Cline moved yesterday to "Oak Knoll", the lake front home whihch he gought of Mrs. Mary Medbourn a year ago.

The 1922 plat map shows that M. R. owned the property

1924 Sanborn map South Plymouth Street area.

1926 - For Sale or Rent - Oak Knoll cottage on Lake Maxinkuckee

1927 - May 4 - Mrs. Marion Jones and family have rented the Oak Knoll cottage near the ices houses for the summer months.

1937 Sanborn map South Plymouth Street area.

1947 - Mar 14 - Explosion of Cleaning fluid Starts Fire
    A can of cleaning fluid near a stove exploded in the William Melock home Wedensday night., and about $200 damage. The funiture and walls inone room were burned and several winows broke by the hear. The house is known as Oak Knoll and is owned bny M. R. Cline

1960 - Aug. 3 - The sale of Real Estate... on August 12, 1960... the three (3) houses and an extra vacant lot owned by the said Milon R. Cline at the the time of his death, know as Oak Knoll Properies, located in the Town of Culver City, Marshall County, Indiana...

It is believed the next owner was Charles Rhodes who was founder and owner of Park n Shop and he or his sons sold to the Culver Cove.

The crop of the plat map of 1922 shows the large lot marked "M R Cline"; the other is the area as it is today showing the cove buildings and the red dots mark the property which has been re-surveyed to include more land.

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