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Overman Building  

Fisher & Son have moved their market from the Overman building opposite the post office, to their market on Scott street near the depot, Meat will be delivered to all parts of the city 6-12-1896

Aptil 9 1897 - John Cromley has moved his meat market into the Overman building opposite the post office. His market will occupy the room in front and his family the rooms in the rear

could this have become the Cromely building as refered to as follows:

    1897 - Dec 3 Sir John Cambell, Culver City’s famous jeweler has moved into the Cromley building up stairs adjoining the Culver Studio. John has taken the entire suite of rooms and is having the same handsomelv furnished which looks rather suspicious. But, if you desire to have your watch or clock repaired, give him a call, he will do it right





The State Exchange Bank - The bank as it appeared before 1924 and one can see the office building to the north.

In 1924, the bank purchased the lot to the north of the bank to enlarge the bank building - 1897 it was refered to as the Overman Building , it is assumed that this is the same building.

Plans have been made that the bank will occupy the entire front across the two lots with the telegraph office in a room on the south side. Albert F. Stahl got the contract for the building. In early February of 1925, dismantling of the old building began.

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