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Simon P. Sheerin  

Oct 16 1896 - Architect Rhodes is preparing plans for a $1,500 cottage to be erected at Lake Maxinkuckee by Hon. S. P. Sheerin. - Logansport Pharos Tribune

1896 - Oct 23 - An architect is preparing plans for a $1,500 cottage to be erected at the Lake by Hon. S. Sheerin, of Logansport

Sep 2 1896 - Hon. S. P. Sheerin has purchased a lot between tbe two hotels at Lake Maxinkuckee and will erect a cottage thereon

1896 - Dec 18 - Geo. T. Paulison, contactor and bulder, of Indianapolis, has the foundation laid for the Sheerin cottage near the Palmer house. This when completed will be one of the finest cottages on the lake, and will occupy a most desirable location. A large gang of men and teams have been at work over two months placing the grounds in an excellent condtion for the buildings.

a beautiful Cottage

    S. P. Sheerin, of Logansport, was in town this week looking after puting the finishing touches upon his beautiful cottage and grounds. The cottage was especially planned by his wife, and everv room in the same with the exception of kitchen, fronts upon the lake. The interior is finished with exquisite taste, and will be modern in every partic ular. Shade trees of the finest variety have been systamaticallv set upon the grounds, while in the proper place a large variety of fruit trees have been set. Also a fine selection of small fruits of ever description. The location of the cottage is immence, having one of the very best views of the lake. Mr. Sheerin and family will occupy their cottage about the middle of June. Years ago Sheerin was editor of the Logansport Pharos, and through his sagasious management the paper proved to be a paying in vestment. He was also clerk of the supreme court for several years - 30 APril 1897

1897 - May 14 - The household goods for the Sheerin cottage arrived Wednesday

1897 - Jun 25 C. C. Davis has just completed two excellent tublar wells for S. P. Sheerin and one for R. Kreuzberger. The latter was placed in Kreuzberger park aud the former at the Sheerin cottage near the Palmer House. Those at the cottage are flowing wells, aud so powerful does the water gush forth, that could it be utilized it would furnish water for any fire department in the county. Mr. Davis thoroughly understands his business and anyone desiring his services will receive perfect satisfaction

1897 -- July 8 S. P. Sheerin has in his possession a handsome black walnut extension table which was presented to him by the proprietors of.the Fifth Avenue hotel, of New York. This table was in use at said hotel 27 years, and is especially valuable owing to the fact that Blaine, Sherman, Grant and hundreds of the nation’s notables have been served at this table. The table is highly prized by Mr. Sheerin, because of the gift, and its historic prestige. It can be seen at the Sheerin cottage near the Palmer House.

1898 - Sep 9 - S. P. Sheerin and family left for their home in Indianapolis Monday. Harry Davis has charge of their cottage and grounds and will be engaged all fall in grading the grounds.

1900 - Sep 9 - Alice, the one year and 8 month’s old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Sheerin, died Aug. 31 at their cottage near the Palmer House. After the body was prepared by Undertaker Easterday, it was shiped to Indianapolis for burial. The family has the sympathy of a large circle of friends at the lake.

1905 - Aug 24 - The late S. P . Sheerin left property valued at $298,877.14. Logansport Chronicle.

Simon P. Sheerin  

It is doubtful if Indiana has a citizen within her boundaries who can more fitly be designated as a Man of Progress than the subject of this sketch. He is the son of Thomas and Mary (Carbery) Sheerin, and was born in Dublin, Ireland, February 14, 1846. His father was a manufacturer in Dublin, and his mother was the daughter of John J. Carbery, a civil engineer.

His father was an Irish revolutionist and was identified with the revolutionary effort in Ireland in 1848.

The parents of S. P. Sheerin left Ireland for the United States in 1849 and landed at New Orleans. Later his father was requested to leave that city upon suspicion that the was an abolitionist. Such was doubtless the case. If he had visited a slave pen and witnesses a slave auction, and other scenes calc ulated to horrify his Irish so ul, he could scarcely have refrained from giving vent to his indignation.

It is not surprising that Mr. Thomas Sheerin abandoned Ireland, after the revolution of 1848, to find a home in the United States. Nor is it surprising that upon reaching New Orleans he did not fall in love with the abominations of chattel slavery, or that he left the "Sunny south" for a northern residence, finally locating in the city of Dayton, Ohio, where Simon obtained his early education in the public schools, supplemented by a course in a commercial college. With this educational equipment, young Sheerin matriculated in a blacksmith's shop, mastered its curric ulum in due time, after which, in 1866, when twenty years of age moved to Logansport, Ind., where, for four years he worked at his trade. But while engaged at the forge and the anvil. Mr. Sheerin was not neglectf ul of education. He was a student of books and of affairs. He possessed quick perceptions and was endowed with a f ull share of will-power and self-reliance - essentials of progress and success - indeed, without which, as a general proposition, advancement in any field of endeavor is rarely, if ever secured.

In 1870 Mr. Sheerin was elected recorder of Cass county, Indiana. After serving one term as recorder, he was re-elected in 1874, and during this incumbency of the office, began a literary career by writing for the press. His capabilities as a newspaper writer were at once recognized. He liked the arena where ideas clash and where friction polishes and sharpens thought.

In 1875 Mr. Sheerin became editor and part proprietor of the Logansport Pharos, one of the most important Democratic publications in Indiana. It was in all regards a happy alliance. Mr. Sheerin at once strode to the front rank of Indiana's editors. Familiar with state and national politics, and being profoundly versed in Democratic principles and policy, he handled a trenchant pen, which made him a valued exponent of Jeffersonian Democracy. He had the genius, the enthusiasm and th wit for which his race is renowned, and under his management the Pharos won merited distinction.

The career of Mr. Sheerin was always along an ascending grade. In 1880 he retired form the Pharos, and in 1882 was elected clerk of the supreme court of Indiana, a position which he filled satisfactorily to the Democratic party and the people, regardless of party name, but declined a renomination to the honorable office in 1886, to engage in important private enterprises.

As a Democrat, no member of the Democratic party of Indiana has won a more eviable position. He was a member of the state executive committee in the years 1884, '86 and '88, a position requiring the best material the party could command.

In 1888, at the Democratic national convention, held at St. Louis, Mr. Sheerin was elected a member of the national Democratic committee, and the same year, in Washington, was elected secretary of the national committee, and was re-elected a member and secretary of the committee in 1892, and was the secretary of the national Democratic convention in 1892. Mr. Sheerin severed his connection with the Democratic national committee because of the divergent views on the money question, but his fealty to the party has known no change. He is of the type of Democrats which defeat does not demoralizes. He is the embodiment of poise, the same in storm and shine, serene and inflexible, he believes in the ultimate triumph of the principles of his party, which he advocates with his pen, and, when opportunity offers, defends upon the platform.

During recent years Mr. Sheerin has been identified with may large enterprises, notably those connected with natural gas and telephones. He is director of the Marion Trust company; is president of the New Long Distance Telephone company, and vice-president of the New Telephone company. Mr. Sheerin is a member of the board of trade, of the Commercial club, of the Dutch house, and of the University club.

In 1883, Mr. Sheerin married Mary Agnes Doherty, daughter of Daniel E. Doherty of Louisville, Ky. Mrs. Sheerin is a graduate of St. Mary's of the Woods, and of the union seven children have been born - three boys and four girls. The home residence is at 1010 North Pennsylvania street Indianapolis, where the parents, surrounded by their children, enjoy the blessings and refinements of c ulture and of a happy home.

It will be observed that Mr. Sheerin, from his boyhood to the present, has been a Man of Progress. He has had high ideals and noble ambitions. Industry and probity have been the chief factors in his steady advance, until his position in the ranks of men of unsullied character us such as to reflect the highest credit upon himself and add to the renown of the state if Indiana.

Men of progress, Indiana : a selected list of biographical sketches and portraits of the leaders in business, professional and official life: together with brief notes on the history and character of Indiana Indianapolis: Indianapolis Sentinel Co., 1899, pg. 570-1

Indianapolis City Directory, 1889. Indianapolis, IN: R.L. Polk and Co., 1889 & 1890

Name: S P Sheerin; C H Ankeny
State: IN
Occupation: president; secretary
Business Name: Indiana Piping and Construction Co
Location 2: r 1 and 2 Ph£nix Block

Name: Simon P Sheerin
City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Year: 1889
Business Name: S P Sheerin & Co
Location 2: 79 W North

Name: Simon P Sheerin
City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Occupation: Brokers and Appraisers of Realty
Year: 1889
Business Name: Sheerin S P & Co
Location 2: r 1 and 2 Phoenix Block northwest corner Market and Delaware

Name: Simon P Sheerin; Charles J Doherty
Location 1: 27-29-31 Thorpe block
City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Occupation: Investment Bankers
Year: 1890
Business Name: Sheerin, Doherty & Co

Name: Simon P Sheerin
City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Year: 1890
Business Name: Sheerin, Doherty & Co
Location 2: b Grand Hotel

1900; Census Place: Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana; Roll: 388; Page: 9A; Enumeration District: 0055;
Household Members: Name Age
Samuel P Sheerin 54
Mary A Sheerin 40 Apr 1860 wife
Thomas Sheerin 14 Jul 1885 son
Sadie Sheerin 14 Aug 1885 Indiana daughter
Mary Sheerin 13 Nov 1886 Indiana daughter
Monica Sheerin 11 May 1889 Indiana daughter
Daraty Sheerin 10 Mar 1890 Indiana son
Simon Sheerin 4 Feb 1896 Indiana Son
Alice Sheerin 1 Feb 1898 Indiana Daughter
Ruth Sheerin 3/12 Feb 1900 Indiana daughter
Mary Sheerin 25 1875 German Servant
Nellie Sheerin 16 1884 Indiana Nurse

Year: 1910; Census Place: Indianapolis Ward 8, Marion, Indiana; Roll: T624_368; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 0144
Household Members: Name Age
Mary V Sheerin 49 [48]
Thomas D Sheerin 26
Daniel D Sheerin 19
Sarah Sheerin 23
Mary A Sheerin 22
Monica J Sheerin 20
Simon P Sheerin 14
Ruth A Sheerin 10
Helen M Sheerin 8
Nora Hoskins 31 Servant
Ruth Barnett 15 Servant
Albert Willis 55 Servant
Margaret Otz 18 Maid

Year: 1920; Census Place: Indianapolis Ward 8, Marion, Indiana; Roll: T625_453; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 142;
Household Members: Name Age
Mary Sheerin 59
Ruth Sheerin 19
Helen Sheerin 18
Mary Murphy 45
Helen Murphy 18

Year: 1930; Census Place: Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana; Roll: 609; Page: 5A; Enumeration District: 342
Household Members: Name Age
Ruth A Sheerin 30 [ b. 22 Feb 1900]
Helen M Sheerin sister

    Samuel Patrick Sheerin Birth 14 FEB 1846 in Dublin, Ireland Death 20 JUN 1905 cook county Illinois burial Holy Cross and Saint Joseph Cemetery Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana son of Thomas Sheerin " Mary Carberry

      S. P. Sheerin, Well Known at the Lake, Stricken at Chicago. S. P. Sheerin, of Indianapolis, died of apoplexy while delivering an address before the executive ! committee of the independent telephone companies, at. Chicago, lhe was one of Indiana’s most prominent men and was well known at the lake where he spont his leisure time during the summer. 22 Jun 1905 Culver Citizen

    married Mary Agnes Doherty Birth 27 APR 1860 in Madison, Indiana Death 13 MAR 1930 daughter of Daniel E. Doherty of Louisville, Ky Burial: Holy Cross and Saint Joseph Cemetery Indianapolis Marion County Indian

    They Had:
      1- Mary Alice Sheerin Birth FEB 1898 Indiana aka Mother Margaret Mary Sheerin, Georgetown Visitation Convent, Washington DC

      2 - Sara S Sadie' Sheerin b. Jul. 9, 1886 Death: Jul. 15, 1966 Indiana Burial: Highland Cemetery Williamsport Warren County Indiana m. 4 May 1917 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana H. Lawrence Durborow or Durborow Birth: Sep. 11, 1883 Warren Co., Ind Death: Oct. 15, 1939 Burial: Highland Cemetery Williamsport Warren County Indiana son of Wm. Boyer Durborow and Mary Lawrence
        Lawrence Durborow, 65, head of an advertising company in New York City, died at the Mills Bros. hospital in that city Sunday.

        He was a native of Williamsport and lived there until yound manhood. After graduating from Indiana University, he went east. Before going to New York he was associated with a publishing house in Boston. His wife survives, but no children.

        The body was cremated Monday and the ashes were brought to Williamsport. They were taken to Hamilton funeral home where funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at 3. Burial in Highland cemetery

      3 - Julia Monica Sheerin Birth: 4 May 1889 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana Death: Oct. 12, 1967 Indianapolis Marion County Indiana burial: OCT 14,1967 Burial: Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis Marion married 9 Sep 1916 Marion, Indiana Walter Walter W. Kuhn, Sr. Birth 7 Oct 1889 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana Death: Feb. 18, 1977 Indianapolis Marion County Indiana burial: FEB 19,1977 Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis Marion County Indianson of William Frederick Kuhn and Anna Walden

      4 - Ruth Adelaide Sheerin Birth 22 FEB 1900 Indianapolis, Indiana Death Sep 1978 burial: SEP 16,1978 Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis Marion County Indiana Plot: Sec: 2KK, Lot: A-9 married Henry S Severin Jr BORN: 14 Nov 1898 Indianapolis, Indiana Death: 1981 burial: OCT 28,1981 Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis Marion County Indian Plot: Sec: 2KK, Lot: A-9

      5 - Helen Marie Sheerin Name: Birth: 23 Jun 1901 Indianapolis - Indiana Death: 20 Dec 1989 - Bethesda, Montgomery, Maryland Burial: Arlington National Cemetery Arlington Arlington County Virginia Marriage: 4 Jan 1963 Col Charles Weller McCarthy Birth 19 NOV 1902 Prescott, Ontario Death 07 MAY 1981 Bethesda, Maryland Burial: Arlington National Cemetery Arlington Arlington County Virginia

      6 - Thomas Desales Sheerin Birth 25 Aug 1884 in Indiana Death 5 Mar 1950 in Indianapolis, Hamilton, Indiana married may 1915 Marion county, Indiana Name: Jane Mather Ogle Birth: 11 Aug 1884 - Hamilton, Indiana, Death: Dec 1949 - Indianapolis, Hamilton, Indiana daughter of Alfred McCartney Ogle, Laura Halstead McKenzie

      7 - Simon Patrick Sheerin, Jr Birth: Feb. 4, 1896 Indianapolis Marion County Indiana, Death: 1912 Indianapolis Marion County Indiana Burial: Holy Cross and Saint Joseph Cemetery Indianapolis Marion County Indiana

      8 - Daniel Doherty "Dohr" Sheerin Birth: 1890 Indianapolis Marion County Indiana, Death: Jan. 27, 1953 Indianapolis Marion County Indiana Burial: Holy Cross and Saint Joseph Cemetery Indianapolis Marion County Indiana
        Doherty Sheerin, 62 years old, nationally known for his work in connection with Alcoholics Anonymous, died yesterday in St. Vincent's Hospital after a long illness.

        Mr. Sheerin, a native of Logansport, had served as vice-president of the Thomas D. Sheerin Company, Inc. since the death of his brother, Thomas D. Sheerin, in 1950.

        Mr. Sheerin, formerly had been associated with the old Motor Shop, American Appliance Company, Triumph Lamp Works, and (print unreadable here for remainder of paragraph, microfiche copy distorted)

        He achieved national recognition in 1940 when he brought the Alcoholics Anonymous movement to Indiana and devoted the major part of his time to its successful development in the state.

        Credited with aiding thousands of "problem" drinkers, Mr. Sheerin served on the board of the Indian Home, a sanitarium maintained here by the organization. A graduate of Purdue University in 1913, Mr. Sheerin was a member of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity and Iron Key. He also was active in the St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church.

        Funeral Services will be held at 9:30 am tomorrow in Kirby Mortuary and at 10 am in St. Joan of Arc Church. Burial will be in Holy Cross Cemetery. The family requests that flowers be omitted.

        Survivors besides the widow, Mrs. Dorothy Madden Sheerin, include three daughters, Mrs. Donald D. Pritchard, Mrs. James E Rocap Jr., and Miss Dorothy Sheerin, all of Indianapolis; two sons, Simon P., and Daniel Doherty Sheerin Jr., both of Indianapolis; five sisters, Mother Margaret Mary Sheerin, Georgetown Visitation Convent, Washington DC, Mrs. Lawrence Durborow, NY, and Mrs. Walter W. Kuhn, Mrs. Henry Severin, and Miss Helen M. Sheerin, all of Indianapolis, and six grandchildren
      married Dorothy Josephine Madden Birth: unknown Death: 1971

      Burial: Holy Cross and Saint Joseph Cemetery Indianapolis Marion County Indiana

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