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William Thompson pre 1834 -

    The United States of America received title to all Indian Lands from Virginia by act of the General Assembly 12/20/1783 and by deed-signed by Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and others 3/1/1784. Indiana occupied the land by treaties. Upon extinction of the treaties the land was surveyed from December 1833 to September 1834.

    1837 - 10 August - William Thompson

    another says 12 Jan. 1836 but the actual land patent record from the Goverment on the link above list the date recorded here.
    By Daniel Mc Daniel in "An Early History of Lake Maxinkuckee" (1908):
      The Only one of the caravan who settled on the lake was Eleazer Thompson who built a log cabin a year or two later where the residence of Mrs. H. H. Culver is now located on the northeast shore. The old cabin still stands just north of the Culver residence, but has been remodeled, losing thereby some of its primitive beauty. Mr. Thompson was, therefore, the first white settler to take up permenant residence on the banks of the lake. He died a few years later, and the property has changed hands many times since then.
    William E. Thompson, b. 6 Nov 1776 in MD; d. 17 Jan 1848 in Union Twp., Marshall Co., IN; bur. Bucklew/McDonald Cemetery, Marshall Co. IN; md. 16 Nov 1797 in Bracken Co. KY to Nancy Lewis (Oct 1779, Washington Co. PA - 15 Jan 1858, Union Twp., Marshall Co. IN, d/o John Lewis & Mary Powers).William and Nancy and their family came from Rush Co. IN into Marshall Co. with the first group of settlers in 1836.

    Children of William E. Thompson & Nancy Lewis
    1- Martha Thompson, b. abt 1798 in Bracken Co., Ky.; md. James Wiley.

    2- John Lewis Thompson, b. 17 Oct 1799 in Bracken Co., Ky.; d. 11 Apr 1855 in Marshall Co., IN; bur. Bucklew/McDonald Cemetery.

    3- Sally Thompson, b. 7 Aug 1801 in Bracken Co., Ky.; d. 23 Sep 1844; md. 4 Oct 1819 to James Kipper.

    4- Ebenezer Thompson, b. 31 Mar 1803 in Bracken Co., Ky.

    5- Lewis Thompson, b. 20 Dec 1804 in Bracken Co., Ky.; d. 17 Feb 1853 in Marshall Co. IN; md. 27 Feb 1825 in Fayette Co., IN to Phoebe Dickson (20 Jan 1806, Butler Co., OH - 31 May 1884, IN, d/o Platt Bayless Dickson & Elizabeth Brownlee)

    6- James Thompson, b. 12 Oct 1806, Bracken Co. KY.,

    7- Eleasor Thompson, b. 8 Jun 1808, Bracken Co. KY; d. 23 Sep 1844, Marshall Co. IN.

    8- Elizabeth Thompson.

    9- Mary Lewis Thompson, b. 27 Sep 1813, Bracken Co. KY; d. 4 May 1903, Marshall Co. IN'; md. 22 Apr 1841, Marshall Co. IN to Elias B. Dickson (13 Oct 1807, Butler Co. OH - 22 Dec 1889, Marshall Co. IN, s/o Platt Bayless Dickson & Elizabeth Brownlee).

    10- William Edward Thompson, b. 3 Apr 1818, Bracken Co. KY; d. 27 Sep 1907, Lincoln, Lancaster Co. NE; md. 22 Oct 1840 in Marshall Co. to Martha McDonald (17 Jul 1820, Rush Co. IN - 6 Aug 1908 Lincoln, d/o Daniel McDonald & Catherine Logan).

    11- Nancy Thompson, b. 28 Jan 1820, Bracken Co. KY; d. 7 Dec 1845, Marshall Co. IN; md. 27 Nov 1840, Marshall Co. to Noah Lawson.

    8 - Elizabeth Thompson, b. 10 Dec 1810, Bracken Co. KY.; d. 9 May 1880, Marshall Co. IN; md. 29 January 1829 in Connersville, Fayette Co., IN to Vincent Brownlee (5 Jan 1803, Cincinnati, OH - 11 July 1882, Union Twp., Marshall Co., s/o Hugh Brownlee & Rebecca Vincent).

    Children of Elizabeth Thompson Vincent Brownlee
    1- Sarah 'Sally' Brownlee, b. 4 Dec 1830, Fayette Co. IN; md. 24 June 1852, Marshall Co. IN to Hezekiah Bailey.

    2- William Brownlee, b. Aug 1832, Fayette Co.; d. 1887, Marshall Co.; md. 1 Jan 1854, Marshall Co., to Emerine Jones (2 May 1833, Columbus, Bartholomew Co. IN - 26 Oct 1904, Marshall Co.)

    3- Lewis Brownlee, b. abt 1833, Fayette Co.; d. as an infant.

    5- Hugh Brownlee, b. abt 1834, Fayette Co.; d. as an infant.

    6- Mary Ann Brownlee, b. 26 Sep 1835, Connersville, Fayette Co. IN; d. 16 Mar 1904, Pittsburg, Crawford Co. KS; md. 29 Jan 1852, Marshall Co. IN to Andrew Wickizer Duff.

    1870 Marshall County Census

    1880 Marshall County Census

    History of Indiana : containing a history of Indiana and biographical sketches of governors and other leading men. Also a statement of the growth and prosperity of Marshall County, together with a personal and family histry of many of its citizens by Brant, Fuller & Co Published 1890
      The election in Union township was held at the house of William Thompson, and the following is a list of the names of those who voted at that election: Eleazor Thompson, T. (Theophilus) Jones, P. B. Dickson, Lewis Thompson, Ephraim Moore, James Houghton, John Mor- ris, John Thompson. Union had been organized May 1, 1838. Among the first religious services in the township were those held at the house of Grandfather William Thompson, who conducted the services and preached the gospel to the original sinners in that neighborhood, " without money and without price." Uncle Henry Logan and Grandfather Voreis, also preached there and at other places in the vicinity. The petitioners for the organization of the township were: ...William Thompson, ... . No change has been made in this township, as to its boundary lines, since its organization. William D. Thompson, whose brief biography is herewith presented, was born in Fayette county, Ind., March 4, 1827, and traces his ancestry back through several generations to his great grandfather, James Thompson, who came to this country and Settled in that part of the District of Columbia taken off the state of Maryland, where William Thompson, his grandfather was born in 1776. In 1798, was married to Miss Nancy Lewis, and moved to Bracken county, Ky., about 1800. He and his father were Baptist ministers, but after moving to Fayette county, Ind., in 1S16, he severed his connection with the Baptist church, and became identified with the Disciples, of which denomination he was also a minister until his death. He assisted in the organization of a number of congregations in Fayette and other counties, and also preached in Marshall county, after settling there in 1836. On coming to this county he purchased a large tract of land near Maxinkuckee lake, on which himself and children settled. He reared a family of four sons and four daughters, two of whom are now living, viz.: Mary, wife of Elias Dickson, of Union township, and William E., of Lincoln, Neb. Lewis Thompson, the father of the subject of this sketch, was born December 20, 1804, in Bracken county, Ky., and was by occupation a farmer, in politics, a democrat, and a member of the Christian or Disciples church, and was married to Phebe Dickson, February 27, 1825. Of their children the following grew to maturity: William D., Alexander C, Nancy J. and Julia A. William D. Thompson came to Marshall county at the age of nine years, since which time he has resided continuously in the same county. February 14, 1850, he was married to Miss Amanda Logan, daughter of Thomas Logan, of the same county. The union has resulted in the birth of four children: Phebe C, Laura E., Albertus C. and Olive M. He held the office of justice of the peace in Union township, Marshall county, for four years ending in 1858, and held the ofiice of township trustee, in Center township, same county, from April, 1882, to 1SS6, and in politics has always been a democrat, and is an elder in the Christian church of Plymouth, Ind.

    Of interest to William Thompson is this:

    And the location of the Dinsmore and Vories farms are thus - they are now part of the Culver Military Academy holdings. This is from the 1898 map; the Dinsmore and Vories holdings are also on the 1880 map but the one I have at present is stopped short of showing the entire holdings as presented below.

    The following 1898 map below shows Wm. Dinsmore:
    The following 1898 map below shows Wm. Dinsmore

    Today is