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Lovers Lane  

1926 - Sep 15 - Chaperoned by their superintendent, Mrs. Clifford Baudouin, the members of the "Kings Herald" enjoyed a hike and weiner roast down in "lovers lane" at the soutn end of the lake last Saturday afternoon...

1927 - Apr 27 - Dear Reader: The Seniors are going to celebrate their graduation,by having a steak roast at 6:00 o'clock, Saturday morning after graduation; on the banks of Lake Mainkuckee, at "Lovers' Lane"

1928 - Oct 3 - A petition was filed with the county commissioners Monday, by D. W. Marks asking that the road extending from the Wells corner where the brick pavement ends on south Main steet to the road known as "Lovers Lane", just beyond the Walker cottage, be repaired by hard surfacing...

1933 - Mar 3 - The road at the south end of Lake Maxinkuckee, popularly known as "Lovers' Lane", is being improved by the county highway force. The roadway is being widened as well as placed in better condition for the summer traffic

1943 - May 5 - The road at the south end of the lake, popularly known as "Lovers Lane", is being improved the county highway force.

This postcard is labeled as "Lovers Lane, Lake Maxinkuckee near Plymouth, Ind>

Pictured is a view of beautiful Vandalia Park, now our town park of more than a half century go., Tr grassy slopes were broken by colorful flower bead and gravel walks bordered by white-washed stones.

One small section, like a bit of fairy land, contined a small stream of water spanned by a tiny foot bridge

Near the bridge was a little rustic house with seats for two and a "Lovers lane" beyond

The big walk led from the train to the pier where the large steamers received passengers which were transported to various places around the lake. This afforded the cheif public tansportation of the cottagers to and from the treains.

The following to was classifed by some as "Lovers Lane"

It is found in McDonald's "Early History of Lake Maxinkuckee " simple labled as: A Beautiful Forest Path on the East Shore