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Marmont-Vandalia Trail

This is the "Upper Indiana trail" as it has been called for many years of the area between the Culver Town Park and the main Culver Acadmey Campus, the land orginally was part of the Jungle Hotel and Lakeview Club

If memory serves me right the trial vereing off of the upper trail leads back to the area to where the turnable was located. It sat on the bluff above the lake in the area known as "the Indian Trails" now being owned by the Culver Military Academy

This is the 1922 plat map showing the layout to the railroard, the Lake View Hotel Grounds and the western edge of the Academy campus

All that could not be bought up at the time was the railroad right-a-way.
    A R/W 100' WD:BEG SW PT 1.42A PAR LD/ 3.12A
    N LN ACADEMY RD NE 2000' S LN ST RD10 4.590A

    A R/W 100FT STRIP W LN N W1/4 NWLY 3.540
All other property between the Town park and academy was acquired sometime between

The railraod propery was acquired sometime in the 1980's with arrangement being made by James F. Dickie II, a trustee of the Culver Educational Foundation. The delinquent property taxes on the railroad right-a-way was paid up in full and the property was transferred to the Culver Educational Foundation; also waiving all responsibility to the railroad for any clean-up that was required as they had already salvaged the ties and rails from along the right-a-way.

It is assumed that the higlighted blue area of the "old railroad bed" between the town park and the curve in Sycamore Rd. is what is known as the " Marmont-Vandalia Trail "

The mention of the " Marmont-Vandalia Trail " was found several years ago - no amount of Googling to date has brought it up again - so whether it exists today is questionable -

But found buried in a PDF file entiitled Preliminary Investigation... Rail Preservastion Programs... revised June 21, 2011... Indiana Rail-Trail Facilitiies as of October 2002 is this :
    Name: Marmont Vandalia Trail.
    City: Culver.
    County: Marshall.
    Trailhead: Old Depot/Beach.
    Terminus: Academy.
    miles: 1.0.
    Surface: Wood mulch