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Maxinkuckee Highland Subdivision area  

Part of the area above Academy Drive between Std. Rd. 10, Lake Shore Dr. (St. Rd. 17) and State Street is labeled as Maxinkuckee Highland Subdivision on the plat maps. Just how far its carried north and west is unsure.

. Section 16 - 500.90A 1835 Original Survey
Section 16 c. 1837 500.90A (North shore town and academy)

1872 - Section. 16
    Est. of I N Morris 105 A ( also 80 A)
    J. Duddleson - 30.60A & 10A
    T. Houghton 90A.
    J. Houghton Acreage not stated
    J ___ name illegible 4A
    G. A. Durr 10A
    Lot no name no acreage stated
    G. A. Durr 5A? - res (Lot 2 3A & 3A)
    Dr. Durr No amount Stated lots as if to be 2 large
    L D W [Lorenzo W. Wiseman]

1876 - J. Castleman - 190A

1876 Section 16
    1850-1876 I. N. Morris 175/185a   [Isaac N. Morris] - 185 A

1880 North Section 16 - 500.90 Acres Town
    I N Morris 185.34
    B. W. Watt 15.50A
    LakeView Club 15A
    J Duddleson 109.31A
    Tho. Houghton 90A.
    J. E. Houghton 19.60A
    E Parker 27 A

1898 - Section 16
    L. C. Dillion - 10A, 99.31A, 79.76, 75.60A
    T. Houghton 89A
    A. Roughton
    E. Duddle(son) 9.60A
    E. Morris 21.49A/Morris Lake Front Plat
    T. H. & L RRR Lake View Club 15 A.
    J. J. Bryant
    Incorporated Limits of Culver


1922 Plat Section 16
    Lewis C. Dillion 238.28
    Wm H. Houghton 87A

1956 Plat map Section 16
    Mildred Dillon 126A & 92A
    Ida Dillon 48A
    Leonard Hoffman 19A
    unlabeled 5A
    unlabeled 9A

The way it was before 1957-1958. In the background is a view of the Dillion property on the south side of State Road 10 where the Culver Storage Units, the now empty motorcycle shop and the Ten Spot, now empty also is. The houses on the horizon is college Avenue homes.

1961 Plat map Section 16
    Mildred Dillon 126A & 92A (Dillon Property)
    Ida Dillon 48A
    L. H. (Leonard Hoffman) 19A
    unlabeled 5A
    unlabeled 9A

By the orginal plans the photo to the left represents what was going to be the sudivision "Maxinkuckee Highlands as found:
    1961- Jan 18 - The commissioners gave preliminary approval to plans for a new subdivision, known as Maxinkuckee Highlands, and located in the area bounded by Indiana 10, Old 17, Academy Road and State Street The Thirty-acre plot could contain about nintey residential lots, as well as a small business district. The area is being developed by Maxinkuckee Developers, Inc. a local firm.

As depicted in plat maps of the 1960's


In the 1968 the squares rectangles represents buildings - these are Winkler's automotive shop, Culver Animal clinic. The "L" shape is the Town and country package storethat sits on the corner of 1910 and 17 They were the first buildings built between Academy Road, Lakeshore Drive, State Street, State Road 10 and School Street.

An Ad for house in Maxinkuckee Higlands, Apr. 26, 1961

1964 - Apr 22 - Town BOard Topics...
    Harry Edgington and Charles Edgington, respresenting the developers of Maxinkuckee Highlands, which is a new housing development located north of Indiana Avenus or Academy Road, which ever you prefer, and west of Old 17 and bounded on the north by State ROad 10 and 17. proposed that this area be annexed into the corporate limits of Culver.

    It was brought out that in doing so the City of Culver would be required to furnish waterlines, sewer facilities and sewage accomodations.

    THe area in question consists of about 28 acres.

    The developers were informed that the Town of CUlver could not furnish these services due to conditions and contract regulations of the present articles which involver the existing bonded indebtedness of the present water and sewage department.

    Water pressure for the area was discussed which would present a problem, since the area is on very high ground and a long disttance from the water tower, which lessens the water pressure to the point that it would be indadequate.

    Mr. McFeely stated that to give adequate pressure to that area a booster pump arrangement would have to be placed on the water line into the area. This would cost approximately $600.

    The final agreement reached was that the area would be annexed with these provisions: the developers provide water, sewer and sewage lines and the city would install a water pressure booster. Thes conditions must also be approved by the planning commission.

By the May 6, 1964 citizen the area was annexed in accordingly
    An agreement betwen the owners of Maxinkuckee Highlands addition was signed by the board. The area will be annexed into the Town of Culver under these conditions: The owners are to lay all storm and sewage and water lines in the addition. Sewers are to be large enough to adequately take care of surface water and seweage.

Ad appearing Oct 4, 1961

1965 - Maxinkuckee Homes Inc. received Parents magazine Citation of Merit


From plat maps as labled underneath

It was the hopes of the developers to expand the housing subdivison further north but it fully did not happen. Most of the land lay as undeveloped farm land into the 1980's and slowly evovled into more of a buisness disrict. As idicated by the following plat map

1981 Plat map Section 16
    Culver Educational foudantion 112.2A Arthur Dillion Jr. 88.4Aetal -
    Leonard Hoffman
    Lutheran Trinity Church
    2 unnamed subdivisions
    Maxinkuckee Highlands (1st & 2nd)
    unlabeled northwest corner 5.95A - George Hopple (1959)
      Now divided down as:3.88A , 0.86A,1.21A

The to be built eventually in the ensuing years were Park n Shop (1978), Maxinkuckee Home Supply (1979), Plaza Apartments (1979), Bills furniture(1981) and the Dariy Queen (1983), Senior Citizen Apartments (1990), and then the Monterey Bank (1993), storage units (1988-2011) adding more buildings in ensuing years), Anchors Away and Family Dollar (2006).

It was broke down into three subdivisons :
    Maxinkuckee Highlands which consistes of Anchors Away Dariy Queen and and Family Dollar.

    The others are Maxinkuckee Highlands 1st Addition of 806 Academy Dr., 820 Academy Dr. & 7 houses 618, 610, 618, 624, 708, 712 Academy Dr. & 615 State St. and Maxinkuckee Highlands 2nd Addition 5 house - 622, 625 & 628 State St; 625, 629 N. Forest Place

    Of the 90 homes hoped to be built only 12 were and 19 Condominium (1999-2002).

Today is