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Maxinkuckee Moon - Waltz Sheet Music  

Sheet music for "Maxinkuckee Moon," published in 1923. The lyrics were written by J. Paul Fogarty and the music itself composed by Herbert B. Keller. This song has become a well-known attribute of local lore, and is one of the only published songs pertaining to Culver .

Some what interesting but puzzling is the copyright for this sheet music The Catalogue of Copyright Entries, Part 3, Musical Compositions, 1924, New Series, Volume 19, Numbers 5–6, has this entry:

    ’Neath the Wabash moon; w J. Paul Fogarty, m Herbert B. Keller, of U. S. © May 5, 1924 ; 2 c. May 6; E 587897: Richmond-Robbins, Inc., New York. 10419

and Catalog of Copyright Entries: Third series 1952
    'NEATH THE WABASH MOON w J Paul Fogarty m Herbert B Keller © 5 May 24 E587897 R9 21 May 52 J Paul Fogarty & Herbert B Keller ((A's )

1923 - From the Academy - The "Culver Follies of 1923"... Miss Forgarty's song, "Maxinkuckee Moon". the words of which are by Capt Fogarty and the music by Lieut. Keller, was one of the popular numbers of the evening. This song is to be published and will soon be on sale...

1923 - June 6 - Capt Fogarty and Lt. Keller of the Academy faculty have written a song called "Maxinkuckee Moon", which has been accepted by a large New YOrk musical publication House.

1927 - Feb 2 - Husbands Banqueted By the Culver City Club... Mr. Herbert Keller rendered two solos in his usual pleasing voice, and as a special request number, sang his own composition, "Maxinkuckee Moon"

1930 - Mar 5 - "Maxinkuckee Moon" Being Played Over Radio Chain - "Maxinkuckee Moon", beautiful waltz composed by Herbert B. Keller and Paul Fogarty several years ago, is now becoming known nationally. Dan Russo's orchestra of Chicago has been broadcasting it over KYW and last night it was palyed over the NBC system - Citizen