Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

An Early History of Lake Maxinkuckee - Index  


Inside cover, Map of township

Title Page


Maxinkuckee Lake - Jerome Burnett

The Arrival (picture)

History of Lake Maxinkuckee

State Geologist Report

Fish Commissioner's report

Behold beautiful Lake Maxinkuckee (picture)

Orthography of Makinkuckee Lake

First Settlers About the Lake

Indian Reservations

Where the lake and forest meet (picture)

Chief Nees-Wau-Gee

Chief Quash-Qua

Chief Au-ben-nau-be

Chief Pau-Koo-Shuck

Only Treaty made on the lake

A launch starting a vovage (picture

A scene from the lake road (picture)

A view on the east shore (picture)

Removal of the Indiana

The first white settlers

Row and Sail boats

the peerles (picture)


sunset on the lake (picture)

Literature of the lake

Poetry of the Lake

The Hoosier Poet's Tribute to Maxinkuckee

Culver Military Academy(the north shore) (Picture)


Fish and Fishing in Lake Maxinkuckee

The Maxinkuckee Lake Association

Club Houses and Hotels

White caps (picture)

The Aubbeenaubbe Yacht Club

Sailing on the lake (picture)

A beautiful forest Path on the east shore (picture)

Members of Lake Maxinkuckee Association , 1905