Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana


David Burns loved to dig up old bottles - etc. - most he claimed came from the Lake View Hotel grounds most well known as the "Indian trails", probably the old academy dump area; besides those found buried along the shore line of Lake Maxinkuckee while digging footings for seawalls He never reveled as his digging spots. He had a long narrow round rod (probably re-bar) that he used for probing. Mosy of these were all found before 1972.

There were boxes upon boxes of old glass bottles in the basement - after his death I got a dumpster to clean out the carport and basement - and yes I opened all boxes - saving a few of the scripted labeled bottles but there were thousands of unlabeled bottles... much to the dismay of his son - but without labeling they were worthless...

Beer bottles:

Soda Bottles

Pharmacy Bottles

Milk Bottles


of the beer bottles he had several and just gave them away. He had taken these out of the house from where I had them displayed for fear of me giving them away; claiming he would either sell them or just give them away. After his death I found them stashed in a dirty old musty box in the carport.

The basement coal bin was f ull of boxes of old bottles but nothing of importance - all bore no labels; only fluid onuces or generic bottle marings about the bottle. there were no brand names nor were there any that were embossed. I took each box and went through them - and then threw them into the dumpster - I remember my son grumbling about me tossing them out - but I could not see keeping anything that was not embosed with a product name or had the paper labels missing on them.

Other Items Found / Bought

Book Cover & Photo Scrapebook

Snap Shots - a small photo keepe??