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Meyer Park Smmer Garden  

OKay - letting my imagineation carry me back... in the background looks to be the Kreuzberger Saloon on thie right and on the lake front looks to be the "white Swan"; the the left - is a large white house - this could be the one tore down in the 1970's for the Harbor it was diviedied into severla apartments the ares in the front left would be the Holt Lumber Yard which became Ferriers The "Meyer Park Summer Garden" as depicted in an 1895 Marmont (once the name of the town of Culver ) Agricultural Fair program (click here to read the entire program).

could be a part of J. Miller 18.32A or the LDW (L. D. Wiseman)
The 1880 plat map shows a W. J. Myers owning approximately 17.35 or 17.85 acres on the west side of the lake . Below is an enlarged of the area.

and if it existed in 1898 in had become a part of the plated section of Culver , as indicated below.

Today is