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Culver Theater  

612 Lakeshore Dr.
1908 - Appears to be empty lot

1922 - Appears to be empty lot

There is mention of the theater re-opening in 1923 could this be the location?

    League of Historic American Theaters, states:
      Lakeside Cinema /El Rancho Theatre
      Built: 1922 Seats: 299

1921 - Dec. 21 The management of the Culver Theatre has announced that Mary Pickford' s latest picture, "Through the Back Door," has been chosen for opening night

1922 - Jun 21 - Micheal Yesh, formerly proprietor of the Culver Theater is now in Gary

1922 - Sep 13 - Mr Hayes authorizes the statment that he has no connection with the management of the Culver Theater which he has lease to Will and Florence Listneberger

1923 - Mar 24 - Culver Theater Reopens - Culver Theater will reopen, under the management of Lymand Bolen of Knox, on March 17

1923 - September 19 - I. D. Howard announces the opening of the Culver Theatre with Mary Pickford in "Tess of the Storm Country."

1924 - Sanborn Map shows "movies"

1924 - jan. 30 - Closes Home Theater
    Link Turns His Attention to the Culver Theater

    The Home Theater will be Dark for the comming month at least for Billy Link has closed it doors and has decided to run his shows in the Culver Theater locared neat the depot. Mr. Links lease does not run out on the Home Theater until the first of March, so it will probably remain darkend for at least that amount of time.

    Mr. Link Expects to show the same high class pictures in the Culver Theater that has been shown at the Home Theater. In addition, hexpects to put on road shows from time to time.

    The greated trouble with the Culver Theatre was that it could no be kept warm. However, Mr. Link had over come that handicap by putting in a partion just inside of the main doors which does not allow the cold air in the main part of the theater.

    The new location also enables him to have a larger crowd since the seating capacity is much larger.

1924 - Nov. 24 - Billy Link, manager of the Culver Theatre, has announced that he will begin Monday morning to tear out the two rear rows of seats in his theatre to allow thebuilding of a lobby room. He states that this will help the heating problem for his biuilding besides making a nice place for the male patrons to smoke and chat betwen acts. He plans to ,ake the room neat and attractive.

1925 Jan 7 - Culver Theater Closed For a Short Period - Announcement was made last Sunday night that the Culver Theater would be closed for a short period of time. Manager Billy Link was not sure just how long the doors would be shut but it was thought that it would not be for long. At present Mr. Link is runninga theater at Plymouth which is commanding a good patronage. 1925 - jan. 14 - CUlver Theatre Taken Over By Argos Man
    Neil Thompson, experienced show man from Argos, has made arrangements with the owners of The Culver Theater and will begin to operate it Sunday night

    Thompson has been showing a splendid quality of shows in Argos. Yhe Gordon players wil be in the theatre each Tuesday night, it is thought by Mr. Thompson

1925 - Jan 16 - Opens Culver Theater
    Billy Link will Bring Grand Players Here for Opener

    Billy Link has rented the Culver Theater for a time and will put on some high class vaudville for the community. The Grandi Players will open the house next Monday and remain here for the entire week

    The Granid Players are considered one of the beat road shows available. They played in Plymouth last week and scored a success. The week they are playing in Knos and are attracting large crowds. There are eleven people in the group and they are fully equipped with the best in the way of costumes and scenery. They carry their own musi and it is also very good

    Mr. Link Belives that the people of Culver desire the very best in the way of entertainment and for that resaon is going to the expense that he is for these entertainments. He promises to bring other good attractions for the future.

1925 - Aug 12 - An ad stating the Culver Thear under new management of Billy Link and George Buffington

1925 - Dec. 16 - Geo. V. Buffington, Manager.

An ad stating location "Opposite R.R. Station" 15 Sep 1926

1926 - Nov. 10 - CUlver Theatre Opened Satuurday By V J. Meranda - - V. J. Meranda launched out in the theater-manager world Satuday night when he opened the Culver Theater in the east end of town. Meranda had a very good crowd his opening night, it is said, and is looking forward to a nice business

A ad of Feb 16 1927 - Stating Culver Theater - Across from the Deopt

1928 - Aug 8 - an ad claims under new Management but no name stated -

1929 - Jan 23 - Star City Man Opened Culver Theatre, Sat. - The Culver Theatre opposite the depot was opened Saturday, January 19, under the management of Ray Bager of Star City. Mr. Badger is an experienced show man and promises to give the best of ictures here. He has installed a new screen, improved lighting for the progector and remodeled the heating plant.

1937 - Sanborn Map shows "movies"

It became "The Palms" and then the El Rancho Theater aka 612 Lakeshore drive

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