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Liberty Theater  

Location is 415 Lakeshore drive the old Hayes livery building

1919 - Jan 1 - It is rumored that Billy Link is to convert the Hayes livery barn into a moving picture theater. The building which has recently used as a garage by Frank Clemons, is now closed. If Billy decides to put his project through he will do it right.

1919 - February 26 - Work has commenced on the remodeling of the Hayes barn into a picture theater for Billy Link. - NOTE: this was at 413 LakeShore Dr. (now 415 Lakeshore Dr.)

1919 Mar 19 - Culver's New Theater - It will be of interest to ur readers to lean something anout the new theater which Billy Link is having constructed and which he personally will operate this summer. The Hayes garage building on Scott Street is being remodeled into a dandy little auditorium which will seat upwards of 800. A large stage is being constructed which will be outfitted with first-class scenery painted by the artist who does all the work for the B. F. Keith Theater of Columbus, O. The attractions to be presented weill include No. 1 vaudville, such as is booked by the better class of houses, good music, repertiors plays and first run pictures.

1919 May 1 The new Link Theatre will have its opening night on Thursday, May 15. Aside from several first class vaudeville numbers, a five-reel picture will be shown.

1919 May 14 - The Liberty Theater will open tomorrow under the management of Billy Link.

1919 May 14 - Billy Link In Town
    BillyLink, in quest of excitment incident to city life weht to Plymouth the other day. A Republican reporter got on his trail and secured a "Story" as follows:
      Billy Link was in Plymouth Tuseday from Culver. Billy got stuck in Culver a few years ago and built hemself a nice bungalow there. The he went fishing on Lake Maxinkuckee and while fishing he got such a big fish, or big bite, or something that gave him a stroke of paralysis. Then he lay in his bungalow for some time and looked out on the things about him. He saw Charley Hayes' gargare near his house. 'My , but that would make a fine picture show house', thought Billy. Then he talked to Charley Hayes and finally made arrangements to rent the place. He has had it painted within, seathed with good seats and fixed up as alony an old show man knows how to fix it. The place will seat some 600 people. Jack Sullivan of C.M.A. is associated with Mr. Link in the business.

      On Thursday the new picture show hous will open in Culver. It is the intention to give not only the best picture shows that can be had, but some goo vaudville in connection. ' I am loath to make the announcement', said Billy, because the great picture "Mickey" is coming to Plymouth on that day, and I don't want to take anybody away from seeing "Mickey". ' "Mickey" is the greates picture ever made; he declared. 'In Seattle in ran for weeks from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and always to packed houses. People paid 75 cents to see it out there. It will be the talk of the county for months, and those who do not see it will wish they had.' Thus did an old show man talk about "Mickey"

1919, May 21 - A Successful Debut -
    It looked like a grand opera night in Culver last Thursday. A double row of cars was parked in front of the Liberty Theater and people stoof in line at the tivket window. When the show began the house was packed, and the second show, which came at 10 o'clock saw nearly as large a crowd in the seats. The picture featured Norma Talage -just the sweetest, and most appealing little woman in the movie world - in "San San", a chinese paly. The Baby WIlson, a 5 year old girl, gave thre character songs in Irsih, Italian and Negro personations. Mr. and Mrs.Link closed the evening was a sketch in which Billy was a traffic cop and Mrs Link sang herself straight into the hearts of her audience. She has a trained voice Which is turneful throughout its wide register and her personality is a sunshiny and inspiring as a poet's May Morning.

    The theater starts a serial Friday night. The indications are that the public will appreciat the new place of amusement which is large, comfortable and well ventilated.

1919 - Dec 10 - On His Own Billy Link is now sole owner of the Liberty Theatre. Mr Sullivan severs his connection with the business on account of other dutied. Billy is woroking up a circuit which will include Culver, Argos and Plymouth, and Knox - an arragnment which insures a good clas of preformances in each theater. The Liberty is puttin on fine pictures - as good as are seen in the city, and has an abiding faith in the apprecitation the of the Culver public.

A vitage ad that ran in the Culver Highs School 1922 Yearbook

1921 March 2 The stage scenery of the Liberty Theatre is being touched up by Artist Reed and an advertising drop curtain is being painted

1921 MARCH 30 New Awnings have been put up at the Liberty Theatre

1922 - Spet 20 - The Links Wiill Go West
    The impossiblitly of making three theaters pay in Culver, the agitation for Sunday closing, and the expitation of his lease next March has detemined Billy Link to pull out.

    He and Mrs Link are making arrangements to spend the winter in Colorado or California.

    The Liberty theater will probably remain open for some time as the Links do not expect to leave before Nov. 1, but Billy has informed his patrons that no more big pictures will be shown with the consequent loss which their expensiveness entales.

1923 - Feb 28 - The Sunday Picture Show
    The controversy between the church people of Culver and Billy Link of the Librety Theater, pending in the circuit court for several months, was sttled last week when Link plead guilty to voilating the stature and took a fine of $1 and costs.

    As the Citizen understands the situation, this dismmisses all complaints against him.

    There are, we nelieve, suits pending against the onter theater, but as this place of amusement has been closed for months and the proprietor has departed, it is not likely that prosecution will be forced.

    TThe new theater on Main stree, recently leased by Blossom Link, was open last Sunday evening and will continue to be according to the statement of the lessee.

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