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Their were many movie theaters in Culver over the years at different locations - and at times more than one was in operation at a given time. this page will be an attempt to list some of them - even if just found mentioned in quips from the 'do you remember...' column that appeared weekly in the Culver Citizen.

Home Theater - 113 N Main

Palm Theatre (was the Palace/Culver Theater) - 612 Lakes Shore Dr.

The El Rancho (was the Palms) - 612 Lakes Shore Dr.

Lakeside Cinema (was the El Rancho) - 612 Lakes Shore Dr.
    1984 April 1996 - lakeside cinema - James A. "Jim" & Pamela S. Baker
      Dawn Crise joined them in managership of the theater - and some updating of the lobby, restrooms was done along with adding a couple of arcade games to the lobby. Movie tickets were a dollar.
    4 April 1996-21 March 2007 - Lakeside Cinema - - Hand-Sum Corporation Franklin C. "Frank" & Donna M. Stealy

Uptown Cinema (was the Lakeside) - 612 Lakes Shore Dr.

Culver Theater - 612 Lakes Shore Dr.

Liberty Theater - 413 Lakeshore Dr.

Palace Theater / Hayes Theatre (was the Culver Theater) - 612 Lakes Shore Dr.

Star Theater, The - 116 N. Main

Pearl Theater - 525 Laks shore Dr.

Gem Theater - some 1930 ads place this theater in Plymouth! Quips of the theater is made in several issues but no place was stated
    1932 -? - 15 At the Gem Theater next Sunday, Lionel Barrymore and Nancy Carroll in "Broken Lullaby." Admission, adults 25 cents.

News Quips of other theaters, some bearing no names:

1913 - Billy Link was mentioned as well known "showman" and that he had plans of erecting a 2 story building which would use a drug store on the ground floor and a theater on the end floor with a capacity of seating 700 people. It is unknown if his adventure got off the ground or not.

1915 - Apr 29 - Harvey Kamp of Chicago has rented the Bradley bowling alley building and will fit it up for a theatre in which moves and vaudeville will be given

1922 - Spet 20 - The Links Wiill Go West
    The impossiblitly of making three theaters pay in Culver, the agitation for Sunday closing, and the expitation of his lease next March has detemined Billy Link to pull out.

    He and Mrs Link are making arrangements to spend the winter in Colorado or California.

    The Liberty theater will probably remain open for some time as the Links do not excpect to leave before Nov. 1, but Billy has informed his patrons that no more big pictures will be shown with the consequent loss which their expensiveness entales.

1925 - Sep 25 - JOhn Osborn has taken over the management of the new up-town picture house though Mont FOss remains as operator

1930 - Jul 9 - Billy Link, former resident and manager of theaters here is, now appearing in a recent, movie "Mammy" which stars Al Jolson

1940 - sep 4 - The free moving picture show on E. Jefferson stree will be resumed Sept. 17 according to Rev. John walton, it the schools open the preceeding day.

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