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Jacob E. Myers  

To quote Jeff Kenney:
    "Scene on the farm of J. E. Meyers and Son, breeders of Polled Durham cattle and Poland China Hogs." Was this the hog farm on the corner of today's State Roads 10 and 17, where the Culver Academies' horse pasture is today?
NOTE - J. E. Myers never owned the land that is now the horse pasture for Culver Military Academy. The first proven by the above plat maps are either J. Duddleston [James Duddleston] or Lewis Cass Dillon and his heirs.

The probable location I have is further east and north just south of Rutland was where the Myers hog farm was located but by the plat maps of 1898, 1908 and 1922 it sure was not at the corner of what is St. Rd. 17 & 10. I have found Jacob E. Myers and William H. Myers in the 1920, 1920 and 1930 census for Union township; and the other names around them for 1910 & 1930 match the 1908 plat map. My 1922 cuts off to soon for this area.

1905 - Feb 9 - Jacob Myers of Rutland has sold withing the past week, three head of finely bred male durham cattle, one wighed over 2000 lbs.

1905 - Aug. 24 - CLose Call By Explosion
    Jacob E. Myers Seriously Injured WHile Burning Stumps

    Jacob Myers, living south of Rutland, met with a serious acciden Tuesdy evening. Durung the summer he has been at work clearing a field of stumps by the use of dynamite cartidges.

    He place one under the stump and then drilled a hole int he stump where he placed the second one. When firing them evidently only the cartidge under the stump exploded while the on imbeded in the stump remained intact.

    Tuesday he was engaged in buring the stumps when this cartridge exploded and part of the charge struck him in the face.

    His face is considerably burned and his eyes were swollen, but there are no other serious injuries.

    Drs. Rea and Parker were called and dressed the wounds. We are pleased to learn that the accident was no more serious and hope the gentleman will be on our streets again in a few days.

1924 - Dec 10 - Jacob Myers Gives a Name to stock Farm
    "Rich Valley Stock Farm: is the name that Jacob Myers has given to his farm north-east of Culver during the past week

    Mr. Myers says that he has been contemplating namine his farm for about ten years but never could think of a name that was sutable to him and his farm.

    Just recently, Mr. Myers has his herd ofr twenty-one cattle tuberculin tested and it was found that ther were immune.

    He was a lot of six young roan bulls coming on which are beautiful speciemens

1926 - Mar 17 - Jacob Myers Celebrated His Eightieth Birthday
    Eighty years of lide on this earth is uncommon for one man, bbuct such is the accomplishment of Jacob Myers who, with member of his family, celebrated the anniversary of his birth last Sunday

    Mr. Myers is a long-time resident of this community.

    He has many friends in the community who will join the Citizen in extedning congratulations.

    Those of his children who attended the celedration were Howard Mikesell and family, William Myers and family and clarence Myers and family. Other children were unable to attend on accounty of sickness.

1927 - Nov. 2 - Celebrated Anniversary - Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Myers celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary last Friday and were the recipients of congratulations from a large group of friends, although no special celebration was planned for the day. The couple is looking forward to the observance of the 75th anniversary.

1930 - Mar 19 - Jacob Myers Celebrated 84th Birthday Sunday
    Jacob EM Myers, Civil War veteran of Union township, celebrated his 84th birthday Sunday at his beautiful country home, and he had a lot of friends to help him do it.

    Ne less a personage in this celebration was his good wife and several other old comrades in arms. These veterans were: Samuel Osborn, age 90; and WIlliam T. COok, age 84 of Culver; Jacob BOwers, age 88 and John Delmarter, age 86 both of Mishawaka.

    The beautiful yard in its rich evergreesn, meatly trimmed was addorned by two large flags on poles and several small ones.

    In the back yard Will H. Myers had erected a new flagpole 48 feet high on which "Old Glory" floated in majesty. At its top is an electric light which lights the yard at night.

    One impressive event was the visit of three mounted cadets from the Culver Military Acadeny. They stopped in fron of the home and saluted the old veterans.

    There were 23 members of the Daughters of Veterans present with 18 of their children.

    Relative present were Mr. and Mrs. Loys Custer of Mishawaka (She is the daughter of Mr. Myers) with their three children: Paul, Harry and Raymond; Mrs. Clara A Swanson of South Bend, a daughter; Mary Mikesell of Culver, a daughter and her sone Glenn.

    Mr. and Mrs. Will H. Myers were in general charge of the occasion.

    Rev. Voris B. Servies, pastor or the M. E. church at Culver, took part in the celebration.

Jacob Eply Myers Birth: Mar 14 1846 Germany Death: 21 Aug 1931 Union twp. Marshall county Indiana Burial: Poplar Grove Cemetery Union Twp Marshall County Indiana, ??son of T Franz Maier & Johanne Regina Epple ??

    Jacob E. Myers, 85, Answers Last Call

    Was G.A.R. Veteran

    Prominent Cattle Raiser Dies SUddenly at Country Home From Apoplexy Stroke

    Jacob E. Myers, one of the best known G.A.R. vertans of Marshall county, and outsttanding in Union township as a cattle fancier and farmer, passed away Friday afternoon at his farm home east of Culver.

    The theme of that song of fifty years ago of the grandfather's clock that stopped when its owner died is no more striking nor unusual than that of the American flag flying at hald mast in Mr. Myers yard on the day that he passed away.

    He was an intensely patriotic Civil War verteran and it was his daily joy to hoist the Stars and Stripes from the top of his high flag pole and to salute the Colors with his typical snap and vigor. On Friday he raised the flag only to half mast, the mourning position for soldiers who answered their last roll call, and that afternoon he died.

    Mr. Myers had been in ill helath for several years, but recently had been able to visit in town and was making plans to attend the annual G.A.R. National encampment this year. He had given no indications of not feeling well at dinner, but a few hours later was found unconscious by the side of the yard swing. He died about fifteen minute later of the stroke of apoplexy that had sticken him.

    Mr. Myers was born in Germany, March 14, 1846, and died at the age of 85. He came to this country when six years old and sttled in Ohio with his mother. His father had died att sea.

    At the age of 14 Mr. Myers came to Marshall county and as an orphan worked for 50 cents a day or the equivalent in grain, as few farmers in those days had any ready cash. He helped clear the timber from what is now known as the Busart farm.

    On February 29, 1864, Mr. Myers enlisted in the CIvil War and served until July 20, 1865, as a member of CO. D. 48th Regiment of Indiana Volunteers.

    He was untied in marriage of October 28, 1866, and started farming on the farm now owned by G. H. Fifield, which he purchased for $5 an acre. Later the industrious couple moved to the farm where he lived until his death.

    Mr. Myers has one of the breeders of pure bred polled shorthorn cattle in the state and worked with the goal constantly before hime of some day winning a national prize. This he accomplished in 1927 when he attracted national attention by winning first prize with his yearling "Johnny Logan", at the Iinternational Livestock Show in Chicago.

    He was an active church worker, enthusiastice member of the G.A.H. and Maxinkuckee Lodge of the I.O.O.F. AT one time he was junior voce-commander of the Indiana G.A.R.

    At thie time is his death it is believed that Mr. and Mrs. Myers were the oldest married couple in the county. When they celedbrated their golden wedding anniversary in 1916, over 100 friends joined in observing the happy occasion. The 60th anniverary was celebrated in 1926, but the aging couple did not fell physically able to entertaine a large crowd and only relative and close friends were invited.

    It was one of Mr. Myers main boasts that he had always been a subscriber to the Culver Citizen since it was founded in 1893.

    He is survived by his widow and four children. Five other children had gone on before him.

    The surviving are: William H. Myers, of Plymouth; Mrs. Clara Swanson of South Bend; Mrs. Pearl Custer of Mishawaka, and Mrs. Mary Mikesell, of Culver. A brother, Gottlieb Myers of Michigan; 12 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren also survive.

    Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at the Poplar Grove church, Rev. W. H. Warriner, assisteb by Rev. Kaley of the Methodist church of South Bend, officiating.

    Inerment was in the adjoining Cemetery.

    Members of the local post of the American Legion acted as pall bearers and accorded their comrafe military honoras at the grave. Ritual services were in charge of the Maxinkuckee Odd Fellows Ladge. The church was unable to hold all those who wished to pay their last respects to their respected fellow citizen, one who had fought for his country.

    Relatives froma distance atteding the funeral included Mr. and Mrs. Gottlieb Myer and three sons and families of Unionville, Michigan; Rev. D. A. Kaley of South Bend; Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Amstuz of South Bend; Mr and Mrs. Loyd Custer and son of Mishawaka; Paul Custer and wife of South Bend; Mrs. Clara Swanson of South Bend; Dr. L. J. Bunch and wife of South Bend; Mr. and Mrs. Peruker of South Bend; Mr. and Mrs. Chauncy Overmyer of South Bend; Mr. and Mrs Will Peeples and family of Laporte; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Peoples of Laporte, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Huff of South Bend; Mr.s and Mrs. John Huff of South Bend; Mr and Mrs. A. G. Snell of Lafayette and Mr. and Mrs. Ira Kaley of Logansport.

married Marriage: 28 Oct 1866 Sarah Ann Kaley Birth 29 DEC 1846 Bellevue, Sandusky county Ohio Death 11 JAN 1946 Union twp. Marshall county Indiana Burial: Poplar Grove Cemetery Union Twp Marshall County Indiana, daughter of Reuben Kaley & Anna Mary Crouse

    Mrs. Sarah Myers, 99, Oldest Resident of County, Died Friday

    After observing her 99th birthday only last Dec. 9 and making plans to celebrate the reaching of the century milestone this year, Mrs. sarah Ann Kaley Myers died Friday afternoon whil sitting quietly in her favorite chair in the Myers farm home near Culver.

    She had resided there for 70 years, having shared the home with her son, Will Myers and family since the death of her husband, Jacob Myers, in 1931.

    They married Oct. 28, 1866 shortly after his return from service with the Union army in the Civil War.

    Mrs. Myers was born in Ohio, Dec. 29, 1846, and when only six months old was brought to Marshall county by her parents Reuben and Mary Kaley, living in what is known as the Kaley neighborhood. She was a member of the Culver Methodist Church.

    Surviving are s son, WIlliam; three daughters Mrs. Clara Swanson, of Houston, Texas; Mrs. Pearl Custer of Mishawaka; and Mrs. Mary Mikesell of Culver; 12 grandchildren; 30 great grandchildren and on great-great grandaughter; three brothers: Samuel Kaley, of Culver; Joseph Kaley of St. JOseph, Much; and Jesse Kaley of Iowna, Kansas.

    Funeral services were held SUnday afternoon at the Poplar Groce Methodist church, Rev. Ralph M. Jones officiating.

    Interment was in the adjacent I.O.O.F. Cemetery - - 16 Jan. 1946 - CItizen

    1 Joseph Franklin Myers Birth 8 JUN 1868 Death 19 NOV 1869 Son of J.E. & S.A. Myers Burial: Washington Cemetery Union twp Marshall County Indiana

    2 William Henry MyersBirth: Nov 20 1871 Marshall County, Indiana Death: June 8 1964 Bremen Marshall County, Indiana Burial: Poplar Grove Cemetery Union twp Marshall County Indiana married Daisy Alice Oyler Birth: 24 May 1876 Indiana Death: 12 Sep 1950 - Los Angeles, California Burial: Washington Cemetery Union twp Marshall County Indiana daughter of William Albert Dr. Oyler & Catherine Hannah Galbraith
      Eva Myers Birth DEC 1886 Indiana married -- WOlf

      Bertha B Myres Birth SEP 1896 Indiana

      Albert Cecil Myers Sr Birth 14 JUNE 1899 Indiana Death 10 OCTOBER 1970 Van Wert County, Ohio married Martha Katharine Railing Birth 28 NOVEMBER 1900 Convoy, Van Wert County, Ohio Death 6 JANUARY 1992 Van Wert County, Ohio

      Clarence W. Myers Birth ABT 1902 Indiana Death 1962 married Carrie L Triplet Birth 1904 • Indiana Death 1963 Indiana
      Milburn J Myers Birth 1910 Indiana Death 1997 married Anna Mae Bilyew Birth 1924 Indiana Death 2005 Indiana

      Donald Eugene Myers Birth JULY 15, 1911 Indiana Death JAN. 22, 2003 Plymouth, Indiana married Sylvia Irene Polley

    3 Amanda Alice Myers Birth 08 FEB 1876 Culver, Marshall, Indiana, Death 21 MAR 1903 Muncie, Delaware, Indiana married William Henry Peeples Birth 11 MAY 1871 Lake Maxinkuckee, IN, Death 21 JAN, 1940 Tracey, LaPorte Co, IN married 2nd RIlla Russell son of John R. Peeples & Electra Ann Lettie McMillen Indiana, Death Certificates, 1899-2011 Name: Mrs Amanda Peeples [Mrs Amanda Myers]
    Gender: Female
    Race: White
    Age: 27
    Birth Date: 8 Feb 1874
    Birth Place: Indiana
    Death Date: 21 Mar 1903
    Death Place: Muncie, Delaware, Indiana, USA
    Marital Status: Married
    Spouse: William H Peeples
    Father: Jacob E Myers
    Mother: Sarah Ann Kaley

      Ralph Augustus Peeples Birth MARCH 14, 1903 Delaware County, Indiana, Death MARCH 5, 1948 Leetsdale, Allegheny, Pennsylvania married Jeannette Veronica LaForge Birth 03 JUL 1909 North Chemsford, LaPorte, In Death 21 AUG, 1995 Tempe, Maricopa, AZ daughter of Parents Joseph N. LaForge & Eva Marie Breault

    4 Ida Eldora Myers Birth 1880 1902

    5 Charles Ruben Myers Birth 1882 Death : Nov. 12, 1887 Son of J.E. & S.A. Myers Burial: Washington Cemetery Union twp Marshall County Indiana

    6 Sarah Pearl Myers Birth 8 FEB 1886 Marshall Co., IN Death 26 JUN 1970 St. Joseph Co., IN, married 14 Apr 1907 - Culver, Marshall, Indiana Lloyd Charles Custer Birth 14 AUG 1882 Dublin Twp., Mercer Co., OH Death 27 OCT 1963 • Mishawaka, St. Joseph Co., Michigan son of Parents Jonathan Custer & Nancy Ellen Donovan
      Paul Edwin Custer Birth 25 JUL 1908 St. Joseph Co., Indiana Death 14 JUL 1994 Pinellas, Florida married Jeanne Miriam Sager Birth 31 AUG 1909 Elkhard, Elkhart Co., Indiana Death 20 DEC 1990 Manatee Co., Florida daughter of Oliver John Sager and Maura Millicent Sage

      Harry M. Custer Birth 26 MAR 1910 St. Joseph Co., Indiana Death 10 DEC 1994 South Bend, St. Joseph Co., Indiana married Evelyn M --- Birth 1909 Death 1992

      Raymond Custer Birth 6 AUG 1919 St. Joseph Co., Indiana Death OCT 1986 Milford, Kosciusko Co., Indiana Fredonna Bitner Birth 14 AUG 1927 Indiana Death 20 NOV 2010 Grace Village Nursing Home, Winona Lake, Kosciusko Co., Indiana

    7 Clara Viola Myers Birth: Aug. 19, 1873 Indiana Death: Feb. 19, 1975 Houston Harris County Texas, Burial: Forest Park Westheimer Cemetery Houston Harris County Texas married January 18, 1893 St. Joseph County IN John A. Swanson Birth OCT 1863 Sweden Death Unknown
      Marie S Swanson Birth ABT 1901 Indiana Death 8 MARCH 1988 married Lisle Kern Bunch Birth 6 AUGUST 1896 Lakeville, St. Joseph County, Indiana Death 24 JUNE 1983 • Harris County, Texas son of Harrison Bunch & Emma

    8 Mary Eliza Myers Birth 18 JAN 1889 Indiana Death 25 FEB 1970 - Sarasota, manatee, Florida married Aug 27, 1908 Marshall, Indiana Howard Edgar Mikesell Birth: Aug 23, 1887 (23 Aug 1887) Death: Apr 1959 - Sarasota, Sarasota, Floridason of Nathaniel A Mikesell & Rachael A Bryant
      Dormand Ellis Mikesell Birth 22 DEC 1910 Indiana Death 27 JUN 1974 • Sarasota, Sarasota, Florida married Mary Katherine Link Birth 29 OCT 1910 Memphis, Tennessee Death 1 NOV 1999 Sarasota, Sarasota, Florida,

      Glen Elmer Mikesell Birth 27 JUL 1915 Culver, Marshall, Indiana, Death 15 JUL 1999 Sarasota, Sarasota, Florida Rita Marie Bunting

    9 Tiny Ellen Myers Birth September 11 1892 Death Dec 25 1928 Union twp Marshall County Indiana Burial: Poplar Grove Cemetery Union twp Marshall County Indiana
      Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob E. Myers Dies

      Tiny Ellen Myers daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob E. Myers of Union township passed away a 3 o'clock Tuesday afternnon, Dec 25 at the home of her parents.

      Besides her father and mother, she leaves three one brother, Wm. Myers of Culver; three sisters: Mrs. Clara Swason of South Bend; Mrs. Pearl custer of Mishawaka; and Mrs. Mary Mikesell of CUlver

      She was born September 11 1892

      Funeral Services will be held Thursday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. at Popular Grove with burial at Piplar Grove Cemetery. Rev. Servies will officiate

Ad 13 Feb 1957 selling the "Old Jacob Myers farm" by Dormand & Howard Mikesell; grandson and son-in-law of Jacob.

Year: 1870; Census Place: Union, Marshall, Indiana; Roll: M593_342; Page: 207A
Name: Jacob Myers
Age in 1870: 24
Birth Year: abt 1846
Birthplace: Württemberg / Wurttemberg
Home in 1870: Union, Marshall, Indiana
Race: White
Gender: Male
Post Office: Argos
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members: Name Age
Jacob Myers 24
Sarah Myers 23

Year: 1880; Census Place: Union, Marshall, Indiana; Roll: 297; Family History Film: 1254297; Page: 193A; Enumeration District: 108;
Name: Jacob E. Myres
Age: 34
Birth Year: abt 1846
Birthplace: Germany
Home in 1880: Union, Marshall, Indiana
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Sarah A. Myres
Father's Birthplace: Germany
Mother's Birthplace: Germany
Neighbors: View others on page
Occupation: Farmer Saw Miller
Household Members: Name Age
Jacob E. Myres 34
Sarah A. Myres 33
William Myres 9
Clara V. Myres 6
Amanda A. Myres 4
Ida E. Myres 3

Year: 1900; Census Place: Union, Marshall, Indiana; Roll: 392; Page: 5B; Enumeration District: 0082 Name: Jacob E Myres
Age: 54
Birth Date: Mar 1846
Birthplace: Germany
Home in 1900: Union, Marshall, Indiana
Race: White
Gender: Male
Immigration Year: 1854
Relation to Head of House: Head
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Sarah A Myres
Marriage Year: 1867
Years Married: 33
Father's Birthplace: Germany
Mother's Birthplace: Germany
Occupation: View on Image
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members: Name Age
Jacob E Myres 54
Sarah A Myres 53
Ida E Myres 20
Sarah P Myres 14
Mary E Myres 11
Tiny E Myres 7

1910; Census Place: Union, Marshall, Indiana; Roll: T624_370; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 0114
Name: Jacob E Myers
Age in 1910: 64
Birth Year: abt 1846
Birthplace: Germany
Home in 1910: Union, Marshall, Indiana
Race: White
Gender: Male
Immigration Year: 1854
Relation to Head of House: Head
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Sarah A Myers
Father's Birthplace: Germany
Mother's Birthplace: Germany
Native Tongue: English
Occupation: Farmer
Industry: General Farm
Employer, Employee or Other: Employer
Home Owned or Rented: Own
Home Free or Mortgaged: Free
Farm or House: Farm
Naturalization Status: Naturalized
Able to Read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Years Married: 41
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members: Name Age
Jacob E Myers 64
Sarah A Myers 63
Tina E Myers 19

U.S. Naturalization Record Indexes, 1791-1992
Name: Jacob Epley Myers
Birth Date: 14 Mar 1846
Birth Place: Germany
Age at event: 76
Court District: Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa
Date of Action: 19 Sep 1922

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