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One Township's Yesterdays Chapter XXVI  

DANIEL C. HULTS and his sons

were among the first settlers of what is now the Rutland neighborhood.

They located on the "prairie" as it was called in early times where "Uncle PLATT DICKSON" and others lived, southwest of where Wolf Creek Mills formerly were. This was on the early traveled route from Winamac to the land office at LaPorte and to Chicago, with its banks and blossoming commercial possibilities.

Daniel C., Joseph L., and Uriah S. Hults were listed in the township census as having settled here prior to 1840.

DANIEL C. HULTS had removed from the State of New York to Marion County, Indiana. In 1836, the family came to Marshall County. DANIEL C. HULTS at once became an active participant in the affairs of this new country. He was among the petitioners for the organization of Union Township.

Uriah was born January 22, 1823, in Marion County. His education was obtained through the subscription schools of the early days and his own efforts. At an early age he learned to follow the plow, and engaged in agriculture until his death, December 2, 1880. His father, Daniel, died in 1841, and Uriah became the mainstay of the family and took upon himself the management of the home farm. He was a member of the Reformed Church. On May 7, 1864, he married HANNAH ENGLE. There were two children
    Carrie Belle
    Cora Dove

Around 1880, the U. S. HULT ís land in Union Township consisted of two parcels close to and adjoining the present settlement of Rutland, and bounded by lands of CAVENDER, HAND, LELAND, BENNER, BERLIN, and DICKSON, in Sections 1 and 12.