Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

One Township's Yesterdays Chapter XXVI  


It has been stated by a chronicler of the early history of Marshall County that the second white child born in this county was JAMES OSCAR LOUDEN.
The first was CYRUS TABER, born in 1834, a son of Mr. and Mrs. SAMUEL D. TABER, who lived two miles south of Plymouth on the Michigan Road, and who kept a tavern which he called Pashpo, in honor of an Indian chief by that name who lived in the vicinity.

JAMES O. LOUDEN was born April 28, 1837, died at his home near Rutland, September 21, 1904, after a long illness, and was buried in Poplar Grove Cemetery. He was a member of the Methodist Church since he was eighteen years old, and was a faithful worker until disease prevented.

He was married to CORDELIA A. WILLARD, July 29, 1858, to which union eight children were born, five sons and three daughters.

JAMES O. LOUDEN was a half-brother OF MARVIN T. LOUDEN, who today (in 1934) resides on the east side of Lake, Maxinkuckee. Marvin had three half-brothers. The father, JOHN LOUDEN, moved to Indiana from New York in 1833, coming first to LaPorte County, then to Marshall County. He settled near Wolf Creek.

The son, Marvin, was born April 26, 1858, in Green Township on the homestead farm, located one mile west and one mile south of Wolf Creek village, pretty close to Union Township. In fact, the farm adjoined the Union Township line on the west. About fifty years ago, or in the early '80s, he came to Union Township. His father came before that. Members of the family still living in the township are MARVIN T. LOUDEN his sons and daughter
    T. G. LOUDEN, of Culver
    IVAN LOUDEN, of Maxinkuckee
    Mrs. FLORENCE WOODRUFF, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, a summer resident with her father