Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

One Township's Yesterdays Chapter XXVII  


There comes now upon the scene a pioneer doctor by the name of GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS DURR, and his wife, ELIZA (LOPP) DURR. The doctor was a native of Baden, Germany, but his wife was born in America, in Indiana.

He came to this country, located at Monterey, then moved to Lake Maxinkuckee in 1856, and remained to practice in that territory until his death at the age of sixty-one. His wife died at the age of forty-four.

Two children grew to maturity. A son, Dr. CHARLES C. DURR, was born in Pulaski County, in what is now Monterey, in 1852, and was four years old when his parents located at Lake Maxinkuckee. After graduating from dental college in 1873, the young Dr. DURR began at once to practice in Plymouth, serving at the same time as dentist for the Culver Military Academy.

The "old Dr. DURR," as he was called, in order not to confuse him with his dentist son, was known and loved far and near; he was the family physician for early and scattered "flocks."

He had some land at Delong, and it was there that the STAHL family early located, on the "Dr. DURR place," as it was known to them. The family of JACOB F. and CHRISTIANA STAHL moved there about 1858. There were around forty acres of un-cleared land, wilderness more than anything else, which Mr. STAHL cleared by arrangement with Dr. DURR.

In the '76s, the doctor owned a tract of land, consisting of somewhat over 76 acres and located south and southwest of Marmont.

This land included the present JOHN HAWK farm and extended from the corner back of the Evangelical Church to the Doll Road, west of town. It was bounded on the north by the present. Mill Road, on the east by the section line road, on the south by the M. G. GOULD land, and on the west by the Doll Road. At that time there were only two structures on the land, one at the corner of the section line road and Mill Road, the other some distance down the section line road, (which evidently followed the present alley between Main and Ohio streets).

This property did not comprise the doctor's residence, which was located nearer the center of the town of Marmont.