Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

One Township's Yesterdays Chapter XXVII  


Among the first of the settlers in the Lake Maxinkuckee region WAS DENISA HILL-FINNEY. Born DENISA HAWKINS, she was married in Covington, Kentucky, to JORDON HILL, her first husband, who was a native of that State.

At an early date, JORDON HILL had removed from Lexington to Covington. There he engaged in the manufacture of ropes and in the ferry business, being the first man to run a ferry boat between Covington and Cincinnati. His death occurred at Covington in 1837, and his widow soon afterward removed her family to Indiana, locating in Bartholomew County. While residing in that county, she was married a second time, to JAMES FINNEY.

Tracing the further migration of the family, we find that the next removal was to Peru, Indiana, in 1841; then in 1843 to Marshall County, where the family settled near Maxinkuckee lake. In about 1864-5 Mrs. FINNEY removed to a farm about two miles west of Argos, where she lived for many years, attaining an age not far beneath the century mark. She was born very early in the Nineteenth Century, in 1805 or thereabouts.

To her marriage with JORDON HILL four children were born [[of which were]
    George, who resided near Argos
    William W.
      who became an honored citizen and business man of Plymouth, was born at Covington, Kentucky, February 6, 1830, and while at a very tender age he was, by the death of his father, thrown upon his own resources. With but little more than the rudiments of an education, and while but a mere boy, he was apprenticed to a baker at Peru. Acquiring a good knowledge of the trade, he went to Plymouth, worked a year in the Packard bakery, then established a small affair of his own. From that point, his rise was steady and sure.

Six children were born to the mother's second marriage.