Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

One Township's Yesterdays Chapter XXIX  


EDWARD A. LA BOUNTY was the first of the family to settle in this part of the country. He bought land at the Outlet of Maxinkuckee; in fact, the outlet stream passed through it. It was better than sixty years ago that he came to Union Township; evidently in the early 'seventies.

EDWARD LA BOUNTY was born in Fulton County, New York, March 11, 1853. His father was ABRAM LA BOUNTY. His mother's family name was Raymond. When Edward was three years old, the family came out from New York State to Chicago, which was then a small place. The trip was made by wagon. After a short stay in Chicago, Abram decided to go down into Illinois and take up land there. This he did. He settled between Gilman and Watseka. He pioneered there.

Edward's father, Abram, died in Illinois. He was drowned in Sugar Creek.

Edward, not yet married, came to Union Township when he was about twenty years old. His aunt, his father's sister, lived here then. She was the wife of PETER ABAIR and lived where HOWARD MIKESELL resides now. Edward worked for a time for Jacob Myers in his sawmill northeast of Lake Maxinkuckee. He was drawn to this part of the country through his aunt's residence here, and came first to visit her. He decided to stay, and later located at the Outlet of the lake.

EDWARD LA BOUNTY was still a young man when he took another important step along life's trail: He "took unto himself a helpmate." He was married here in Union Township to his first wife, who was LAURA EASTERDAY, sister of W. S. EASTERDAY of Culver.
    Herbert, a son of EDWARD and LAURA (EASTERDAY) LA BOUNTY, is living in Logansport.
He was married a second time, when AMANDA CROMLEY became his wife.
    Lester, who is a son of EDWARD and AMANDA (CROMLEY) LA BOUNTY, resides in Culver.

The death of EDWARD LA BOUNTY occurred on June 6, 1906, in Fulton County. He was survived by his widow, AMANDA LA BOUNTY, who resides today in Culver.
The LA BOUNTY family originated many years ago in France, and is one of the few from that country to come ultimately to Union Township and to settle permanently here.

Up in the northern part of the township, several years before the coming of EDWARD LA BOUNTY, the York family had moved in and taken up land.