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One Township's Yesterdays Chapter XXIX  


Although the OYLER family did not come to Union Township anywhere near as early as the others already considered, we believe that the association of its members with the Medbourns warrants our giving them this little niche or alcove of space in our history of the township's early comers.

It was in the year 1883 that Henry OYLER came to Marmont from Logansport, bringing with him his wife, MATILDA (BARNETT) OYLER, and daughters
      KATIE BELLE OYLER, who was born June 5, 1866, became the wife of SAMUEL MEDBOURN. She died in February, 1895, leaving two children
        BESS EMILY (MEDBOURN) SLONAKER, now deceased
        HARRY E. MEDBOURN, now residing in Culver
      MAUD OYLER became the wife of OSCAR PORTER. She departed this life July 23, 1891, leaving two boys:
        HENRY OLIVER PORTER, now living northwest of Plymouth on a farm
        ARTHUR L. PORTER, residing at Princeton, Illinois.
      Wollie [MOLLIE] OYLER HOLT departed this life October 15, 1895.
      FLORA OYLER was married to FREEMAN MAWHORTER, who passed away in the year 1895. They had two children
        Maud, now deceased
        J. REX MAWHORTER, who resides in Culver
      In 1901, Flora became the wife of D. H. SMITH, and is the only surviving member of her family.

HENRY OYLER was a harness maker by trade. He followed that line of work and shoe repairing, after coming to Marmont. For some time before he came to this section, he carried mail from Logansport to Plymouth. That was before the Vandalia was built.

Henry OYLER, the father, died December 8, 1908, at the age of sixty-eight years: Matilda, his wife, died August 26, 1893, at the age of fifty-one years.

Of the daughters, Katie Belle will be remembered as a school teacher in Union Township. She taught first at the Kaley school.