Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana


Outlet of Lake Maxinkuckee to Little Lake, Lost Lake, Little Maxinkuckee or Hawk Lake - through the years it has been known by all of these names. Hawk Lake seems to have been associated with it more than any other name. This is because of the farm that bordered all of the lake area back in the 1800's - some of it still remains in the Hawk family today. Lawrence and Veenice (Hawk) White - built a home on its banks on Tamarack Road; the Hawk homestead barns still sit along the lakes banks and across the road is the old farm house. David and Catharine (Filar) Hawk Settled who upon this land in the early 1850's. The 1880 plat map is the earliest map showing the Hawk name attacked to the property:

It is said that the first attempt to close the channel between the two lakes was about 1890 and that it was a wooden dam and raised the lake about four inches. It is believed that the late Judge Capron of Plymouth brought about the removeal of this dam.
    It is beleived the next attempt whether intentional or not was the bridge that was built without abutments and the highway kept in such a condition that earth was washed into the stream. When on load of dirt was disposed of in this manner another load was hauled to take its place. Thus the channel between the lakes would fill up by this earth only to be washed down stream by the next high water. - 23 Mar 1937 Letter to Editior A. A Norris, M.D. Elkhart,

1896 - Jul 31 - Ed Grubb and Mr. cochenour were busy for some time Tuesday in removing the dam placed by the railroad company at the outlet.

1901 - Aug 26 Lake Maxinkuckee is now lower by six inches than ever before in its history. The cause is said to be the work on the- stone abutments at the outlet. A 15-inch concrete fill is being made. When it is finished the former level ofthe late will be restored. The lake flow will then be cut off - Logansport Pharos Tribune

1913 - Apr 17 - WIll Screen Outlet
    Steps are being Taken to Restore Lake Maxinkuckee 's Former days of Royal Sport

    A well intended meetin og the Fish and Game Protective Associaiton...

    It is the desire and intention of the association to try the experiment of screening the outlet in order to settle the question whether or not fish get out of the lake through the outlet . Some of the experienced fisherman contend that as many fish com in through the outlet as go out...

    ...The President appointed a commitee - McCormick, Chawick, Harvey Easterday and Goss to make an investigation and report on the kind of will be mots practical...

1913 - June 20 - New Bridge Outlet
    The old outlet bridge was taken down Monday and the Winamac Bridge Company began work on the new concrete bridge which will take its place.

    The new structure will be wide enough to permit vehchles to pass upon it, and will cost. $900. It will be completed in 30 days.

These postcard views of the outlet > area of years past - with the railroad bridge crossing over it;

Prior to 1924 there was an open passage between the two lakes; through a channel described by Everman & Clark, in their book, "Lake Maxinkuckee, A Physical and Biological Survey.:
    This channel was described as ranging from 15 to 20 feet wide, from 6 inches to 42.5 inches deep, depending upon the gage level of the big lake, and 1,800 feet long. As a note to later issues, this channel represents public access in my opinion, and remains very much the same size today.

1924 - May 21 - Plan to Organize Walton League here...
    New Organization to Take Place of Old Maxinkuckee Fish and Game Club...

    To Combat Evil

    One of the evils which the local organization plans to combat in the near future is a screen which has been placed between Lake Makinkuckee and Lost Lake.

    This screen will not allow the passage of fish from one lake to the other.

    Members of the old organization have been making observations at this point for the past few weeks and it has been fount that this screen is a grast hindrance to the fish inasmuch as the Lost Lake makes a good spawnign place for the fish.

    It is thought that the screen was placed there to keep the carp out of the big lake.

    But it keeps the bass and other fish from getting in also. It has been thought by observers of this locality that a screen not so high would help for the bass would jump over the screen and yet the carp would be retained in the little lake.

    It seems to be the general opinion, however, that the screen does more harm than good.

In 1924, a permanent concrete weir was installed setting the minimum lake level at 733.12; which was .18 feet below the minimum level for the period 1895 to 1900.

According to J F New’s elevation data in the "Investigative Study to Determine the Feasibility of Increasing the Legal Lake Level for Lake Maxinkuckee", the elevation of the channel bed is 731.67 at the bottom of the eastern most culvert, under West Shore Drive, at the end located furthest from the weir, and closest to the old railroad bridge.

1925 - 6 - Culver Booting Maxinkuckee Dam
    The petition drawn up by gthe Culver Chamber of Commerce for the erection of a dam at the outlet of Lake Maxinkuckee has met with approval so far in its circulation among the cottagers.

    It is the plan of the committee to first circulate the petition among the cottagers, then take it to the toown, township and county officials. The committee is hard at work and hopes to have the local field covered in a few days.

    The outstanding need of this dam grows more evident daily. With the scarcity of rain the lake is fallying rapidly and innediate action is imperative. Cottagers are experiencing difficulty in bringing their boats to their landing as the water is so shallow, and many are lengthening their piers to meet the emergency

    But a more serious aspect of the situation is the inevitable problem of health that always arises when lakes become abnormally shallow. It is hoped that this petition can be completed at once and the dam installed without delay so such a condition will not have to be met as it is in other communtiies now. - Culver Citizen - - Argos Recflector.

1925 - Sep 9 - Construction of Dam at Outlet is Well Under Way
    The construction of a dam at the outlet of Lake Mavinkuckee has bee started and the work is being rapidly carried on.

    The dam is being built by the Culver Military Academy to meet the emergency that has arisen this year bugh the unsual drouth. It is estimated that the lake has fallen from one and one-half to two and one-half feet.

    The dam is located on the lake side of the bridge at the outlet and is being built of reenforced concrete.

    A temporary wooden dam has been erected to keep out the water while he permanent dam is constructed.

    The base of the structure is now in and work has continued on the upper portion that will contain the gates.

    Althought the temporary dam has been in for a week the workers state that they cannot see that the lake has risen any marked degree and believe the most of the springs that usually feed the lake are dried up from the unusual drouth.

1929 - Sep 4 - A . A. Norris of Elkhart requested the commissioners to lower the outlet of the lake by removing the gravel at the outlet. He claims that the lake is higher this year than usual and its level should be lowered. The commissioners agreed to visit the lake for a personal investigation of the matter

1929 - Oct 16 - Dam Objector Uses Dynamite At Outlet

1929 NOv. 20 - The dredge i which is dredfing the outlet of Lake Maxinkuckee is busy here (Delong). The dredge is set going upstrean from the river here and is kept bufy day and night. The writer has been informed that the ditch is an eight foot bottom.

1920 - Nov. 20 - There is a hint that the outlet was dredged in the Delong Items "The dredge which is dredging the oulet at Lake Maxinkuckee is busy here. The dregde is set going upstream from the river here and is kept busy day and night."
    1929 - Dec 11 - The dredge that is cleaning the outlet to the lake and opening a ditch to the reicer is profrssing very well. They are through the Hover place now.

1931 - May 6 - Roads Main Topic of Chamber of Commerce... President Shively announced that a letter had been written to the State Board of Conservation asking for permission to erect gates in the dam at the otlet so as to check the flow during the coming months. It was pointed out that the lake is low now and that it will become to low by August if not checked.

1934 - Jul 25 - ...Dam Proves a Hel - The continued drouth has resulted in the outlet to Lake Maxinkuckee becoming dry, the first time in the memory of several of the oldest residents. If If the dam were not at the outlet the lake water level would droup until boating and bathing would become a problem...

comparison of the area in the 1940's and as t appears in the phot of 2007.

1956 - Dec 12 - The new culver and bride at the the lake outlet on Ind. 17 is a sensible and badly-needed addition, placed there by the State Highway Department laskt week. It replaces as ecxtremely narrow and dangerous bridge...

1961 - Jun 28 - Survey Made of Flow of Water at Lake Outlet
    Sanitation Group On The Job

    A survey of the flow of water at the outlet of Lake Maxinkukcee has been made by the Lake Maxinkuckee Association's Sanitation Committee, and a large amount of debris and broked cement slabs has been removed.

    The Sanitation Committee, headed by Dr. Joseph A. Hafert and aided by several residents of the South and West shores recently inspected the obstruction caused by an accumulation of rocks and broken cement left from the installation of the outlet culverts some time ago.

    It was thought such obstruction might be partly to blame for the recent high water level of the lake.

    Wainscott and Cox Praised

    With the cooperation of Officer DOn Wainscott of the Conservation Department and Lake Patrol officer James R. Cox all of the debris was removed and as a result a greater flow of water from the lake was obtained.

    While this accumultation of debris was not the sole cause of the high water leverl, the greater part being the result of recent heavy rain falls. It was felt that the outlet culverts should be cleaned out and a steadier run-off of water obtained.

    Will Smith Takes Readings

    Will R SMith of 1034 West SHore Drive, takes daily readings of the lake water level gauge at the outlet, and reports that there has been some slight lowering of the lake since the outlet was cleared.

    Dr. Hafert and his Sanitation committee are to be congratulated on their efforts to correct this troublesome situation as reported to the Citizen by Don G. Trone, the Association's energetic secretary-treasurer.
Mid 1960’s The weir at the outlet of Lake Maxinkuckee is modified by someone welding a steel bar on top. Lake Maxinkuckee empties into the Hawk lake through the outlet and continues on through Hawk Lake and then empties into a ditch and swampy marsh area and brush covered area at the south end of the Hawk Lake where a dam was placed to control the level of the big lake and empting into Tippycanoe River.

1998 - Proposed changes to the weir, this project has been under consideration for the past two years

2010 - September 10 - During his attorney's report, Clevenger outlined his concerns over specific language in a proposed contract for engineering services at the Lake Maxinkuckee outlet Culver ts -- slated for replacement -- on West Shore Drive. Clevenger raised concerns over reimbursable expenses, various fees, overtime rates, liability insurance, and some other details in the proposal from the Bonar Group, which Cleveneger noted was recently purchased by GAI. Following input from the Council, it was agreed he will revisit those details with company representatives.

2010 - Novemeber 24 - Permits are being submitted by Mike Strang of the Bonar Group/GAI for work on Lake Maxinkuckee’s outlet on West Shore Drive, following several months of planning and negotiations towards the work. Meanwhile, Doss suggested representatives of the town and Marshall County should meet to hammer out who will take responsibility for which portions of the work, adding an easement should also be sought for a property owner along the outlet on whose land some of the work will have to be done.

2010 - November 30 - Town attorney Jim Clevenger told Council members he’s drafted an interlocal agreement between various entities planning to replace the outlet Culver t at Lake Maxinkuckee’s west shore, noting the project will probably be held up until autumn of 2011. The project also is awaiting permit approval from the state of Indiana.

2011 - January 19 - Marshall County and the Town of Culver agreed to undertake the replacement of the outlet pipe on the lake hoping that replacement would take place during the fall when the lake levels are low. Permits for the work could not be secured and it was thought that the work would have to wait for the 2011 fall season.

Contractors for the project, however would be willing to undertake the job during the current winter months when it would also be possible. While the project waits the 18 days required for residents to file remonstrances against it, the city will undertake to find the location of any utilities in the area of the pipe.

If there are no buried utilities that have to be moved near the pipe, the work can begin once the remonstrance period has passed, assuming there are no remonstrances. Any utilities buried in frozen ground would have to be relocated when the ground is thawed.

Marshall County High-way Superintendent Neal Haeck — whose crews will assist in the project — reported to the Marshall County Commissioners that the other tricky part of the operation has also been started. The pipe must be replaced in a manner that has absolutely no affect on Lake Maxinkuckee, therefore the exact same pipe for replacement must be procured.

Haeck has begun the process of finding the pipe and said that while his crews have been very busy with snow removal, if the contractor decides to go ahead with the project he will have crews to help.

2011 - Lake Maxinkuckee outlet Culver t replacement was planned for April, 2011. Replacement of the Culver t at lake Maxinkuckee's west shore outlet began in September, and was still under way as late as October 15th. Delay's were due to a natural gas line running through the area that hade to be re-routed. delay was Due and blamed on NIPSCO's presences required at the site to re-route the gass line, - which NIPSCO officials informed crews that it would take a week to move

2011 - Oct 6 - West shore Culver t delays - Porter updated the council on delays in replacing a Culver t at the Lake Maxinkuckee outlet on West Shore Drive, where m ultiple days' delays have caused traffic to be re-routed, to the consternation of some residents. He explained a gas line placed across the old pipe was in a different location than expected, likely due to the sagging of the Culver t itself over time, which has forced delays in the work

2011 - Oct 13 - A project to replace the Culver t at Lake Maxinkuckee's west shore outlet is, as of this writing, hinging on NIPSCO's arrival to engineer a gas line at the site. And for weeks the barracade with its undaunting message greeted disgruntled drivers and area residents wearing their patience down to a very thin line.

On 21 October 2011 4 weeks and 5 days after the 3 day project began - West Shore Drive finally opened to traffic!

The drought of 2012 has take its toll on Lake Maxinkuckee and Hawk Lake water levels - as shown and proven by a photo of the the Culver t at the outlet below water levels are far below normal.

Today is