Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

1908 - List of Cottagers & Property Owners  

Standard atlas of Marshall County, Indiana : including a plat book of the villages, cities and townships of the county, Contributor Names Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Created / Published Chicago : Geo. A. Ogle & Co., 1908.

1908 Plat map of Lake Maxinkuckee. Clicking on some of the images will bring a larger view opening in a seperate screen.

Full Township and town maps.
This is probably an incomplete listing probably of cottage lots and owners - but this is what was listed on the plat map of 1908 and what I am able to decipher of it. I hope to connect everything from the 1876 plat map forward but that will take time and much more research - in hopes of making an accurate history and genealogy of the lake and along the way gathering pictures, maps, stories, myths, legends, biographies, obitauries etc. to enhance it.

None of these listings are eteched in stone - it is probably just a pratial listing from sources during this time period - and based on known facts of 1908, that was on the plat map - everything may change if I can ever get the use of some of the abstracts or cottagers step forth with corrected data.

I am carrying this data forward to each of the plat map as notes in the backqround if I can connect from this one to the next and then when connected fully it is added to each individual cottage/buisness page so that a complete history of that parcel can be had.

Hopefully from deeds, abstracts and future research we can list the complete property owners at this time.

There are several east side shore scenes and cottages that have not been identified as yet - they are presented here.

North Section 16 - 500.90 Acres Town

Here is some interesting facts stated about the orginial property owners of the north side of the lake:

    Zina and Emma Duddleson...

    The grandfather of Zina was a Civil War veteran and a farmer. His later years were lived in the Argos vicinity.

    The great-grandfather originally owned the Thomas Houghton farm to the Maxinkuckee Lake on the west side of Burr Oak Road. The land now occupied by the Vandalia Park, was part of this farm and was given to Dr. Durr in payment for medical services. The consideration was $50., as great-grandfather Duddleson considered it of little farming value... History of Marshall County Indiana Sesquicentennial 1836 - 1986 -, Taylor Publishing Co., 1986, Publication # 357 of 1422, Marshall County Historical Society pg. 153 - Marcella White.

This is now the business district of Lakeshore Dr. (originally Toner Ave and on west it was Scott Street in 1908) and spans from State Street) present Culver Fire station) to Papas and the motel (Inn). It lies across from Lake Maxinkuckee and the Town Park and up and around the corner to include an area formerlyknown as 'Bunker Hill' where the water tower now stands.

Culver, the North Shore, to academy property.

Toner Ave - 1908; known as Lakeshore Dr. Today

1908 Kreuzberger's Park & Saloon [Robert Kreuzberger]
1908 - Out Lot 3
1908 - Lot 7
1908 - Lot 11 / Street - future south half of State Street

1908 - Lot 8

The Sanborn fire map of 1906 detailing this area shows that the Kreuzberger park took in the whole area between what is now bound by a "lane" (Coolidge Court),Toner Ave. [now Lakeshore Dr., State Street and Lake Maxinkuckee

Built that he purchased twenty-six acres of land at Lake Maxinkuckee probably for speculative purposes. The land purchased is on the present site where it is thought the depot will be located. The citizens of Marmont are not behind in agitating the benefits to be derived from the building of the road, and will, it is understood, aid in its construction by giving liberally of their wealth...

1898 - Depot - [T. H. I RR = Terre Haute & Indianapolis Railroad]

    The Original depot is east of the present depot and was located within the area that is the parking lot for the park; by pictures it sat directly across of what if now Bennett's and Osborn's and the pavillions that are in the park were on the west and east sidies of the small depot.
1908 - Depot - [Vandalia] Railroad Property & Vandalia Park

This is the business district of Lakeshore Drive (originally Toner Avenue). The area of the infamous "across from the depot", "one block west of the depot"... and the business district now it spans from State Street to the corner of State Rd. 10 and 17

1908 - Emma Lord Est.

1908 Daniel A. Bradley homestead, aft 1903

    In 1889 packed his household effects in wagons, and drove overland to Culver, Indiana, his journey consuming five weeks and four days. At this place he purchased a place formerly owned by Celia Van Schoiack, and for two years conducted a hotel opposite the location now occupied by his son in the same line of business. He still owns a fine residence on Toner Avenue, east of Vandalia Park, where he maintains a residence.

    1 Oct 1903 is found in the Culver Citizen: Daniel Bradley is having the old house standing on his property at Bunker Hill tore down in preparatory to building a 7 room residence this fall.

    and on 8 Oct 1903 is found: Al Keen has the contract to build Daniel A. Bradley's new house and began work last week.

The total view of the area from the edge of the town park to the edge of the Culver Military Academy. Behind the lakeshore drive area is the Lewis C. Dillon property; most of which over the years has been either annexed into the town of Culver; or purchased by the academy.

The Lake View Club subdivision and the Morris subvisions which became the proptery of Culver Military Academy

Lake View Club Ground

There were 8 divisions of lot paracels listed: on the lake front was a parcel of Lots 24-30 to the west; the Lake View Club Hotel and to the east Lots 1-9. Starting on the west end there was a group of 10 (39-47) at the road tracks a nd a group of 8 (30-37) which borders Toner Avenue with a small park area to the back on the north and south end. The railroad bed divied the parcel into and to the east there is 2 groups of 7 lots each 17-23 and 1-16 with a park area in the middle of them bordering the railrad bed. To the east there is a large park area. Making a total of 47 lots for cabins and or camping spots; there were to be several year-around cabins on these lots. and became known as the infamous "Indian Trails"

C. D Behmer & wf. 4.55A -
Cha. Mc Feely 3.32
Isaac Washburn - 2.50A - this would become what was called the "Bogardus Triangle"
Mcihael Baker

NOTE: Some time in the late 1920's and early 1930's as the Culver Reality and Investment Company [which was established in 1932 for this purpose] in behalf of the Academy to protect the Academy from future encroachment from the west. And this is when all the properties west of the original Academy [acreage of 98 acres] and all the property east of the Culver town park [the "Indian Trails" AKA Lake View Hotel and other private land holdings was bought up. And by the below photo taken after 1922 of the academy campus shows most are not there any longer

The Forgotten cottages

This is the area I have dubbed as the "Forgotten cottages " which included the Palmer House, some of the names are hard to decipher on the 1898 map, where all are listed. Most still existed when this plat map was produced - it is interesting to see what they were omitted on it.

Morris Sudbivison area

Ed Morris

C. Bekman - 21.49 Acres

F. M. Morris Plat (there appears to be 19 lots)

The Morris Lake Front

Palmer House

Section. 15 - 504.76 acres North/East Academy

Culver Military Campus

1908 - Culver Military Academy - 32.80A


reading North to south.

1908 - Culver Place "The Homstead"

Lot 4 on east side of St. Rd. 117 - H. H. Culver Est.

1908 - - H. H. Culver Est. - .86

1908 - McKeen
    Could this be Benjamin McKeen son-in-law of Joseph Strong and son of William Riley McKeen, president of the Vandalia/pennsylvania Railroad. All of Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana

    1908 - Jul 16 - B. McKeen to Alice O. Forgy in sec 15, $120. - 686 E Shore Drive

    1915 - Jun 25 - Alice O. Forgy to Mary L Forman e of lake in Sec 15 $1200; possibly Mrs Ralph H. Mowbray.

1908 - 742 E. Shore Geo. People [George Peeples/Peoples]
    Geo. Peoples 8.90 acres - a part of Lot 1

easement to lake

Section 22 - ? acres East East

1908 - Potts [Alfred Fremont Potts]
    House of A 1000 Candles

1908 - Vanegooa [Vonnegut ]
1908 - Vonaguette [Vonnegut ]
1908 - Geo. Peoples [George Peeples/Peoples]
    Geo. Peoples - 37.47 acres - Part of Lot 1 on east side
1908 - Miller [sic Mueller] - Hilarity Hill

1908 - Otto Stechhan - Indiana Boathouse

1908 - Vandies [Yandies] & Robinson - 'Echo'

1908 - Ketchem

1908 - Miller

1908 - Chas. Brawnell/Brownell [Charles H. Brownell] - former Peru Club

    1911, 2 Nov. - Sale of Summer Home. - C. H. Brownell of Peru has sold his lake property to Demas Demming for $10,000. There is something like 150 feet of lake frontage and the house is one of the largest on the East side, modernly fitted up and was built about 13 years ago [1898]
1908 - E. B. Porters Subdivision there are six lots -
    No Names and in 1927 when St Rd 117 was moved this same subdivision/plat is listed as Bayview

    1912 - Sep 5 - Sale of Lake Property - Fred Thompson has negotiated the sale of the W. H. Porter lake cottage to Demas Demming of Terre Haute. The consdideration was $2,000 cash.
Un-named lot
Lake access

1908 - Miller

1000 E Shore - Miller [George Curtis Miller]

1908 - Milligan ?Millikan? this is1012 E. Shore and 1022 East Shore today

Wheeler Est

1908 - Heller Est

1908 - D. W. & E. Marmon [Daniel W. Marmon & Elizabeth Carpenter Marmon]
1908 on east side of St. Rd. 117 - D. & E. Marmon 12.27a, a part of Lot 3
1908 - H. Bliss [ Henry R. Bliss]
      1910 - Jan 6 - The Bliss boat house, which was purchased of the Marmons by James Wilson, is being moved to Mt. Wislon's lot to be used by him as a shop.
    North lot
    Middle lot
    South Lot

1908 on east side of St. Rd. 117 - John H Vajen and Alice Vajen 57.5A - Part of Lot 2
    The original "Fairview" was built across from the lake on the hill on the Vagen property. It is said this cottage stood until the earty 1960's

easement to lake (seems to have been abandon and more added to it smd became 1242 E Shore

1908 - Jos. Strong [Joseph Strong]
1908 - East Side of road - M. F. Louden - part of Lot 2
1908 - East Side of road - W. Hunt - part of Lot 2
1908 - East Side of Road - Hotel - Sarah A Rector 21.10A - part of Lot 2
A split lot
1908 - L. B. Martin est.[Lewis B. Martin]
1908 - 1908 - Milton Shirk
1908 - T. J. Bigley/Store [Thomas J. Bigley]
Livery Barn - part of Lot 2

Maxinkuckee Landing 18th Road

The East side Historic District - the official recording of this is: Also known as Lake Maxinkuckee Historic District - - Roughly, E Shore Dr. from W. 18th Rd., to the E turn of IN 117, including Maxinkuckee
Country Club, Culver. But a map I found expands it further north of the landing.

1908 - Sea Beach Place Subdivision (1898)

    Lots 1 - 2
    Lots 3 - 4
    Lots 5
    Lot 6
    Lots Lot 7 & 8
    Lots Lot 9 & 10
      Guessing by the 1898 Plat Map - W. C. Vagin/Willis C. Vajen
        Cottage reported to be built after 5 April 1906 by J. O. Frerrier are: Vagen cottage at a cost of $2500-3000

    easement to lake
    Lots 11,12 & 13
    Lot 14
    Lot 15
    Lot 16
    Lots Lot 17 & 18

1908 - on east side of St. Rd. 117 extends these Lots of Sea Beach Place - M. F. Louden - 9.07
1908 - Maxinkuckee Golf Course Opens
1908 - on east side of St. Rd. 117 extends these Lots of Sea Beach Place Lot 3 - Chas. E. Coffin

1908 - J. Schaaf [Joseph Charles Schaf] & M. Man [Maus] 1908 - Wm. W. Winslow [said to have purchased 1896
1908 - A. M. Dossbrenner [Alfred M. Glossbrenner]
1908 - Manwood / Harwood
1908 - R. A. Edwards [Richard A. Edwards] - Edwards Boat House

Aub-bee-naub-bee Creek now refered to as Curtiss Ditch

1908 - Buck - a part of 1680 E. Shore today
1908 - on east side of St. Rd. 117 J. L Bartlett - 2 lots
1908 - on east side of St. Rd. 117 Michael Burkett Lot 3 12.51a
1908 - 6 lots No names
1908 - on east side of St. Rd. 117 Charlotte Bates - 5.55a

1908 - on east side of St. Rd. 117 Hervey Bates - 5a
1908 - Logansport Settlement

1908 - S. L. Purcell

Section 27 - 264.35 acres

1910 E Shore - Jamison [Ovid Butler Jamison] & Judah [John Mantle Judah]
1908 - H. Schroyer

1908 - H. C. Adams [ Henry C. "Harry" Adams]

1908 - Rice Vaughn
    1922, Jul 19 - The ten room Rice-Vaughn cottage on the East Shore has been sold to Frank W. Wood of Indianaplis. It has been in the possession family (now represented by Mrs H. W. Mordhurst) for 40 years {1882}
1908 - A. W.
1908 - E. B. Meout / Mc Quat [Eugenia B. Mc Quat]

1908 - Large un-number lot - No Name { Van Shoiack}

1909, Aug. 12 - VanShoiak Lake Property - Peter Spangler has the job of moving all the buildings back off the lake fron of the VanSchoiak place except for the house. The ground will then be laid off into lost for sale.

1909, Sep 16 - The VanSchoiacks have straightened the road back of the old home place and Peter Spangler has commenced to move the buildings over on to the farm land.

1908 - Unnamed Sub-parcel, Lots 1 & 2 on east side of St. Rd. 117 - Lovina Walker Etal 103.44 Acres
    This shows the 'tie marks that indicates that these lots and Lots. 1 & 2 listed below as well as Lot 1 of VanShoiaks's subdivision are all a part of the Lovina Walker Etal. holdings This runs from the Jamison & Judah, S. L. Purcell properties to the end of the J. A. Maxwell

1908 - 2 Lots - Wm. Van Shoiack - non lake property

1908 - J. A. Maxwell
1908 Van Schoaiks Subdivision

East Shore Lane

1908 - 2296 East Shore dr. Wm. Daggett
2296 East Shore dr. - C. E. Daggett

1908 - Van Shaiacks/VanShoiack Large Unplated Lake Front

1908 - Ed J. Craig
1908 Irwia [Irwin]
Easement to lake
1908 - S. Edwards [Stephen Edwards]
1908 - M. S. Henderson
    W. H. Henderson of Indianapolis has purchased ground of Stephen Edwards and erected a cottage which is a model and a credit to the lake. - 7 Jul 1903 Culver citizen
1908 - S Edwards [Stephen Edwards]- Large Lake Front Lot
1908 - Stephen Edwards Lot #3 - 72.83A72.83 acres
1908 - Lot easement for S. Foss [Stephen Foss]
    property behind W. H. Fulton property -One can see what possibly appears to indicate a pier location {Edwards Landing}
1908 - D. Gardiner - 3 Lots
1908 - W. H. Fulton

1908 - S. Foss [Scott Foss] Bide-a-Wee

1908 - H. B. Heywood - [2655 E. Shore Lane]
1908 - W. J. Wood - Woodbank Cottage William Jacob Wood/Jacob Wood]

1908 - Harvey R. Norris
    Maple Grove Farm, Also known as Maple Grove Hotel & Maple Grove Boarding House

1908 - N. G. Norris
1908 -B. L. Zechiel Etal

Section 34 - 264.35 acres East/South;
Reading from the West to East

1908 - Josiah Farrar also reffered to as "Farrar's Woods"
1908 - Geo. Busart 26.60A - Busart Family
1908 - Mary Busart etal 13.90A, 80A -

1908 - D. [Daniel] McDonald - Pottawattomie Reservation or Pottawattomie Wigwam

    This cottage was directly in line with what is now S. Sycamore Rd.

1908 - J. W. Crowley {Cromley}
1908 - G. B. Headley
1908 - J.W.C. [ 1908 - J. W. Crowley {Cromley}]
1908 - M. A. Henderson 30 ft.
1908 = P. M. & E. M. Thayer
1908 - J. W. Crowley {Cromley}
1908 - Overmyer [Schuyler C. Overmyer] 35.90A, 48.90., 148.79 Farm Acerage
1908 - Daniel Easterday [farm land]

Section 28 - 316.73 acres
Reading south to North

1908 - Thos. Houghton - 86.64A
1908 - J. H. Murray 26.08
1908 - Jas. Green (James Green) 68.96A
Murray Subdivision: 1908 - L Durenberg
1908 - L _ C Esta__

1897 - May 21 - John Murray will soon petition to county commissioners to change the road from the east to the west side of his property. This will give him a large scope of lake front. Notice of petition is now placed at the side of the road.

Section 21 - 155.32 acres West

Long Point
also known as Rochester Point

Reading from North to South.

1908 - Jas. Long. Green's Plat

Camden Plat/Club - comprised 4 un-numbered lots

1908 - McSheehy [H. J. McSheehy, Henry James Mc Sheehy]

1908 - G. W. Burrows

1908 - Rochester Club Grounds

908 Jas. Green [James Green]
    Since there are tie marks between parcels this seems to be added into the lower parcels between the little and big lake noted above with a total of 68.96A

1908 - Hotel - S. S. Chadwick

In 1903 Long Point in its entirety was offered for sale at $2,500 for development! In the 23 July 1903 Culver Citizen was found this ad:
    Long Point for Sale

    Long Point, the most beautiful and desireable for residences, hotel or educational institution on Maxinkuckee Lake is for sale at a bargin. Inquire of Daniel McDonald at his cottage south end of lake or to the owner.

    Milo R. Smith
    Rochester, In.

1908 - Chadwicks Amen Sub. - Reading from South to around the Point and back West

Outlet Area,1908 laying on the west side of the railroad
    Ben Easterday Subdiv - 6 Lots
    Geo. Reynold (possible 2 lots)
    J C. Clemmons
    Lot 3 - Susan Postalweight Harvey Easterday
    Grubb - (possible 2 lots)


1908 - Makinkuckee Ice House

1908 - Wm. R. York's Subdivision
    Lot 27 Lake front; (Lot 26) - street runs in back of
    Lot 24 Lake front; (Lot 25) - street runs in back of
    Lot 23 Lake front; (Lot 22) - street runs in back of
    Lot 21 - street
    Lot 20 - street
    Lot 19 - street

1908 - Makinkuckee Lake Ice Co.

Ferrier's Addition
    CULVER - Culver Citizen - J. O. Ferrier's purchase of the old assembly grounds on the west shore less than two years ago has proved the wisdom of the buyer. He has sold enough lots to pay for the land and has 60 lots remaining which he says he can sell outright any day for $6,000. - Rochester Sentinel, Friday, January 15, 1909

West Town

1908 - Peru court / Ferrier's Addition

F. Duddleson's Division to Culver City

1908 - Lot 1 Mary J. Hawkins

1908 - Grist Mill, R. Kaley

'Wolf Island' (said to have been called at one time)
1908 - Willow Point / Cherry Villa - Judge Morris Winfield [Maurice Winfield]

John W. Crowley Out Lot 1

1908 - Daniel Wolf (See Wolf Family) 206 Mill

1908 - John Gerard - 316 S Plymouth

1908 - Austin Romig - 308 S. Plymouth

1908 - [S. Plymouth St.] - T. Medbourn - Oak Knoll

This comes from Cathy Schlabach Keller this is just before they tore the old house on the knoll down for the Cove project; for now it will be a Oak Knoll / T Medbourn

1908 - Lot - No Name but is tied with as "z" to the Sam'l Medborn (Out Lot it has "z" meaning it was owned by Sam'l Medborn

Samul Mebbourn Outlot 1

Ice Houses

Elev [ Elevator]

T. B. Harris Addition

1908 - Lot 20 - J. O. Ferrier & Son Lumber Yard 1908 Lot 8
1908 Lot 9
1908 - Livery [McLane's]