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H. H. Scott's Life  

How delightful to the eye
would be the scenes of early manhood,
could they now in his old age
Be presented a view.
He came to Indiana
And into this country,
When the "Injuns" were numerous
And the "whites" numbered two.
He has seen Aubbeenaubbee,
The beloved - famous big red man.
And he knew him far better
Than he knows any of you.
As carpenter and builder,
He built for the chieftain,
The first Indian log house
Of which anyone knew.

He is now in his "nineties"
And lives comfortably and hearty.
In his snug little cottage on Maxinkuckee's shore.
He dwelt with the "red skins" in the twenties
And saw them by the hundreds,
Yes, many, many more.
It's interesting to listen
To this almost "centenarian".
To the history and data he delights to give you.
To the history of Toppeneby"
The "big injun mog ul".
To the history of the Battle of Tippecanoe.

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23 Jul 1897
Culver Hearld

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